ONE MEDIA IP GROUP PLC: Preliminary Results and Notice of AGM

19th February 2014 

                            One Media IP Group Plc                             
                         ("One Media" or the "Group")                          
                              Preliminary Results                              

Strong Performance with Profit from continuing operations up 22.4% and Turnover
                                   up 26.8%                                    

One Media iP (AIM: OMIP), the digital media content provider which exploits
intellectual digital property rights around music, video and spoken word, is
pleased to announce its Preliminary Results for the year ended 31st October
2013, the Group's maiden results statement to shareholders since moving to the
AIM market in April 2013.

Financial Highlights

  * Revenue up 26.8% to £2,649,130 (2012: £2,089,841);
      * Profit before tax from continuing operations, excluding AIM flotation and
    associated costs, up 22.4% to £523,648 (2012: £427,674);
      * Cash balances of £1,688,093 at 31st October 2013 (2012: £368,655);

  * Dividends paid in year ending 31st October 2013, totalling £70,135 (2012 

    70,974), the first on the 29th November 2012 at 0.037p per share and a
    further Dividend on the 9th July 2013 of 0.078p per share;
      * Successful listing and Placing on AIM in April 2013 raising £750,000 at 8p
    per share;

  * USD$2.5m (GBP£1.6m) advance against royalties received from The Orchard,
    the Group's digital distributor.
    Operational Highlights

  * Acquisition of Men & Motors catalogue of rights from Granada/ITV, and
    subsequent launch as a YouTube channel alongside 15 other YouTube channels,
    including music and special interest, children's content and comedy;
      * USD $100,000 acquisition of video catalogues, including `The Adventures of
    Skippy'; `Alien Autopsy' and an extension of its existing rights and terms
    to a previously acquired catalogue of over 400 hours of music
      * USD $122,550 acquisition of over 300 children's animal documentaries, a
    selection of `Keep Fit' video content and a contribution to buying out
    various royalty streams that will improve Group margins on digital sales of
    previously acquired content; and
    One Media CEO & Executive Chairman, Michael Infante, commented:

"The Board is pleased with the strong performance of the Group in the period
under review. One Media is a profitable, debt free and cash resourced media
business with a continuing and sustainable dividend policy in place. The Board
looks forward to enhancing both shareholder value and consumer digital
experiences in 2014 and beyond, capitalising on its new listing on AIM and
growing underlying value.

I would like to thank all of the One Media team for their support alongside our
advisers and shareholders."

The financial information set out in this Preliminary announcement has been
extracted from the audited Report and Financial statements and does not
constitute the Company's statutory accounts for the year ended 31 October 2013.

The report of the auditor on the Report and Financial Statements for the year
ended 31 October 2013 is unqualified.

The Group's Preliminary results announcement for the year ended 31 October 2013
can be viewed on the Company's website,, with effect from
Wednesday 19th February 2014.

For further information, please contact:

