DLF Leverages IBM Mobile Analytics Solutions to Tap Into Customer Insights

  DLF Leverages IBM Mobile Analytics Solutions to Tap Into Customer Insights

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  NEW DELHI, January 30, 2014

NEW DELHI, January 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

IBM Solution Connects Mobile, Social and Cloud Capabilities to Transform
Shopping Experience

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has today announced the start of a collaboration with DLF
Limited, one of the largest real estate companies in India. The two companies
shall deploy an innovative mobile-phone based solution that channels data
insights from customers visiting DLF Promenade , a high end shopping mall
serving the metropolitan New Delhi area.

The technology performs real-time analytics to convert data gathered from
shopper's movements in the mall to provide meaningful interactions for
smartphone users. For example, once a user opts-in for the service; the
solution performs deep analytics to understand consumer preferences based on
location and interests in order to provide customized services via a mobile
app.DLF is now using the solution to allow retailers in the mall to extend
sales deals to shoppers via the app, based on footfall heat maps.

"At DLF, we understand that it is important to view today's customers through
the lens of connectivity and collaboration - which enables them to know almost
everything about every product and brand, ultimately deciding which retailers
have earned their trust. Trust is widely recognized as the foundation of
interpersonal, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business relationships. We
feel IBM's solution will help us better understand and connect well with
today's customers," said Dinaz Madhukar, Senior Vice President and Mall Head,
DLF Promenade.

On the backend, the collected data takes into account users' contextual
preferences, matching the services they want with the time of day they shop
and at which store, for instance.As a result, over 25 businesses in the mall
are able to understand their customer's habits more effectively and customers
are provided with more personalized services.

The solution leverages Wi-Fi sensor routers to determine the location of the
user and their proximity to the store, allowing customers who have signed up
for the mobile app to gain access to preferential services or discounted goods
based on the shopping preferences and past behavior they have put into the

For instance, a shop in the mall selling sports goods, using the IBM solution,
can identify potential customers who may have a strong interest in sports. By
gathering insights through the app, potential customers who fit the store's
target market can be eligible for additional discounts should they choose to
enter the shop.

"Connecting shoppers with contextual information will not only increase sales
but also provide a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our solution
combines technologies like social, mobile, analytics and cloud by remotely
controlling sensors on smartphones from a cloud platform, and performing
real-time analytics to convert mobile data into meaningful consumable
information. Through this, back-end enterprise applications can analyze and
transmit contextual data to customers," said, Ramesh Gopinath, Director, IBM
Research -  India .

The retail solution will allow for a more flexible model than that used by
available technologies. Rather than sourcing data from all of a user's
applications on their smart phone, the solution gathers insights that are fed
into the tool and from usage habits on the mobile phone, allowing for greater
control over privacy levels.

IBM's solution has potential applications in several othersectors; for
instance in environment monitoring and healthcare, the solution could pave
opportunities for communities to contribute meaningful mobile data such as
sound pollution readings, allowing governments to improve quality of coverage
by instrumenting the "crowd of smartphones".

In healthcare and rehabilitation services, the solution can provide the
hospital with inexpensive means of monitoring activities of recently released
heart patients. In travel and transport, the solution allows airports to
conduct much better passenger monitoring and improve their end-to-end
passenger handling processes.

About DLF

DLF is one of India's largest real estate companies that has over 60 years of
track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. The
company has 314 msf of planned projects with 52 msf of projects under

DLF's primary business is development of residential, commercial and retail
properties. The company has a unique business model with earnings arising from
development and rentals. Its exposure across businesses, segments and
geographies, mitigates any down-cycles in the market. From developing 22 major
colonies in Delhi, DLF is now present across 15 states-24 cities in India.

Visit us at http://www.dlf.in

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