OMREX: Website Load Issues for Popular Brands After Super Bowl Commercials

  OMREX: Website Load Issues for Popular Brands After Super Bowl Commercials

       Performance values may come as warning for system administrators

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TAMPA, Fla. -- February 7, 2014

Monitis, the monitoring specialist, announced today the results of its Super
Bowl XLVIII OMREX (Online Monitis Retailer Excellence Review). The OMREX,
created by Monitis using its cloud-based monitoring technology, serves as a
tool for measuring website activity for retailers. As the Super Bowl is
traditionally a highly anticipated event for football fans and marketers
alike, Monitis used its technology to observe the web performance of five
popular consumer brand websites in which the company had a commercial during
the event:

  *Budweiser (Puppy Love)
  *Cheerios (Gracie),
  *Coca-Cola (It’s so Beautiful)
  *Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt (The Spill)
  *Radio Shack (The 80ies Called)

The selection of the commercials was based on consumer feedback, and the
evaluation by widely read publications such as Entertainment Weekly and
AdWeek. While this may come as a warning for system administrators, the OMREX
found two of the websites had obvious uptime performance issues: Coca-Cola and
Dannon Oikos. Additionally, all five of them show signs of weakness in terms
of their full page load values.

The OMREX findings read as follows:

Feb 4, 2014     Uptime in %      Down    AVG in ms  Page     FPL-Uptime
                                   in m                 Load in   in %
Budweiser       100.00                  51.70      10       100.00
Cheerios        99.51            7       107.69     6        96.00
Coca Cola       99.92            1       1224.75    6        100.00
Dannon Oikos    97.46            34      531.34     7        100.00
RadioShack      100.00                  127.48     10       100.00
Feb 5, 2014     Uptime in %      Down    AVG in ms  Page     FPL-Uptime
                                   in m                 Load in   in %
Budweiser       99.84            1       85.83      6        100.00
Cheerios        99.69            2       138.43     10       98.00
Coca Cola       99.38            4       1193.24    10       100.00
Dannon Oikos    96.27            24      376.21     6        81.00
RadioShack      100.00                  134.84     9        72.00
Start            End
FEB 3, 11:00     FEB 5,
AM/CET           11:00AM/CET

This is significant because as creative directors for such brands come up with
funny, entertaining, or even moving commercials, these advertisements tend to
attempt cross media activities on the web. This means that the corresponding
websites need to live up to the traffic spikes that are most likely to follow.

While the uptime values may not concern system administrators, the average
response times will most likely cause problems for the technical staff
involved. A rule of thumb is that the AVG-value should be below 500 ms. This
means that both Coca-Cola and Dannon Oikos did not make that critical
threshold on day one of the review. The Coca-Cola website even had issues in
this regard throughout the entire testing period. This may be attributed to
the company’s “It so beautiful” campaign that sparked controversy across a
variety of social channels. What is even more striking, however, is the fact
that none of the monitored websites made the desirable full page load time of
four seconds at all.

Regardless of the full page load issues, the good news is that none of the
checked websites crashed. Some system administrators may have room for
optimization with regards to the content they use on their web pages, however,
if they want to guarantee the best possible user experience. Some content will
naturally need some more time to download than others, but that gap may be
bridged by providing some animation in the foreground while the rest of the
content downloads in the background. That way the user experience is not being

How the Super Bowl XLVIII OMREX review was administered

Monitis began monitoring the websites of the selected brands after the Super
Bowl because of the assumption that most viewers were busy watching the game
during the event. Thus, the effect the commercials on each website could not
be seen until after the game. The results were collected by a New York based

About Uptime and Full Page Monitoring

Uptime monitoring checks the availability and response time of websites,
applications, cloud and hosted services. In case of outages or poor
performance, system administrators can be alerted immediately to take
appropriate steps.

Full page load monitoring tracks the loading times of a website from beginning
to end. It also shows how long a user has to wait before the entire website is
being downloaded to their computer. The uptime values in a full page load
monitoring reflect the errors that do occur while the page is being fully


OMREX stands for Online Monitis Retailer Excellence. OMREX is a review that
was originally designed to check the user experience that the websites of some
of the world’s leading retailers provide during web traffic spikes. However,
Monitis concluded that the review may also be applied for other events that
will generate high volumes of web traffic.

About Monitis

Monitis offers cloud-based monitoring systems, which can be configured within
minutes. Over 150,000 users in 150 countries rely on Monitis to monitor the
functionality of more than 300,000 websites, servers and applications. Aside
from the premium service, Monitis offers Monitor.Us, a free entry package for

Monitis was founded in 2006 and joined the GFI Software family in 2011. As of
2013, Monitis is a TeamViewer company. TeamViewer also belongs to the GFI
Software group. Monitis maintains offices in Armenia, USA, and Germany.

Additional information is available at:


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