KCB Signal Solutions Unveils breakthrough Envelope Tracking Solution for Medium Power Applications

  KCB Signal Solutions Unveils breakthrough Envelope Tracking Solution for   Medium Power Applications  Business Wire  BOSTON -- February 20, 2014  KCB Signal Solutions announces a new, unique envelope tracking product line aimed at the emerging medium power RF transmitter market. The product line will be aimed at RF transmitters that must deal with complex waveforms, such as LTE, while transmitting between two to eight watts of average RF power.  “We were aware that multiple applications in commercial and military markets in this power class were highly interested in envelope tracking solutions but weren’t being served by ET suppliers involved in smartphone solutions,” commented KCB Signal Solutions President Dave McIntosh.  The product line has been designed from the beginning to be easily scalable due to the wide range of waveforms and output power levels it will address. The first two variants are designed to work with 28V or 48V RF Power transistors with other voltage options to come in future. The overall form factor is also a key factor for this product and the footprint should be two square inches or less depending on customer features.  McIntosh commented on the form factor by saying: “There are a number of critical circuits that had to be developed in order to meet our performance and form factor goals. One of the key circuits was developed through a collaboration with Analog Devices, Inc. on their ADA4870 amplifier. ADI’s ADA4870 is an exciting new device and its ability to efficiently work with our high-speed current and voltage waveforms is very impressive.”  KCB Signal Solutions is delivering engineering samples to its alpha customers in 1Q2014. Samples for the general market will become available in 3Q 2014 and volume production support will begin in 4Q 2014.  - Ends -  About KCB Signal Solutions  KCB Signal Solutions is a product development company which provides Integrated RF Modules and Subsystem Solutions for the Small Cell Infrastructure and Military Tactical Communications markets. In addition, the company supplies a range of sophisticated RF and DSP based solutions. KCB Signal Solutions’ Envelope Tracking Modulators and integrated Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers are easy to integrate with a Software Defined Radio and offer a dramatic improvement in prime power efficiency, linear performance and are waveform and frequency agnostic. KCB Signal Solutions is a subsidiary of KCB Solutions, Shirley, MA, USA (an AS9100 registered company)and has a joint venture with Nujira Ltd. for envelope tracking technology.  Contact:  KCB Signal Solutions Dave McIntosh +1 (978) 425-6351 dmcintosh@kcbsolutions.com