Treasure Data Releases Flexible, Self-Service Analytics Solution for Digital Gaming

Treasure Data Releases Flexible, Self-Service Analytics Solution for Digital 
The Managed Service Provider Helps Gaming Companies Cost-Effectively
Acquire, Store and Analyze Data 
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 02/25/14 --  Treasure Data, a
cloud data service provider, today released its custom solution for
the digital gaming industry giving product managers, developers,
designers and executives the most flexible, cost-effective solution
for analytics. Now product teams have a self-service solution for
comprehensive gaming analytics. The solution uses Treasure Data's big
data managed service to acquire, store and analyze data from any game
"Treasure Data has empowered our game producers to implement and
rapidly evolve our analytics as titles, KPIs, and gameplay mechanics
change. As a leading digital game developer and publisher, it is
critical that we take advantage of analytics solutions that
significantly accelerate our product iteration cycles," said Sohei
Morita, Manager of Analytics, GREE. 
Gaming companies now have an end-to-end solution for data and
analytics with unprecedented flexibility and low TCO. Customers can
be in production on the service in less than two weeks, with no
infrastructure investment. The solution includes innovative data
collection tools, to reliably stream data in near-real-time to
Treasure Data. This data is stored securely in a proprietary columnar
cloud database, Plazma, which is managed and monitored entirely by
Treasure Data staff. For analysis, which often focuses on user
behavior or key monetization events, the solution includes
customizable dashboards, prebuilt for common gaming metrics; a SQL
interface for ad hoc queries; standard BI and analytics tool
connectors; and, easy, free data export anytime.  
The entire solution is designed for big data and massive scalability,
gracefully handling the ever-increasing volume and variety of data
that gaming customers need to track. One Treasure Data gaming
customer has thousands of servers, streaming billions of rows an
hour. The solution is also designed for flexibility and simplicity,
allowing game developers to quickly track new game events in their
application code and change their KPIs in a matter of minutes. Now,
product teams can adapt their analytics quickly as a game evolves, on
their own and without burdening IT, increasing their competitive
advantage with fast, specific and actionable insights.  
Different from other analytics services, Treasure Data's customizable
services allow any team, from game designers to data analysts, to go
deep into game data and gather insightful, actionable analysis. The
flexibility enables gaming companies to adapt analytics quickly and
ask new questions of their data. Breaking free of template analytics
allows gaming customers to test, develop and explore the insights
from the data -- instead of being constrained to what competitors are
using and measuring, and what is already a ubiquitous best practice. 
Treasure Data for Product Teams and Executives 
With the rise of mobile and social gaming, the addressable market for
games has grown enormously -- and become fiercely competitive. Gamers
now transcend demographic boundaries, the increasingly diverse market
changes rapidly and players make dynamic choices with little regard
for publisher loyalty. This requires near constant diligence on
understanding players and their behaviors. Treasure Data's platform
can cost-effectively store years of historical data to distill
monetization patterns, player profiles, conversion metrics and more.
Using Treasure Data across multiple gaming titles offers unlimited
visibility and can uncover useful benchmarking, trend information and
best practices. The entire solution quickly delivers value at a
fraction of the investment required to develop an on-premises
analytics infrastructure.  
Treasure Data for Developers 
Actionable insights on player behavior helps developers and designers
to drive game performance. Treasure Data makes is simple to
instrument any specific game interactions. Flexible data collection
options include Treasure Agent technology, client-side analytics SDKs
and bulk file import capabilities. The cloud database uses a
schemaless architecture to store the data, allowing developers to add
new game events without any data modeling required. For analysis, the
solution includes a SQL interface to run queries and a dashboard tool
to visualize results. Treasure Data gaming customers are able to
track new game events and publish new KPIs in their dashboards in a
matter of minutes. Treasure Data's solution has the speed and
flexibility required to keep up with the fast pace of the gaming
industry, enabling teams to adapt their analytics as quickly as they
iterate on their games.  
"The number of people playing digital games has exploded in the past
several years, which can be intimidating to address from an analytics
infrastructure point of view. Acquiring, storing and analyzing the
most important asset, data, can be a challenge. With Treasure Data,
we remove the operational and technical friction associated with
chasing down your data sources, streaming all the relevant data into
a database, and preparing the data for analysis. Leveraging Treasure
Data's service allows gaming development teams to focus on the most
important thing, players, and leave the rest of the data pipeline to
us," said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO of Treasure Data.  
About Treasure Data 
Treasure Data was founded in 2011, with the mission of building the
first end-to-end managed service in the cloud for data acquisition,
storage and analysis. Since the service launched in 2012, thousands
use its free Starter version and its 100+ corporate customers include
Toyota, NTT Docomo, Viki and several Global Fortune 500 companies, as
well as gaming companies such as GREE and SpryFox. 
Treasure Data will hold a live webinar and demo of its gaming
solution on March 4, 2014. Join us to learn what's included in the
new solution and find out how companies like GREE use Treasure Data. 
Jesse Hamlin
Eastwick for Treasure Data
(408) 470-4874 
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