Hero MotoCorp Showcases New Models and Concepts at Delhi Auto Expo

Hero MotoCorp Showcases New Models and Concepts at Delhi Auto Expo 
Collaboration with EBR Produces Exciting Next-generation Designs 
EAST TROY, WI  -- (Marketwired) -- 02/13/14 --  With a series of
remarkable new launches, from youth-oriented 100cc motorbikes to a
620cc middleweight streetfighter and futuristic concepts, Hero
MotoCorp, the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer by volume,
made a strong impact at this year's Delhi Auto Expo. Auto Expo 2014
-- the Motor Show was held at the Expo Mart in Greater Noida, about
40 km (24 mi.) north of the Indian capital of Delhi. 
With all the Indian and multinational manufacturers putting up
massive displays at the biggest automotive show of the Indian
subcontinent, the Auto Expo was expected to draw well over a million
visitors by the time it ended on February 11.  
The collaboration between Hero and (Erik Buell Racing) EBR stood out
loud and clear at the Hero pavilion with the EBR 1190RS and the brand
new 1190RX sport bikes being displayed on marquee pedestals. A slew
of products developed jointly by the engineers of Hero and EBR
generated massive interest from media and drew huge crowds to the
Hero pavilion. The presence of Team Hero racers Geoff May and Aaron
Yates added to the excitement.  
Hero also unveiled a trio of scooters developed jointly by its
partner Engines Engineering of Bologna, Italy. 
Hero MotoCorp's Managing Director and CEO Pawan Munjal addressed the
media through a series of press conferences, starting from January
29, profoundly setting the tone to make it Hero's show at the Expo.  
Munjal summed up the Hero vision when he said, "Being the global
leader in two-wheelers, we have been challenging the routine and the
conventional. Our new motto is to drive change through path-breaking
innovations. With our finger on the pulse of the youth, we are
therefore developing products that will cater to customers around the
world, both in the near- and long-term. We have now successfully
developed an ecosystem of technology research and development that is
designed to think beyond the obvious and deliver future-ready
mobility solutions." 
Here are some of the noteworthy new products jointly developed by EBR
and Hero which were displayed at the Hero pavilion at Auto Expo 2014: 
HX250R - The new 250cc Sports Bike  
Featuring a slim and agile seating position, high-tech engine and
world class sport chassis, the Hero HX250R has all the attributes to
deliver the perfect lightweight sports bike experience. With its high
performance liquid-cooled balanced engine and advanced multi-sensor
electronic fuelling, the HX250R can deliver best-in-class
performance, while also being refined and fuel-efficient around town.
This new motorcycle comes packaged to delight every passionate
sporting rider.  
Aerodynamic styling, six-speed transmission and lightweight
mass-centralized chassis make the HX250R incredibly responsive in all
riding conditions. The geodesic tubular chassis integrates the engine
as a stressed member, and allows full control of its modern 17"
sports bike wheels and tires. The entire package results in
spectacularly good handling and stability for riders of every skill
When it's time to stop the riding fun, the linked brake system
features powerful Brembo design hydraulic calipers gripping the 300
mm front and 220 mm rear brake rotors.  
For discerning riders, the HX250R also offers an option with the
latest ABS technology.  
RNT - The breakthrough diesel concept bike 
RNT is the proof that handsome and hard-working really can go
together. Many motorcyclists need capacity and power to haul heavier
loads, but they also want to be comfortable, fuel-efficient and
stylish. These requirements are addressed with the striking new RNT
concept. The RNT's wide flat loading surfaces with strap bars, as
well as multi-use folding side racks, a large comfortable seat and
spacious footboards, create a new look never seen on a motorcycle
Under the surface, too, everything is new, exciting and practical.
Power comes from a high torque 150cc diesel with an optional
turbocharger, so even when fully loaded, the RNT can master all
The RNT also has options galore, including an accessory oversize
generator, which along with the diesel engine delivers extra
electrical power for work (or play) at a remote site. The optional
removable LED lamp in front of the dash can be unclipped and re-aimed
so the work or play can carry on into the night. 
Another option on the RNT concept is a hub electric motor in the
front wheel, which is powered by an electric battery pack. This gives
riders a unique two-wheel drive option for the toughest world
conditions, as well as the possibility to shut off the rear drive and
move through the city on electric power front-wheel-drive only. 
Along with this unique design, even more optional accessories will be
available. The Hero RNT shows there's a whole new future, delivering
real utility and fun in a handsome and efficient package. 
Leap - India's first electric-serial-hybrid scooter  
Leap, the first electric-serial-hybrid scooter from India, returned
to Auto Expo in its pre-production form. It has been designed with
Hero's global markets in mind. 
When the Hero Leap first appeared as a prototype at the 2012 Auto
Expo, it seemed to be a vehicle from the distant future. This year's
preproduction model shows Hero is well along the path of putting the
future into riders' hands.  
Powered by lithium-ion batteries and an 8kW electric traction motor,
the Leap eliminates the limited range of an electric vehicle by
incorporating a "range extender," an on-board generator set powered
by an extremely efficient new 124cc engine. Normally, the Leap would
be recharged by plugging into a wall outlet. If that isn't available,
however, the 3-liter fuel tank and the range extender of the Leap
give it four times the range of batteries alone, and the fuel can be
quickly refilled. 
With its sleek aerodynamic styling and all-LED lighting system, the
Leap makes a strong statement of Hero's technical innovation, and how
the company is looking toward a greener future. 
The permanent magnet AC (PMAC) traction motor that powers the Leap
produces maximum torque of more than 60 N-m from a standstill, so
this advanced scooter requires neither a clutch nor a transmission.
