Banco Bradesco 2013 Results

                         Banco Bradesco 2013 Results

  PR Newswire

  SAO PAULO, Jan. 30, 2014

SAO PAULO, Jan. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The main figures obtained by Bradesco
(NYSE: BBD, BBDO; Latibex: XBBDC; BM&FBOVESPA: BBDC3, BBDC4) in 2013 are
presented below:

1.Adjusted Net Income ^(1) for 2013 stood at R$12.202 billion (a 5.9%
    increase compared to the R$11.523 billion recorded in the same period last
    year), corresponding to earnings per share of R$2.91 and Return on Average
    Adjusted Shareholders' Equity ^(2) of 18.0%.
2.Adjusted Net Income is composed of R$8.462 billion from financial
    activities, representing 69.3% of the total, and R$3.740 billion from
    insurance, pension plan and capitalization bond operations, which
    accounted for 30.7%.
3.On December 31, 2013, Bradesco's market capitalization stood at R$128.085
    billion ^(3) . As of May 2013, Bradesco common shares compose the Ibovespa
4.Total Assets stood at R$908.139 billion in December 2013, a 3.3% increase
    over the same period in 2012. Return on Total Average Assets was 1.4%.
5.The Expanded Loan Portfolio ^(4) stood at R$427.273 billion in December
    2013, up 10.8% during the same period in 2012. Operations with individuals
    totaled R$130.750 billion (up 11.2% on December 2012), while operations
    with companies totaled R$296.523 billion (up 10.6% on December 2012).
6.Assets under Management stood at R$1.260 trillion, a 2.8% increase from
    December 2012.
7.Shareholders' Equity stood at R$70.940 billion in December 2013, up 1.3%
    on December 2012. Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III) stood at 16.6% in
    December 2013, 12.3% of which fell under Tier I Capital.
8.Interest on Shareholders' Equity and Dividends were paid and recorded in
    provision to shareholders totaling R$4.078 billion on income for 2013,
    R$1.803 billion of which was paid as monthly and interim interest and
    R$2.275 billion was recorded in provision.
9.Interest Financial Margin stood at R$42.686 billion, up 1.6% in comparison
    with 2012.
10.The Delinquency Ratio over 90 days dropped 0.6 p.p. in the last 12 months
    and stood at 3.5% on December 31, 2013 (4.1% on December 31, 2012).
11.The Efficiency Ratio ^(5) in December 2013 stood at 42.1% (41.5% in
    December 2012), whereas the "adjusted to risk" ratio stood at 52.1%,
    (52.7% in December 2012).
12.Insurance Written Premiums, Pension Plan Contributions and Capitalization
    Bond Income totaled R$49.752 billion in 2013, up 12.3% over 2012.
    Technical Reserves stood at R$136.229 billion, up 9.7% on December 2012.
13.Investments in infrastructure, information technology and
    telecommunications amounted to R$4.842 billion in 2013, up 9.8% over the
    same period last year.
14.Taxes and contributions, including social security, paid or recorded in
    provision, amounted to R$21.758 billion, of which R$9.902 billion referred
    to taxes withheld and collected from third parties and R$11.856 billion
    from Bradesco Organization activities, equivalent to 97.2% of Adjusted Net
    Income ^(1) .
15.Bradesco has an extensive customer service network in Brazil, with 4,674
    Branches and 3,586 Service Branches - PAs. Customers can also use 1,180
    PAEs – ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) in companies, 46,851 Bradesco
    Expresso service points, 33,464 Bradesco Dia & Noite ATMs and 14,739
    Banco24Horas ATMs.
16.Payroll, plus charges and benefits, totaled R$11.013 billion. Social
    benefits provided to the 100,489 employees of the Bradesco Organization
    and their dependents amounted to R$2.702 billion, while investments in
    training and development programs totaled R$126.836 million.
17.For the ninth consecutive year, Bradesco was selected to compose the
    Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of BM&FBovespa – Securities,
    Commodities and Futures Exchange, which reflects the returns of a share
    portfolio comprising those companies with the best performance in all
    aspects of corporate sustainability.
18.Major Awards and Acknowledgments in the period:

  *- Bradesco was considered the best bank in Latin America, ranking first
    among the 25 best banks in Latin America ( AmericaEconomia magazine);
  *- Bradesco was considered the largest private group in Brazil according to
    the Valor Grandes Grupos ranking, which ranks the country's 200 largest
    groups ( Valor Economico newspaper);
  *- Bradesco was recognized as the best Bank in Brazil (Best Developed and
    Emerging Markets Banks 2013 – Global Finance Magazine);
  *- Bradesco was considered the best bank in the 8th Best Companies for
    Shareholders Award ( Capital Aberto magazine / Stern Stewart do Brasil
    Advisory Services);
  *- Bradesco was leader of the Top MVP ranking as the company that most
    produces value from interaction with its stakeholders (Dom Strategy
    Partners Advisory Services);
  *- Winner of the Value Creation Award, promoted by Abrasca, aiming at
    stimulating good corporate governance practices;
  *- Winner of the first edition (2013) of the Top Case Award, in the Top
    Case Highlight category ( Case Studies – Insight Communication magazine);
  *- Bradesco was considered the best bank in people management, according to
    The Best in People Management survey ( Valor Carreira / Valor Economico
    newspaper, with technical support of Aon Hewitt); and
  *- Grupo Bradesco Seguros was granted the Most Admired Companies in Brazil
    Award in the Corporate Healthcare Plan and Social Security categories (
    Carta Capital magazine).

With regards to sustainability, Bradesco divides its actions into three
pillars: (i) Sustainable Finances, focused on banking inclusion, social and
environmental variables for loan approvals and product offerings; (ii)
Responsible Management, focused on valuing professionals, improving the
workplace and adopting eco-efficient practices; and (iii) Social and
Environmental Investments, focused on education, the environment, culture and
sports. In this area, we point out Fundacao Bradesco, which has a 57-year
history of extensive social and educational work, with 40 schools in Brazil.
In 2013, a budget of R$456.966 million benefited 101,781 students in its
schools, in Basic Education (from Kindergarten to High School and Vocational
Training - High School Level), Education for Youth and Adults; and Preliminary
and Continuing Qualification focused on the creation of jobs and generation of

(1) According to non-recurring events described on page 9 of this Report on
Economic and Financial Analysis; (2) Excludes mark-to-market effect of
available-for-sale securities recorded under Shareholders' Equity; (3) Number
of shares (excluding treasury shares) x closing price for common and preferred
shares on the last trading day of the period; (4) Includes sureties and
guarantees, letters of credit, advances of credit card receivables,
co-obligations in loan assignments (receivables-backed investment funds and
mortgage-backed receivables), co-obligations in rural loan assignments, and
operations bearing credit risk – commercial portfolio, which includes
debentures and promissory notes; and (5) In the last 12 months.

Contact: Ivani Benazzi de Andrade +011-55-11-2178-6218, or Carlos Tsuyoshi Yamashita, +011-55-11-2178-6204, both of Banco Bradesco.
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