One Media Publishing Group Plc         Chairman and Chief Executive          

Michael Infante                        Tel: +44 (0)175 378 5500               
Cairn Financial Advisers LLP           Nominated Adviser                      
Liam Murray / Jo Turner                Tel: +44 (0)20 7148 7900               
Charles Stanley Securities Limited     Broker                                 
Mark Taylor                            Tel: +44 (0)20 7149 6000               
Yellow Jersey PR Limited               Financial PR                           
Kelsey Traynor/Dominic Barretto/Philip Tel: +44(0)7799 003 220               
CEO & Executive Chairman's Statement 
2013 was a transformational year for the Group as One Media continued to build
on its strong foundation of solid profitability and commercial expertise. 
This year under review marks the end of a highly productive and busy period for
One Media: achieving key financial targets, successfully listing the Group on
AIM and maintaining growth. The Board is pleased with the Group's financial
performance and sees its dividend policy to be continuing and sustainable. 
Following a period of uncertainty surrounding the future of the ICAP Securities
& Derivatives Exchange ("ISDX"), the Board concluded that the time was
opportune for One Media to move to AIM to further grow and protect shareholder
value. This was achieved in April 2013 following a successful placing. The
decision to move markets followed months of careful planning and resulted in a
swift, cost effective and well-publicised transaction where Group shares were
placed to a `core' number of institutional investors 
raising £750,000. The total cost of the listing was completed at a
comparatively low cost of £247,060 of which £196,559 is in the profit and 
account and £50,501 set against the share premium account. 
I would like to thank management, staff and our advisory teams for all their
hard work during this intensive period. The Group, which remains profitable,
debt free and cash resourced, is well positioned to pursue its acquisitive
policy of intellectual copyrights and growth. 
Financial Overview 
Once again this year we have seen our revenue grow with a final reported figure
of £2,649,130, an increase of 26.8% on the £2,089,841 last year. Profit from
continuing operations, before the £196,599 spent on the AIM float, is reported
at £523,648, a 22.4% improvement on the equivalent figure of £427,674 for 
On a "like for like" basis, profit after tax from continuing operations in 2013
is, after an estimated tax charge of £104,683 (2012: £88,668), up 24.3% at £
421,765 from the reported £339,220 for the financial year ended in October
The profit after tax attributable to equity shareholders of £238,909 (2012: £
339,220), reported for the financial year, is after costs of £196,559 relating
to the AIM float (2012: £nil) and a tax charge of £90,980 (2012: £88,668). 
At the end of the year we have cash balances of £1,688,093 (2012: £368,655),
having raised in the Placing on AIM a gross amount of £750,000, which, after
all costs, revenue and capital, resulted in a net fundraising of £502,940. In
addition, during the year employees exercised at various times, options and
warrants raising a further £23,000. Operationally we received from The 
the Group's digital distributor, an advance of USD$2.5m (GBP£1.6m) against
Finally two dividends paid in the year totaled £70,135 (2012 £70,974). The
first was paid on the 29th November 2012 at 0.037p per share and the second on
9th July 2013 of 0.078p per share. 
Content and Rights Acquisition 
Historically, the Group has regularly reported its various catalogue
acquisitions and marketing initiatives via the Regulated News Service (RNS)
system. As part of our AIM strategy this will be reserved for price sensitive
information and key corporate news. We will be using the RNS Reach services for
non-price sensitive information and followers of One Media will find us very
proactive on both Twitter and Facebook together with our web site for more day to day information. 
Before I expand into the content and rights acquisitions of the past financial
year, I would firstly like to address One Media's corporate strategy and how it
monetises content is outlined below. There are many misnomers on how money is
earned when it comes to consuming content on legitimate, free-to-view web
sites. It is obvious when it comes to `downloading' an audio track from an
online retailer such as iTunes, the consumer pays a set fee for a music track/
video and receives the content to their device. So how do YouTube and other
free streaming sites work for us? 
Advertising revenues or `Ad-funded' as it is known, achieves this. For every
second that a track/video is streamed One Media receives a portion of the
advertising revenues paid by the advertisers that appear either within the film
(as a banner) or on the `side bars' of a screen or as pre-roll adverts that the
consumer must view prior to engaging in the chosen video. Additional revenue is
earned should the consumer `click through' for further information on a
particular advert. On some sites there is additionally a subscription to pay in
which the content provider becomes a share participant based on the number of
tracks/minutes consumed. 
Video content 
During the period under review, the Board made some significant investments
into both audio and video to enhance One Media's content libraries. 
Our intention to focus primarily on video content was spearheaded by the deal
secured with Granada/ITV; following Granada's decision to take the Men & Motors
TV Channel off air in 2010 to make way for their High Definition (HD) broadcast
channels, One Media acquired the 3,000+ episodes for its `on-line' digitally
delivered initiative via YouTube and other similar sites. The first task was to
disseminate the original broadcast tapes into a digital format that could be
easily manipulated into a data friendly format, compatible with the Group's
internal music management system, so that our Creative Technicians could
repackage/repurpose the shows. 
Utilising the services available here at Pinewood Studio it is pleasing to see
in a short time we have converted all of the 3,000 programs and created a
further 12,500 short excerpts from the original programs within the first year.
The excerpts are predominantly short two to three minute clips from the shows
that have been deemed entertaining for digital broadcast via YouTube for home
or mobile entertainment. These have been well received and we are creating a
strong following of digital video viewers. In addition, the Group is in
discussions with third parties for further usage of the Men & Motors brand and
content and we look forward to bringing you more news on this in the future. 
To further the Group's initiative of focusing on nostalgic videos, One Media
acquired control under license of a variety of TV shows. 
In November 2012, the Group acquired the classic Sooty TV shows. This included
eight TV shows presented by Sooty's creator, Harry Corbett. The shows date back
to the original Sooty episodes of the 1950s through to the 1970s including such
classics as `The Sooty Olympics' and `Sooty's Birthday'. The popularity of the
Sooty brand, which we believe is a British media icon, remains popular with
today's `pre-school' groups. 
In the first half of this financial year, One Media acquired under license `The
Adventures of Skippy', as well as `Skippy the Movie', that were first produced
in the 1990s. These episodes follow on from the original `Skippy' series of the
1960s, and developed a widespread following when first broadcast. These have
been made available for viewing on the Group's YouTube, `Skippy Channel'. 
During this period, the Group also acquired the footage of an `Alien Autopsy'
and the documentaries relating to the 1990s autopsy on the body of an
extra-terrestrial purported to have been recovered from the crash of a UFO near
Roswell, New Mexico. 
The Group's acquisition initiative often involves revisiting previously
completed deals to either extend or improve the terms of agreement. The Board
is pleased to report that it has secured exclusive digital rights to a
catalogue of video programs first licensed to the Group in September 2011.
Containing over 400 hours of content, the 200+ music video-documentaries
feature behind-the-scenes and `fan-based special feature' looks at artists such
as; David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Marc Bolan, Limp Bizkit, Lennon & Harrison
(the Guitars that Gently Weep), Thin Lizzy, Elvis, Bob Marley, The Royal
Philharmonic Orchestra, Andy Williams and the late Tony Bennett. 
Along with extending licensing deals One Media is also committed to profit
margin improvement. The Board does not hesitate to use the Group's cash
resource to invest in content that has a proven track record under our
stewardship. This was demonstrated by the USD$122,550 used to buy-out various
onward royalty commitments on past deals, which the Group believes to be a
sound investment. 
Finally, at the end of October 2013, we acquired under license the video
distribution rights for over 300 `Animal video documentaries' targeted at
younger viewers, `Keep Fit' video material for the health conscience and
`Underground Breakdance' video content for the acrobatic. This has further
diversified our portfolio of video offering, which we believe is essential in
growing our market share. 
Market Overview 
The digital world is evolving at a fast pace and we are making sure that we
keep up with the developments. iTunes and Amazon remain the largest digital
download retailers but the `streaming stores' such as Spotify and Deezer and
are becoming increasingly important as the digital markets mature. The Board
anticipates these models becoming stronger over the coming years with new
streaming services such as `Beats Music', `Apple Radio' and the anticipated
launch of `YouTube Music' set to enhance this growing sector. It is still too
early to analyse the worldwide music industry digital data for Calendar year
2013 on the growth of digital music, but what we do know is that according to
Nielson (an industry data source), in the USA, music streaming grew 32% to
118bn transactions. 
"Despite shifts in how music is consumed, we see continued growth in overall
music consumption," reported Nielsen, "the industry remains vibrant as
consumption continues to change and expand." 
As a cautious management team, we carefully analyse the impact of streaming
over downloading as part of our day-to-day business. We greet the streaming
models with enthusiasm and anticipate their importance to the digital market
will be as important as the introduction of downloading changed the markets
back in 2006 when One Media first started and physical product had the lion's
share of the market. 
We also see social media playing a far greater role in the marketing of the
Group's content via the many digital stores with which we trade. We have
dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages which can be accessed via our website and
are used to further our interaction with the market. 
Broadband providers with their increasing band width now cater for film in high
definition to be streamed to every device, whether static or on the move and
the advent of `Smart TVs will completely change the way we engage with our
video entertainment. A `Smart TV' is now fully enabled to receive more than
just the programming broadcasted by either terrestrial or satellite
broadcasters constrained within our shores, but also Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the
new world of `Apps' gives access to both national and international viewing via
Wi-Fi from ones broadband supplier. This will allow content delivery services
to supply the public with `genre friendly content' tailored to their individual
viewing requirements and made available as and when the consumer is ready to
view. In the same way that web pages work, `Play listing' and recommendations
from your previous viewing experiences are immediately `on hand' to guide you
through the millions of hours now available on-line to view. At present YouTube
leads this advance but we expect many more `free-to-view' platforms to launch
within the near future. One Media believes this will significantly increase the
amount of content that users are consuming on a daily basis. 
The new challenge facing viewers is how to find time to watch everything that
is available. From the home entertainment revolution, as aforementioned,
coupled with the in-car revolution, with cars moving to `Bluetooth' and `4G',
One Media anticipates a growing demand of content, both old and new, to meet
this new technologically savvy audience. 
As Chairman and Chief Executive, and on behalf of my fellow Board members, I
would like to formally thank our staff for the contribution they have made in a
year where we have continued to grow our business successfully. It is our aim
to become a leading player within our space. It is the enthusiasm, dedication
and creativity of our wider team that realises the delivery of our strategy
each year. Our staff remains motivated and are committed to the achievement of
our agreed 2014 business plan, which projects further growth across all aspects
of the Group. 
The Group's modus operandi of supplying all routes to market with nostalgic
content is now well established within the digital community; `Content is King'
remains our basic mantra. We are repurposing our vast library of content to
suit consumer requirements, whether it be for a three minute clip for a mobile
device or a full length version of a programme for television. This will be key
in our success in light of the developments we have identified in the market
overview above. 
One Media's team of Creative Technicians remain diligent in the preparation of
both audio and visual content in defining the metadata, our digital DNA, which
remains key to identifying and finding One Media content online and adhering to
the moving pace of the digital stores individual `style guides'. This is the
`hub' of One Media's marketing initiative. The Board anticipates further
expansion and investment in the Group's expansive library of content in the
coming period. 
One Media invests time and expertise to fully understand the changing nature
and viewing habits of its consumers, in order to adapt content to match
consumer routines. With the considerable amount of content being input into
cyberspace on the increase, our teams are trained to not only monitor the
content being produced but also further promote and market our content through
all aspects of social media. 
We believe 2014 will continue to be a progressive year for One Media.  The
digital music and video industry remains in a state of evolution and your
Company will continue to exploit and develop its model to meet the demands of
these changes as it has done since its launch in 2006. One Media has continued
to acquire further content, within our digital arena, enhancing our catalogue
and library of rights. The Group retains a strong cash position; is debt free;
profitable and is paying a healthy dividend. 
The digital music and video industry remains in a state of evolution and your
Company will continue to exploit and develop its model to meet the demands of
these changes as it has done since its launch in 2006. We are focusing on
greater exploitation combined with our growing industry market knowledge to
deliver more shareholder-enhanced value within the sectors in which we operate. 
The Board looks forward to enhancing both shareholder value and consumer
digital experiences in 2014 and beyond, capitalising on its new listing on AIM
and growing underlying value. 
Michael Infante JP 
Chairman and CEO 
19TH February 2014 
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 
For the year ended 31 October 2013 

