Nimble Storage Enables Brightsource to Increase Efficiency of Disaster Recovery Processes

Nimble Storage Enables Brightsource to Increase Efficiency of Disaster Recovery 
SAN JOSE, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 02/25/14 --  Nimble Storage (NYSE:
NMBL), a leading provider of flash-optimized hybrid storage
solutions, today announced that Brightsource, a marketing services
and technology company, has deployed Nimble Storage flash-optimized
hybrid storage arrays to enable its disaster recovery strategy. By
leveraging the Nimble CS-Series arrays and Nimble InfoSight
Brightsource implemented efficient array-based replication across
multiple sites, and simplified the management and reporting of its IT
Brightsource's IT team is responsible for the infrastructure
supporting the company's data processing solutions and automation
services that enable clients to create compelling marketing
collateral and drive successful campaigns. 
Brightsource had been relying on a virtualized IT environment with HP
hosts and EMC VNXe storage appliances at its Cheltenham and disaster
recovery data centers, which served additional offices in London and
Edinburgh. The company runs very large data processing jobs and
requires the ability to quickly process runs of over six million
records. Within this environment, the company was reaching the limit
of both the CPU cycles the hosts were offering and the throughput of
the SAN. The replication processes were also inefficient. A small
modification to one field in the database would require the IT team
to replicate the entire database utilizing all of the company's
In addition, every time a change was made to any of the company's
replication configurations, the IT team had to shut down its entire
virtual machine (VM) environment and restart the storage processes.
This exercise would take upwards of 90 minutes requiring the IT team
to complete the process outside of production hours.  
These challenges led the company to look for a new storage solution.
The IT team tested the Nimble Storage CS-Series array with the goal
to process six million records in 10 hours. "We put the Nimble array
through our most rigorous testing without even pushing the Nimble
array," said Ed Rollinson, head of IT for Brightsource's corporate
marketing division. "To be honest, after seeing the Nimble arrays in
action, the product really sold itself." 
As a result of deploying Nimble's hybrid storage solution,
Brightsource now replicates all of its application data every hour,
its VMs every 12 hours, work in progress (WIP) every three hours, and
the company's archive data every 48 hours. Rollinson added,
"Previously, we were only able to look at one single data set with
just one replication schedule. Now we can separate our data sets out
and create different replication schedules depending on the urgency
and importance of the job and recovery objectives for each category." 
The IT team also experienced a reduction in replication bandwidth
consumption. While its previous storage environment processes were
saturating Brightsource's 20Mb link, Nimble's WAN-optimized
replication only consumes a small subset of the available bandwidth,
reducing stress on other corporate services. 
For performance and replication monitoring Brightsource utilizes
Nimble InfoSight, which uses sophisticated algorithms and powerful
data analytics that enable trending, predictions, and forecasting for
Nimble storage environments. 
"With InfoSight, we can easily predict what we will need and how our
systems will respond to various scenarios. I can pull up a
performance report during meetings with our executives and say, 'for
this replication job, this is the bandwidth we are now using, and
this is what we will need in the future.' Having that information at
our fingertips is an absolute dream for us. Nimble InfoSight showed
us we were using only 0.6Mb of bandwidth to process our data,"
Rollinson stated. "That's just brilliant." 
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