Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric Develop Low-Cost Mult

Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric Develop Low-Cost Multi-Fiber Optical
Available at less than half the cost, deployment of optical interconnects made
easy for enhanced server performance 
Tokyo, Feb 3, 2014 - (JCN Newswire) -  Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Furukawa
Electric Co., Ltd. today announced that they have collaborated to develop a new
multi-fiber optical connector that enjoins and aligns multiple optical fibers
for optical interconnects(1). 
The conventional method of connecting optical fibers requires high-precision
polishing that aligns the tips of the fibers, making the cost of this process
considerable. Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric have developed a
connector that can accommodate different lengths of optical fiber with a spring
mechanism that obviates the need for this polishing process, slashing by more
than half the cost required to connect optical fibers. 
This new jointly developed connector achieves performance on par with
conventional connectors while simplifying the task of installing high-capacity
optical interconnects in a server. It is anticipated that this technology will
increase data transmission speed between boards, increasing overall server
This technology is being presented in detail at SPIE Photonics West 2014, from
February 1, 2014, in San Francisco. 
In recent years, the volume of data transmission inside servers has grown in
line with greater server processing performance. Today, high-speed data speeds
of 25Gbps or greater are required for transmissions between the CPUs, and CPUs
and memory. Conventional electrical wiring suffers signal degradation due to
attenuation at high speeds, making high-speed transmission between server
boards difficult even over short distances. Optical fiber, which suffers little
signal degradation, has therefore led to much attention being focused on
optical interconnects. 
Using optical interconnects for communications between server boards requires
numerous multi-fiber connectors, each of which connects and aligns multiple
optical fibers to allow for parallel signal transfers. The large volume
required, however, leads to the problem of high costs when deploying optical
interconnects inside servers. 
With existing multi-fiber connectors, the fibers need to be fixed into the
connector and then have their fiber-end faces precisely polished so that their
tips align flat for low-loss connections. However, as the polishing process
needs to be performed for each connector, the overall cost is high. The problem
has been the lack of having a simple optical connector that offers the benefits
of low signal loss without requiring costly polishing. 
About the Technology 
Fujitsu Laboratories' design technology and Furukawa Electric's
manufacturing technology both contributed to the development of a multi-fiber
optical connector that can easily be used inside servers. 
Key technologies underlying the new connector design are as follows. 
- A spring mechanism for optical connectors that slightly deforms when
connecting optical fibers. This allows for deforming in the optical connector
itself to introduce minute bends into the optical fibers as a way to
accommodate for differences in their lengths, so that their tips align.
- Laser-processing the tips of the optical fibers results in surfaces
equivalent to those achieved through polishing, so that optical fibers can
align flush without gaps. 
The combination of these technologies obviates the need for polishing and
results in optical-fiber connections with signal loss levels on par with
existing multi-fiber connectors (0.2 dB or less). 
The newly developed optical connector obviates the need for costly polishing,
halving the cost while achieving performance on par with existing technology.
Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric jointly developed this optical
connector for use on boards, and with an optical connector housing that
accommodates four optical connectors in a compact space(2), this design allows
for as many as 96 optical fibers to be connected. 
This technology will enable the cost of installing optical interconnects
between boards inside servers to be lowers, and increase overall server
performance in the future. 
Future Plans 
Fujitsu Laboratories and Furukawa Electric are continuing development with the
goal of applications in servers around 2016. This technology need not be
limited to internal server communications; it also has additional potential
uses for connecting optical fibers between rack-mounted devices. 
(1) Optical interconnect: A technology that makes connections by replacing
conventional electrical wiring with optical lines. This results in lower noise
and higher speed.
(2) Optical connector housing that accommodates four optical connectors in a
compact space: See press release dated November 9, 2011: "Fujitsu
Laboratories and Furukawa Electric Develop High-Speed Optical Interconnect
For more information: 
See press release dated May 31, 2012: "Fujitsu Laboratories Develops
Technology for Compact Optical Transceivers that Double Data Transmission
Speeds to 25 Gbps" 
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