Final drive is a high-technology toothed belt housed cleanly in the
swing-arm, designed to last the life of the vehicle. Top speed of the
Leap is 100 kph (62 mph) when running with the range extender. Its
near-silent acceleration in full electric operation is better than
that of many gasoline scooters. 
For braking, the Leap smoothly and quickly slows and stops with its
powerful Brembo two-piston front 240 mm disc brake. 
Hero Hastur - The new 620cc motorcycle 
The 620cc Hastur promises to shake-up the middleweight motorcycle
segment with its lean, nimble and powerful appeal.  
The Hastur comes with a water-cooled parallel twin engine that
delivers 80 hp at 9600 rpm. This explosive power delivery comes from
a new and very compact powerplant that serves as a stressed member of
the chassis for optimum mass centralization to give best-in-class
handling and maneuverability. The unique design features a
counter-rotating crankshaft for incredible nimbleness, cartridge
transmission with auto-style power transfer to give best fuel
economy, and an advanced cylinder head and combustion chamber design
for reduced emissions. 
The Hastur makes an aggressive style statement with its streetfighter
looks and the minimalistic bodywork reveals performance essentials
such as big sticky tires, performance suspension and brakes, geodesic
tubular chassis and a powerful engine. With all this and much more,
the Hero Hastur is ready to respond to the athletic rider's every
desire like nothing ever ridden before. 
Hero 'ion' - The Electric Motorcycle powered by Li-Air Batteries and
Hydrogen-Fuel Cell range extender  
The Hero ion offers an exciting glimpse into the future and
demonstrates Hero's beliefs and commitment to the endless road of
motorcycling and personal transport.  
All electronic, ion has Lithium-air batteries and hydrogen fuel cell
range extender packaged in the center structure with super capacitors
to meet energy needs for acceleration and braking. The Lithium-air
battery, which is the lightest and highest energy density battery,
uses oxygen from the air instead of storing an oxidizer internally.
Airy, open wheels contain the rotor component of hubless electric
traction motors that uses magnetic levitation technology that works
with zero friction. When needed, the traction motors also function as
brakes. The vehicle is controlled by light finger touches controls
built in the handle grips. Commands from the fingertips are sent to
VCM (Vehicle Control Module) where they are converted to drive
signals for PBS (power, braking and steering) systems. 
A Ride-by-Wire feature integrates multiple on-board electronic
traffic sensors for collision detection and avoidance. Variable
two-wheel steering works in synergy with the rider's driving style
and vehicle dynamics to optimize handling. A Vehicle Situational
Awareness (VSA) system keeps track of the surrounding traffic flow
and make corrections to the PBS system as needed. The VSA system
overrides any lower priority communications when traffic density
becomes significant. 
M-Link is an advanced suspension linkage technology that provides
incredible control of the road and an exhilarating driving
experience. It features electronic force mapping through sensors that
manage all suspension components. These sensors continuously vary the
power of the electromagnet that controls the damping characteristics
of the suspension in real time. It seamlessly integrates with other
vehicle systems including the Ride-by-Wire steering to provide
user-profiled ride characteristics with road vision-controlled
Core vehicle information is available in the compact instrument
cluster, but full information and communication is transmitted to the
rider's helmet. The VSA system overrides any lower priority
communications when traffic density becomes significant. The Hero ion
welcomes riders to a whole new green motorcycling experience.  
Hero 'SimplEcity' - India's incredibly lightweight electric
SimplEcity, the lightweight urban electric motorcycle from India,
reiterates Hero MotoCorp's steadfast commitment to efficient,
reliable personal transportation for a free and green planet. 
The revolutionary SimplEcity promises to offer an efficient and
reliable intra-city travel experience to the urban commuters. By
keeping weight to a minimum of 35 kg (77 lb.) and designing every
system for optimum performance in city conditions, Hero has created a
whole new segment of motorcycle for a cleaner and greener planet. 
The SimplEcity comes with innovative features such a removable
battery pack for the convenience of recharging. Another innovation is
the dashboard that is delivered through the rider's smart phone using
a free SimplEcity application. This can be achieved by conveniently
mounting the phone on the handlebars. The "walk' mode let rider roll
it effortlessly when walking or gives it a needed push if taken
The new 100 cc 'Splendor Pro Classic' 
Having an irresistible blend of vintage and young styling, Hero
MotoCorp's flagship brand comes in a new version as the 100-cc
Splendor Pro Classic. It offers a distinct riding experience with its
cafe racer styling, including the new handle bar, classic round
headlight and tail light, cafe racer cowl and added chrome parts such
as the front and rear fenders, turn signals, suspension cover and
round rear-view mirrors. The impeccably-styled Splendor Classic is
powered by a 100cc air-cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder overhead cam
engine, producing maximum torque of 8.04 Nm at 4500 rpm. 
The new 100 cc "Passion Pro TR" 
The new 100-cc Passion Pro TR offers an adventurous ride to young
bikers with its ability to take them off conventional roads. The
Passion Pro TR offers exciting off-pavement ride capabilities with a
host of new external features that includes on-off tires, sturdier
handlebars with cross brace, high front fender, hugger front fender,
headlight grill, hand guards for added protection, bash plate and
fuel tank pads. New colors and graphics add extra punch to the
About EBR 
Headquartered in East Troy, Wis., Erik Buell Racing engineers,
develops and manufactures high performance motorcycles for sport bike
enthusiasts around the world. Additionally, EBR Engineering Services
provides engineering consulting expertise for projects inside and
outside the motorcycle industry for a global client base. For more
information, visit: www.ebr.com 
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