NXP Unveils Extremely Small DSP-Based 5V Qi Wireless Charger Device

NXP Unveils Extremely Small DSP-Based 5V Qi Wireless Charger Device 
Single Chip Integrates All Critical Circuits in a Tiny 5-mm x 5-mm
Package; NFC Enables "Smart" Wireless Charging 
02/26/14 --  At Mobile World Congress this week, NXP Semiconductors
(NASDAQ: NXPI) is demonstrating a revolutionary new Qi wireless
charging transmitter device, which integrates all the circuits for a
5V mobile phone charger in an extremely small package measuring only
5-mm square. Using the NXP solution, fewer than 10 external
components are needed to build a complete low-power 5V Qi A5/A11
wireless charging transmitter, alongside the Qi coil and resonant
capacitors. The exceptionally tiny footprint of the NXP NXQ1TXA5
system-on-chip means that the whole transmitter sits on a PCB of less
than 1.5 cm-square with components on a single side. This opens up
interesting possibilities for innovative wireless charging pad
designs, including fitting the transmitter within the center of the
Qi coil. NXP is showing its groundbreaking reference design and 5V Qi
wireless charger prototypes at Mobile World Congress (Hall 7, Stand
7E30), and a video of the demo is available here:
In addition, NXP is demonstrating two "smart" wireless charging
reference designs for 12V and 19V Qi transmitters, featuring NFC
(Near Field Communication) technology. By adding NFC, wireless
chargers can offer a wide range of additional functionality.
Consumers can configure wireless charging pad settings via any
NFC-enabled phone or tablet, and NFC could be used to trigger "wake
up" of the wireless charger, thus enabling zero standby current when
not in use. Other smart features include automatic Bluetooth pairing,
or launching applications and web sites when an NFC-enabled phone is
put on the charging pad. 
"Our new wireless charging solution for 5V Qi transmitters enables
our key customers to build very small Qi transmitters -- bringing
system costs down dramatically and offering a high degree of freedom
in portable wireless charger design. By significantly reducing the
size and cost of Qi transmitters, we're opening the exciting
possibility for mobile phone manufacturers to deliver wireless
charging pads as a standard feature," said Rick Dumont, marketing
director, wireless charging solutions, NXP Semiconductors. "We've
also received tremendous feedback on our 'smart' wireless charging
solutions using NFC. The next generation of Qi wireless charging pads
with NFC will enable users to stream music to their Bluetooth
speakers and deliver useful content to their mobile devices as they
are charging -- all while economizing on overall power consumption." 
Enabling Breakthrough Integration in 5V Qi Wireless Transmitters
NXQ1TXA5 system-on-chip integrates a power controller, digital signal
processing (DSP), voltage regulation, Foreign Object Detection (FOD),
a full-bridge power stage to drive the transmitter coil, and circuits
for on-chip current and voltage measurement -- leaving very few
external components to complete the solution. Using the NXP
CoolFlux(TM) DSP technology, the device is extremely power efficient,
achieving standby power of under 2 mW. 
The reference design for the NXQ1TXA5 forms a complete wireless
charger designed to meet low-power Qi A5/A11 specifications for 5V
chargers and can be powered by standard USB wall chargers or PC USB
ports. NXP's high-efficiency GreenChip(TM) TEA1720 SMPS controller
complements this low-power reference design to achieve overall
low-power standby operation.  
"Smart" Wireless Charging with Very High Efficiency
 The two other
reference designs in the NXP wireless charger transmitter devices
family include the NXQ1TXA6, designed to meet the Qi A6 standard for
12V, as well as the NXQ1TXA1 which is designed to meet Qi A1/A10
standard for 19V charging transmitters. Both the NXQ1TXA1 and
NXQ1TXA6 come in a small package of 7-mm square with only 32 pins
spaced 0.5-mm apart for easy PCB design. NXP provides a complete low
component count reference design based on NXQ1TXA1 and NXQ1TXA6, with
other high-performing components of its portfolio such as the
GreenChip NWP2081 half-bridge driver, and NX2020N2 low RDS(on) trench
MOSFETs for the coil-driving power bridge.  
reference designs for its wireless charger transmitter devices will
be made available in Q2 for selected customers, and the parts will be
qualified for mass production in Q3.  

--  VIDEO: Smart wireless charging with NFC - NXP at Mobile World Congress
    2014: http://youtu.be/ehGBI4blOtU
--  Wireless charging solutions from NXP:

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