                                                   Year ended      Year ended
                                                   31 October      31 October
                                                         2013            2012
                                                            £               £

Revenue                                             2,649,130       2,089,841 
Cost of sales                                     (1,273,592)       (983,374) 
Gross profit                                        1,375,538       1,106,467 
Administration expenses                             (851,890)       (678,793) 
Profit from continuing                                523,648         427,674
Other expenses -AIM float                           (196,559)               -
and associated costs                                                          
Operating profit                                      327,089         427,674 
Finance income                                          2,800             214 
Profit on ordinary                                    329,889         427,888
activities before                                                            
Tax expense                                          (90,980)        (88,668) 
Profit for period                                     238,909         339,220
attributable to equity                                                       
Basic adjusted earnings                                 0.70p           0.73p
per share                                                                     
Diluted adjusted earnings                               0.61p           0.62p
per share                                                                     
Basic earnings per share                                0.40p           0.73p 
Diluted earnings per                                    0.35p           0.62p
The Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income has been prepared on the
basis that all operations are continuing activities. 
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 
For the year ended 31 October 2013 

                      Share       Share     Share    Share  Retained      Total
                    Capital  redemption   premium     based earnings     equity
                                reserve            payment                     

                      £           £         £         £        £        
At 1 November 2011  218,143     239,546   643,271     4,791  119,537  1,225,288 
Proceeds from the    55,000           -    75,000         -        -    130,000
issue of new                                                                   
Share based               -           -         -     7,625        -      7,625
payment charge                                                                  
Profit for the            -           -         -         -  339,220    339,220
Dividends                 -           -         -         - (70,974)   (70,974) 
At 1 November 2012  273,143     239,546   718,271    12,416  387,783  1,631,159 
Proceeds from the    51,625           -   670,874         -        -    722,499
issue of new                                                                   
Share based               -           -         -    13,776        -     13,776
payment charge                                                                  
Profit for the            -           -         -         -  238,909    238,909
Dividends                 -           -         -         - (70,135)   (70,135) 
At 31 October 2013  324,768     239,546 1,389,145    26,192  556,557  2,536,208 


The following share capital transactions were undertaken:

For the year ending 31 October 2012:

  * During the year a total of 11,000,000 warrants were exercised by Directors
    and Employees between June and September 2012. As summarised above, the
    nominal value of the warrants exercised was £55,000 and the Share premium
    arising was £75,000.

For the year ending 31 October 2013:

  * During the year a total of 9,375,000 ordinary shares of 0.5p each were

issued at 8p pursuant to the Placing on the AIM market, a total of 

    being raised with costs associated with the issue at £50,501.
      * In addition Employees exercised, at various time during the year, a total
    of 700,000 options at 2.75p a share and 250,000 warrants at 1.5p a share
    over ordinary shares of 0.5p each. The total raised as a result of these
    exercises was £23,000.
    Consolidated Statement of Financial Position at 31 October 2013
                                                   Year ended      Year ended
                                                   31 October      31 October
                                                         2013            2012
                                                            £               £

Non-current assets                                                            
Intangible assets                                   1,808,535       1,442,140 
Property, plant and equipment                          26,439          47,755 

                                                    1,834,974       1,489,895

Current assets                                                                
Trade and other receivables                           481,453         405,762 
Cash and cash equivalents                           1,688,093         368,655 
Total current assets                                2,169,546         774,417 
Total assets                                        4,004,520       2,264,312 
Current liabilities                                                           
Trade and other payables                            1,468,312         633,153 
Total liabilities                                   1,468,312         633,153 
Called up share capital                               324,768         273,143 
Share redemption reserve                              239,546         239,546 
Share premium account                               1,389,145         718,271 
Share based payment reserve                            26,192          12,416 
Retained earnings                                     556,557         387,783 
Total equity                                        2,536,208       1,631,159 
Total equity and liabilities                        4,004,520       2,264,312 


Consolidated Company Cash Flow Statement

For the year ended at 31 October 2013
                                                     Year ended    Year ended
                                                     31 October    31 October
                                                           2013          2012
                                                          Group         Group
                                                              £             £

