Mirantis and IBM Set New OpenStack Benchmark, Standing Up 75,000 Live VMs in Multi-Datacenter Cloud

Mirantis and IBM Set New OpenStack Benchmark, Standing Up 75,000 Live VMs in 
Multi-Datacenter Cloud 
Mirantis OpenStack 4.0 (Havana), Deployed on IBM SoftLayer, Shows
Scale-Out Enterprise Private Cloud Is All in a Day's Work for
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 02/27/14 --  Mirantis, the
pure-play OpenStack vendor, today announced dramatic new benchmark
numbers for running an OpenStack cloud at scale to feed the growing
appetite for demanding workloads on enterprise private cloud. The
benchmark used the latest Mirantis OpenStack 4.0 (Havana)
distribution running on CentOS 6.4, deployed in a high-availability
configuration across distributed data centers -- from start to finish
in about 8 hours. 
Using 350 physical servers on an IBM SoftLayer bare-metal
multi-datacenter cloud, Mirantis OpenStack stood up 75,000 virtual
servers, provisioned in parallel streams levels ranging from 100 at a
time to 500 at a time. The benchmark was designed to show how quickly
and reliably OpenStack could respond to on-demand, real world
workload requirements for provisioning cloud resources, achieving a
sustained a rate of 9,000 new virtual servers per hour for over 8
Key takeaways:  

--  Enterprises considering where to run large-scale workloads can rely on
    OpenStack for a private cloud with up to 75,000 virtual servers.
--  Running Mirantis OpenStack on IBM SoftLayer provides highly responsive
    on-demand cloud resources, provisioned at over 9,000 virtual servers
    per hour.
--  Mirantis OpenStack and IBM SoftLayer enable resilient multi data
    center cloud deployments.

"We built Mirantis OpenStack for scale and performance, and this
benchmark with IBM shows that OpenStack is maturing quickly as a
robust private cloud alternative to any public cloud offering today,"
said Adrian Ionel, CEO of Mirantis. "We're pushing OpenStack to its
limits in harsh conditions that mimic real world production workloads
and demanding customer use cases. Our goal is to give our customers
reliable and transparent performance data for OpenStack at scale." 
"OpenStack is experiencing explosive growth in the cloud market with
more than 200 companies contributing code to the source," said Sesh
Murthy, Vice President Advanced Cloud Services at IBM. "Customers
embrace the proven performance and reliability of IBM Softlayer
virtual and bare metal cloud servers and this new benchmark with
Mirantis demonstrates just how powerful and flexible of a foundation
we can provide with OpenStack for enterprise private cloud
deployments at scale." 
A detailed technical description of the benchmark configuration,
tools and results is available at
Technical Overview 
Mirantis designed the test to demonstrate two key parameters of
OpenStack: scale and speed of startup. Initiated from cloud
controllers at a San Jose-based datacenter, Mirantis OpenStack was
used to drive 250 parallel request streams for starting new virtual
machines, across a network, to a complex of servers running in
Houston, TX, more than 1,800 miles away. During the course of 8
hours, this distributed cloud infrastructure successfully built up
75,000 virtual servers running simultaneously on a remote
infrastructure of 350 physical servers.  
The virtual servers each included 1 vCPU, 64MB RAM, 2GB storage, with
a CPU overcommit rate at 1:32 and a RAM overcommit at 1:1.5.
Real-life workloads generally require much less simultaneous startup,
so actual boot times per virtual server could be far faster. The test
delivered an average sustained rate of 250 virtual servers
bootstrapped every 98.8 seconds, growing almost linearly to the full
population of 75,000 servers booted.  
About Mirantis
 Mirantis is the number one pure-play OpenStack
company. Mirantis delivers all the software, services, training and
support needed for running OpenStack. More customers rely on Mirantis
than any other company to get to production deployment of OpenStack
at scale. Among the top five companies worldwide in contributing open
source software to OpenStack, Mirantis has helped build and deploy
some of the largest OpenStack clouds at companies such as AT&T, Cisco
WebEx, Comcast, Dell, The Gap, NASA, NTT Docomo, PayPal, Red Hat,
Sprint and Verizon. Mirantis is venture-backed by Dell, Intel, Red
Hat, SAP and WestSummit Capital. For more information, visit
www.mirantis.com or follow us on Twitter at @mirantisit. 
Contact Information
Yotam Levy for Mirantis
650.319.8604 ext. 102
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