VINCI : 2013 Annual Report

  VINCI : 2013 Annual Report  Business Wire  RUEIL-MALMAISON, France -- February 28, 2014  Regulatory News:  VINCI (Paris:DG) announces the publication of its 2013 annual report as well as its registration with the French financial markets regulator (l’Autorité des marchés financiers).  The report is available in French^* on the Group’s website at under Finance / Publications / Annual and half-year reports.  Copies of the annual report are also available by request at the Group’s head office located at:  1, cours Ferdinand de Lesseps 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France  The following documents are included in the annual report:    *2013 annual financial report which includes the:         *Report on the 2013 financial statements,        *2013 consolidated financial statements with annexes including          information on the statutory auditors’ fees,        *2013 parent company financial statements with annexes,        *Reports of the statutory auditors on the consolidated and parent          company financial statements, and        *Statement by the person responsible for the registration document.    *Report of the Chairman on corporate governance and internal control     procedures   *Special report of the statutory auditors on regulated agreements and     commitments.  * The English translation of the Annual Report is currently underway and will be posted to the VINCI website in the near future.  Contact:  VINCI Investor Relations: Christopher Welton, Tel.: +33 1 47 16 45 07 or Thomas Guillois, Tel.: +33 1 47 16 33 46 Email: