SCHIEDAM, Netherlands, Feb. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The publication shows
great similarity to an e-mail attachment the Company received from a former
employee shortly before the publication was posted online. The former employee
concerned left the Company in June 2012 on the basis of a mutually agreed upon
termination initiated by himself.

Following his departure, the  Company had no contact  with the employee  until 
March 2013. At that time, the  employee attempted extortion by threatening  to 
make disclosures  based on  his  interpretation of  certain materials  he  had 
illegally obtained or  retained. A  representative of  the employee  indicated 
that he would be prepared not to do  so if the Company would make payments  in 
the amount of some €3 million.

SBM Offshore refused  to entertain  the former employee's  threat. Upon  being 
notified of the Company's decision,  the publication was posted on  Wikipedia. 
The Company will be taking steps against the former employee.

The allegations  now  made  by  the  former  employee  relate  to  an  ongoing 
investigation into potentially improper sales practices. The investigation  is 
being conducted by  outside counsel  and forensic accountants  which has  been 
publicly disclosed and of which  the competent authorities and investors  have 
been informed by the Company for over eighteen months.The Company remains  in 
active dialogue with  these authorities. As  mentioned by the  Company in  its 
comments to  yesterday's  2013  earnings release,  the  investigation  centers 
around potentially improper sales practices in two countries in Africa, and in
one other  country outside  of Africa.  As previously  stated, it  is not  yet 
possible to  provide  further information  or  an estimate  of  the  potential 
outcome, financial or otherwise.

The document published  on the internet  is not a  Company produced  document. 
Since the investigation is still ongoing,  SBM Offshore cannot comment on  its 
contents, however it is safe to note that it is partial, taken out of  context 
and to  the  extent  factually  correct,  is outdated.  As  such,  it  is  not 
representative  of  the  facts  as  the  Company  understood  them  then,   or 
understands them now. The Company denies any allegations of containment.

SBM Offshore  N.V.  is a  listed  holding  company that  is  headquartered  in 
Schiedam. It  holds direct  and  indirect interests  in other  companies  that 
collectively with  SBM  Offshore  N.V.  form  the  SBM  Offshore  group  ("the 

SBM Offshore provides  floating production  solutions to  the offshore  energy 
industry, over the full product life-cycle.  The Company is market leading  in 
leased floating production systems with multiple units currently in operation,
and has unrivalled operational  experience in this  field. The Company's  main 
activities are  the  design,  supply, installation,  operation  and  the  life 
extension of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels. These
are either owned and  operated by SBM  Offshore and leased  to its clients  or 
supplied on a turnkey sale basis.

Group companies employ over 9,600 people  worldwide, who are spread over  five 
execution centres, eleven operational shore bases, several construction  yards 
and  the   offshore  fleet   of   vessels.  Please   visit  our   website   at

The companies  in  which  SBM  Offshore  N.V.  directly  and  indirectly  owns 
investments are separate  entities. In  this communication  "SBM Offshore"  is 
sometimes used for convenience where references are made to SBM Offshore  N.V. 
and its  subsidiaries in  general, or  where no  useful purpose  is served  by 
identifying the particular company or companies.

The Management Board

Schiedam, February 7, 2014

For further information, please contact:

Investor Relations
Nicolas D. Robert
Head of Investor Relations

Telephone: +377 92 05 18 98
Mobile:    +33 (0) 6 40 62 44 79

Media Relations
Anne Guerin-Moens
Group Communications Director

Telephone: +377 92 05 30 83
Mobile:    +33 (0) 6 80 86 36 91


Some of the statements contained in this release that are not historical facts
are statements  of future  expectations and  other forward-looking  statements 
based on  management's current  views and  assumptions and  involve known  and 
unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results,  performance, 
or  events  to  differ  materially   from  those  in  such  statements.   Such 
forward-looking statements  are subject  to various  risks and  uncertainties, 
which may cause actual  results and performance of  the Company's business  to 
differ materially and adversely  from the forward-looking statements.  Certain 
such  forward-looking   statements   can  be   identified   by  the   use   of 
forward-looking terminology  such  as  "believes",  "may",  "will",  "should", 
"would be", "expects" or "anticipates" or similar expressions, or the negative
thereof, or  other  variations  thereof,  or  comparable  terminology,  or  by 
discussions of strategy,  plans, or intentions.  Should one or  more of  these 
risks or  uncertainties materialize,  or should  underlying assumptions  prove 
incorrect, actual results  may vary  materially from those  described in  this 
release as  anticipated,  believed, or  expected.  SBM Offshore  NV  does  not 
intend, and does not assume any obligation, to update any industry information
or forward-looking statements set forth in this release to reflect  subsequent 
events or circumstances.

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