A New Report Reveals How the UK's Mobile Betting Market More Than Doubled in 2013

 A New Report Reveals How the UK's Mobile Betting Market More Than Doubled in                                      2013    PR Newswire    LONDON, February 12, 2014  LONDON, February 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --  According to a report published by OddsWinner.com , the UK's mobile betting industry grew by more than 100% in 2013.  Oddswinner.com analyzed the growth rate of the UK's top five bookmakers along with their mobile revenues and marketing campaigns. They found that almost every single bookmaker had reported a 100%-300% increase in mobile betting activity in 2013.  According to Adam Green, head of research at OddsWinner.com:  "In 2012, the UK Gambling Commission reported that the remote gambling market was worth £795 million. However, with many of the UK's biggest bookmakers announcing a 100-300% increase in mobile revenue, this could make the industry worth more than £100 million."  The new gambling report reveals that a significant part of the growth in the UK's mobile betting industry can be attributed to record levels of smart phone penetration, a huge surge of in-play betting advertising, and an encroachment of betting operators in professional sport.  According to Mr. Green :  " Gambling operators spent more than £90 million on TV advertising in 2012, which will no doubt have increased in 2013. "  William Hill is the biggest gambling operator in the UK and in their Annual Reports and Accounts reported a 198% increase in mobile gaming revenue in 2013. Meanwhile, Bet365 reported a 150% increase in mobile wagers last year.  In 2013, Paddy Power CEO Patrick Kennedy also announced that mobile betting was the fastest growing market in the UK's real money gaming industry. With the rollout of 4G across the UK over the next 12 months, the trend is only likely to continue.  You can view the entire report by OddsWinner.com along with the infographic here.  Contact: admin@argmedia.co.uk, +447795067269