Vehicle Tracking Systems LLC Strengthens Partnership with Novatel Wireless to Provide Advanced M2M Telematics Platforms for

  Vehicle Tracking Systems LLC Strengthens Partnership with Novatel Wireless   to Provide Advanced M2M Telematics Platforms for Fleet Management   Applications  Business Wire  SAN DIEGO -- February 27, 2014  Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL), a leading provider of intelligent wireless solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS), a premier fleet management systems provider, to deliver its MT 4100 and MT 3050 devices to support the VTS Silent Passenger application. The partnership will also support VTS’s migration from GPRS to CDMA technology.  KEY HIGHLIGHTS:    *MT 4100: The MT 4100 is a flexible, full-featured M2M device for fleet     management that delivers key product features that drive the most     demanding fleet management applications. Once fitted into a vehicle and     integrated with a fleet management application, the MT 4100 delivers on     critical features to drive efficiencies and reduce operational costs. The     MT 3060 provides superior GPS location performance using an on-board smart     agent event engine for accelerometer based driver behavior reporting,     geo-fencing, messaging and other events. The MT 4100 also features     multiple I/O ports, 1-Wire® interface, Garmin Fleet Management Interface     (FMI) and an M2M API that simplifies fleet management back-office     integration and compatibility with the on-board smart agent event engine.   *MT 3050: The MT 3050 is an on-board diagnostics OBD-II plug-and-play     telematics solution built for both fleet management and Usage Based     Insurance (UBI) applications. The MT 3050 features Novatel Wireless’ on     board rules engine that supports customer-defined exception-based rules     for applications such as ignition, geo-fencing, trip reporting and other     events. It also has built-in threshold events to capture metrics critical     to effective fleet monitoring such as excessive engine RPM, rapid     acceleration, harsh braking, vehicle speed and excessive idling. The MT     3050 delivers enhanced performance utilizing an innovative antenna design     and disconnect alert feature using an in-device backup battery.   *Silent Passenger: The VTS Silent Passenger application is a fleet     management program that makes it easy to efficiently monitor vehicles.     Silent Passenger integrates detailed, up-to-date maps with real-time     traffic information and turn-by-turn directions. Silent Passenger is a     web-based solution and as such, users have the convenience and mobility of     accessing the solution from any computer, anywhere, with no software     installation necessary.   *Premier Wireless Solutions (PWS) will serve as the distributor for the     solutions, providing Novatel Wireless solutions to VTS.  John Cunningham, CEO, Vehicle Tracking Solutions, said: “Our partnership with Novatel Wireless has exceeded our expectations. The functionality and reliability of its M2M telematics solutions are ideal for helping our customers realize productivity improvements, with exceptional support for fast time-to-market and easy deployments.”  Peter Leparulo, CEO, Novatel Wireless, said: “Providing reliable and flexible M2M telematics solutions is important to our customers as they roll out advanced fleet management programs. VTS’s integration of these solutions will provide M2M tracking capabilities for the Silent Passenger application, enabling the VTS solution to transfer from GPRS to CDMA. We look forward to continuing our relationship with VTS to provide next generation fleet management solutions.”  About Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC  Founded in 2002 and based in Long Island,NewYork, Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC ( is a premier fleet management systems provider. The company’s products offer a wide range of features and benefits designed to help its customers improve their fleet efficiency and increase their bottom line. First and foremost, VTS believes that customer service is key, and works hard to provide a seamless experience for our customers from point of sale to installation and beyond.  About Novatel Wireless  Novatel Wireless, Inc. is a leader in the design and development of intelligent wireless solutions based on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The company delivers specialized wireless solutions to carriers, distributors, retailers, OEMs and vertical markets worldwide. Product lines include MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspots, Ovation™ USB modems, Expedite® embedded modules, Mobile Tracking Solutions, Asset Tracking Solutions, and Enabler smart M2M modules. These innovative products provide anywhere, anytime communications solutions for consumers and enterprises. 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