Velocity Growth to Hyper Accelerate Startup Companies

            Velocity Growth to Hyper Accelerate Startup Companies  Crowdfunding as a Service Changes How Startups Prepare to Seek Funding  PR Newswire  SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27, 2014  SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- San Diego entrepreneurs will now have a new way to quickly launch their companies via rewards-based crowdfunding with the arrival of Velocity Growth, the new Crowdfunding as a Service (CaaS) company.  Velocity Growth is the purpose-built crowdfunding services company for startup founders who seek capital to launch by leveraging rewards-based funding models. The company provides the tools, talent, technologies and services needed to maximize entrepreneurs' opportunities for success.  Entrepreneurs who are preparing to raise money for their newly conceived ideas on rewards-based funding sites such as Indiegogo, KickStarter and Ramen can look first to Velocity Growth for guidance as they prepare to conduct their funding campaigns.  "There are a never-ending number of experienced executives as well as young innovators who have ideas that can become companies," said Jeffrey Belk, Executive Chairman of Velocity Growth. "Velocity Growth can help unlock their potential, accelerate business creation and validate a new business idea by undertaking a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign."  In addition to rewards campaign services, Velocity Growth will be rolling out a community platform for founders and future founders of companies to share ideas and request help from their peers and others. In addition, the website will provide access to tools and services which can lower many of the barriers that entrepreneurs have faced in the past, thereby helping their companies grow.  "Potential entrepreneurs are everywhere, but they may not have the skills or networks for the tools, resources, or funding to get their ideas moving. That's where Velocity Growth comes in. By providing the services and tools to get past those roadblocks," said Andy Abramson, Chief Strategy Officer for Velocity Growth. "Just as digital services saw their rise to prominence in the 1.0 era, Velocity Growth looks to meet the rising demand from the ever-increasing number of crowdfunded-related businesses by tying all the resources together."  Velocity Growth will offer entrepreneurs a series of cloud services and applications that deliver an optimized experience as they prepare to raise the funding needed to get their ideas launched on leading rewards-based crowdfunding platforms. These tools will include apps and services offered free of charge to the crowdfunding community, while others will be available on a success-based fee and equity basis.  "Starting up a new business, building an application or creating a web service is now being accomplished more and more withnew tools and resources for application and product development," said Velocity Growth's Chief Platform Officer Josh Baylin. "This model is helping companies get out the door faster, while achieving the level of velocity necessary to make them successful. With rewards crowdfunding, new ideas attract an audience more quickly, secure validation sooner and get connected faster to the communities and customers they want to serve."  Velocity Growth is actively focused on several initial opportunities and invites appropriate inquiries from entrepreneurs to visit the Velocity Growth website at  About Velocity Growth Velocity Growth is a crowdfunding as a service (CaaS) company. As a crowdfunding services company, Velocity Growth develops and aggregates services, platforms, applications and networks for the crowdfunding community so they can successfully raise capital via the rewards models currently available through a variety of platforms and providers.  About the Founders Jeffrey Belk, 51, Executive Chairman, served in several executive positions during more than 14 years at Qualcomm, including Senior Vice President, Strategy and Market Development, as well as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Interdigital Corporation and San Diego's Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation, the UC San Diego Alumni Association, San Diego-based Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, and is on the advisory board of CommNexus, a leading San Diego technology trade organization. Belk also has made a broad range of angel investments and serves as an adviser to a number of privately held companies.  Andy Abramson, 54, Chief Strategy Officer, is CEO and founder of Comunicano, Inc., a Del Mar-based value creation communications agency that has been supporting startups, early stage and high-growth companies globally since 1992. Previously Abramson held management positions with The Upper Deck Company and Foote Cone Belding/Impact as well as executive positions with three professional sports team, The Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Wings starting in 1974.  Josh Baylin, 34, Chief Platform Officer, is a former Bloomberg technology reporter and financial professional turned developer and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Velocity Kick, the first set of crowdfunding analytics tools aimed at improved audience and message management. Most recently, Josh led a financial data consulting and trading business, Visual Systems Research Group and VSRG Capital. Previously Josh worked as a portfolio manager at SAC Capital Advisors, LLC in Greenwich, Conn., managing technology investments. Prior to that, he held the role of Associate Analyst at Legg Mason Equity Research covering the wireless and technology sectors.  SOURCE Velocity Growth  Website: Contact: Andy Abramson,, +1-858-777-9777, OR Irena Boostani,, +1-858-414-1136