Mitsubishi Corporation Relief Foundation Supports Hydroponic Far

Mitsubishi Corporation Relief Foundation Supports Hydroponic Farming Initiative
in Eastern Sendai 
Tokyo, Mar 4, 2014 - (JCN Newswire) -  Michisaki, a farming corporation located
in Gamo in the district of Miyagino in Sendai City, today held a ceremony to
celebrate the completion of a large-scale hydroponics facility in the area.
Michisaki is the recipient of 100 million yen in loan funds from the Mitsubishi
Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation. This investment complements grants
already obtained from the Sendai City Government and The Sendai Bank, Ltd., a
local financial institution. With the completion of the facility, Michisaki is
now able to enter into the full-scale distribution of safely produced fresh
fruits and vegetables to the market. 
Michisaki was founded shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March
2011 with the aim of establishing a forward-thinking farming model and creating
employment for farmers affected by the disaster. The hydroponics facility, set
up in July 2013 in a coastal area where the land had suffered salt damage due
to the tsunami, covers an area of 4 hectares and has a total of 4 structures,
with 2 dedicated to leaf vegetables and 1 each dedicated to tomatoes and
strawberries, already in production. Support from the Foundation will enabled
the safe and efficient distribution of produce since equipment for packaging
and sanitation management as well as cooling systems for preserving the
freshness of produce has been installed at the facility, which is also equipped
with systems for reducing rejection rates, distribution control and timely
order fulfillment. This will not only allow Michisaki to increase delivery
volumes and sales, but also hire 20 new persons, thereby making a contribution
to employment generation in the region. 
The hydroponic facility falls among a set of businesses designated as part of
the Sendai City government's Agriculture and Food Frontier project, which
itself is part of an overall program targeting reconstruction, not limited to
but including agricultural industries, on the city's eastern seaboard. By
installing a low-energy system powered by heat waste recovered from the Gamo
Water Purification Center, Michisaki is seeking to further develop its
engagement in "sixth-order industries" based in the generation of
high value-added in its vegetable and fruit processing business. Through the
implementation of this forward-thinking agricultural business model, not only
do farming activities interrupted due to salt damage following the tsunami have
a chance of recovery, but this next-generation approach to agriculture is also
likely to gain greater focus into the future. 
The Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation has committed to this
project because of its forward-thinking approach to resolving the problems
facing farming communities along the coast of Tohoku. Nearly three years have
passed since the tsunami, but coastal lands that suffered severe salt damage
are yet to recover from the disaster. The Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster
Relief Foundation will continue collaborating with local financial institutions
such as The Sendai Bank to support efforts aimed at employment creation and
economic recovery in areas affected by the disaster. 
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