CTEX Officially Opens the First of Four Uptime Institute Certified Tier-IV Datacenters

CTEX Officially Opens the First of Four Uptime Institute Certified Tier-IV

International guests attended the official opening of Latin America and the
Caribbean's most advanced datacenter on the island of Curacao, Dutch

CURACAO, March 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Curacao Technology
Exchange (CTEX) officially opened its doors to the world on Saturday March 8.
CTEX inaugurated its 'CU1' datacenter, the most advanced and modern Uptime
certified Tier-IV datacenter in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company's
'CU-1' datacenter is the first of four facilities it intends to build on the
island of Curacao. Curacao which is part of the Dutch kingdom provides for
strict data confidentiality laws, neutral relations with neighboring
countries, and massive connectivity through 5 existing submarine cables, while
2 additional ones are being deployed. The island of Curacao boasts a
multi-cultural workforce representing 32 distinct cultures. Curacao also lies
outside the traditional hurricane belt and major seismic active zones, making
it the perfect location for advanced datacenters.

"Tonight is a special night. It's a special night not because we are
officially opening CTEX but because of something far larger. And that is that
for Curacao and the region, tonight is a reminder that one should never
underestimate the ability of a small group of people to achieve remarkable
results. I hope that somehow this project lifts up the hopes of many,
including yourselves, your children, our neighboring countries, and the whole

When I look into my daughter's eyes, and see her hunger for life, no fair,
anxious to discover new things just like so many of your children, I realize
that we must do everything our generation can to leave behind a better place.
It's our obligation. And to achieve this, means doing whatever it takes to
carve a path forward so that they may rise to levels we could only dream to
achieve. It's our social responsibility, in this age where technology defines
social and economic progress, to ensure generations to come stay on top of
their game. This datacenter has placed Curacao and the entire region in an
enviable position. I will make certain that we leverage this asset to create
the opportunities that generations to come will require in order to succeed,
bring value and have more meaningful lives. We will make it a point to use
this asset to give our children hope. To open their minds about the endless
possibilities that lie ahead, that they always believe in the "all is
possible", and that they look towards all that so many have done to make this
project a reality as a beam of light to prove that whatever they set their
dreams upon, whatever horizon they seek to navigate towards, they will make
it. They will always make it," said Anthony de Lima, the company's Chairman
and CEO.

He continues, "Tonight is just another harbor on a long voyage forward. It
won't be an easy one, and we will have our challenges. But we will get there.
I thank my parents for making education the number one priority in my life.
And, I encourage you, our local government and people from all over the world,
to make education a number one priority. It's the only way to move our
civilization forward. Thanks to all of you and your families for all the
personal sacrifices."

CTEX opened its doors with 24 customers in production on its advanced Cloud
infrastructure supported by CISCO, EMC, VMWARE, VCE, DELL and IBM. The company
initiated construction of the first of four five-megawatt facilities in April
2012 and completed construction of the first facility in just less than two
years. Partnering with CTEX in the design, engineering and construction of its
datacenter were Schneider Electric, CISCO Systems, Lee Technologies, UNICA,
Palo Alto and various other international firms. The CTEX facility is rapidly
expanding, and becoming a major aggregation point for regional companies
seeking a world-class prime or backup facility located in a safe jurisdiction.


CTEX is building four Tier-IV, green certified, data centers and an internet
exchange point from which co-location, interconnection and managed services
will be delivered to enterprise, government, and institutional clients in the
Caribbean and Latin America. The company is deploying the latest data center
technologies to support high- density cloud computing infrastructures. CTEX
offers six core solutions including Cloud, Managed Colocation, Managed
Services, Virtual Datacenter, Managed Continuity and Professional services.
CTEX's Tier-IV data centers are located on Curacao, safely outside the
hurricane belt and major seismic zone in a politically neutral jurisdiction.
The company is funded by local pension funds, development banks, and regional
financial institutions. For more information visit:

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CONTACT: Curacao Technology Exchange N.V.
         Sophia Luimis or Anthony de Lima
         +599 9560-8528
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