Cash flows from                                                              
operating activities                                                          
Operating profit                                        329,889       427,888
before tax                                                                    
Amortisation                                            118,959        98,296 
Depreciation                                             27,389        25,106 
Share based payments                                     13,776         7,625 
Finance income                                          (2,800)         (214) 
(Increase) in                                          (75,691)     (102,229)
Increase/(decrease) in                                  819,873       210,176
Corporation tax paid                                   (75,694)      (82,410) 
Net cash inflow from                                  1,155,701       584,238
operating activities                                                          
Cash flows from                                                              
investing activities                                                          
Investment in                                         (485,354)     (643,431)
intellectual property                                                        
Investment in                                           (6,073)      (41,162)
property, plant and                                                          
Finance income                                            2,800           214 
Net cash used in                                      (488,627)     (684,379)
investing activities                                                          
Cash flows from                                                              
financing activities                                                          
Proceeds from the                                       773,000       130,000
issue of new shares                                                           
Share issue costs                                      (50,501)             - 
Dividends paid                                         (70,135)      (70,974) 
Net cash inflow                                         652,364        59,026
(outflow) from                                                               
financing activities                                                          
Net change in cash and                                1,319,438      (41,115)
cash equivalents                                                              
Cash at the beginning                                   368,655       409,770
of the year                                                                   
Cash at the end of the                                1,688,093       368,655
Notes to the Preliminary Results 
Basis of preparation 
The Company is a limited company incorporated and domiciled in England under
the Companies Act 2006. The board has adopted and complied with International
Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS's) as adopted by the European Union. The
Company's shares are listed on the ICAP ISDX market. 
Earnings per share 
The weighted average number of shares in issue for both the basic earnings per
share calculations is 59,999,725 (2012: 46,769,794) and for both the diluted
earnings per share assuming the exercise of all warrants and share options is
69,244,109 (2012: 54,639,657). 
* The calculation of adjusted earnings per share, on profit after tax from 

    continuing activities, is based on the profit for the period of £329,889,
    after adding back Other expenses - AIM float and associated costs of £
    196,559 and adjusting for a tax charge of £104,683 to reflect the
    underlying profit. A profit after tax of £421,765 results, which is
    directly comparable with the previously reported figure for 2012 of £
    339,220. Based on the weighted average number of shares in issue during the
    year of 59,999,725 (2012: 46,769,794) the basic earnings per share is 0.70p
    (2012: 0.73p). The diluted earnings per share is based on 69,244,109 shares
    (2012: 54,639,657) and is 0.61p (2012: 0.62p).
      * The calculation of the basic earnings per share is based on the profit for
    the period of £238,909

(2012: £339,220) divided by the weighted average number of shares in issue of
59,999,725 (2012: 46,769,794), the basic earnings per share is 0.40p (2012:
0.73p). The diluted earnings per share, assuming the exercise of all warrants
and options is based on 69,244,109 (2012: 54,639,657) shares and is 0.35p
(2012: 0.62p). 
Profit from continuing activities before interest, tax, depreciation and
amortisation for the twelve months ended 31 October 2013 was £669,996 (2012: 
Directors' responsibilities 
The Annual Report, including the financial information contained therein, is
the responsibility of, and was approved by the directors on 12th February 2014. 
Availability of Report and Accounts and Notice of the Annual General Meeting 
Copies of the Company's Report and Accounts together with the Notice of the
Annual General Meeting, to be held at 11.00a.m on Thursday 27th March 2014 at
Pinewood Studios, were posted to shareholders on 18th February 2014. Copies of
the Company's Report and Accounts will also be available at the registered
office of the Company and can be viewed on the companies website, 
623 East Props Building             
Pinewood Studios     
Pinewood Road        
Iver Heath           
SL0 0NH               
-0- Feb/19/2014 07:00 GMT
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