Bitglass Unveils the First Cloud and Mobile Security Solution That Respects Employee Privacy

  Bitglass Unveils the First Cloud and Mobile Security Solution That Respects
  Employee Privacy

  *Company emerges from stealth mode to secure corporate data on mobile
    devices and in cloud apps, without tracking how employees use this
    technology in their personal lives
  *Security technology tracks corporate data anywhere on the Internet;
    clientless selective wipe secures corporate data on mobile devices
  *Bitglass raised $10 million from NEA and Norwest Venture Partners

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CAMPBELL, Calif. -- January 29, 2014

Bitglass today launched its SaaS security solution that enables enterprises to
move forward with cloud and mobile, securely. Bitglass secures corporate data
wherever it goes, from the corporate network to cloud apps, mobile devices and
anywhere on the Internet.

Unlike existing security solutions, Bitglass works without installing software
agents on employees’ devices or tracking their personal data. Bitglass deploys
in minutes with minimal administrative overhead, immediately protecting
sensitive data everywhere while enabling mobility and privacy for users.

“We utilize cloud apps and mobile devices in our personal lives because they
are easy to use, anytime, anywhere. Naturally, we also want to use this
technology in the workplace,” said Nat Kausik, CEO and co-founder of Bitglass.
“Bitglass enables IT to move forward with these technologies, providing
security for the organization and a frictionless experience for employees.”

The onset of cloud and mobile has fueled a security vs. privacy conflict
between IT departments and employees. IT wants to empower employees with the
latest technology, but must secure corporate data; employees expect to use
cloud apps and BYOD for work without their employer viewing their personal
activities. Bitglass resolves the conflict, enabling enterprises to embrace
cloud apps and BYOD without compromising security while respecting employee

“Faced with intense pressure to support SaaS (Software as a Service)
applications and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the role of enterprise IT is
being transformed to one that must balance enablement of employees with data
security on unmanaged assets such as mobile devices and cloud apps,” said
Chris Christiansen, program vice president for IDC's Security Products and
Services group.“For 2014, IDC forecasts 15 percent growth in Worldwide
Security SaaS and 28 percent growthin Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Security
Software. These figures affirm that enterprise organizations responded to
these trends with technology investments that will improve their security
posture. Comprehensive and effective security solutions that protect the
network while enabling secure SaaS and BYOD solutions are crucial to
enterprise productivity and innovation.”

“Bitglass uniquely delivers a comprehensive security solution that
automatically segments, tracks and secures our sensitive data across cloud and
mobile without invading our users’ privacy,” said Nathan McBride, vice
president, IT at AMAG Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: AMAG). “Best of all, it’s a
zero-touch deployment.”

For IT, Bitglass provides:

  *Cloud App Security – Bitglass protects cloud data from end to end,
    enabling IT to take control of only corporate data when it moves outside
    of the enterprise. As files are downloaded through the Bitglass reverse
    proxy, they are automatically watermarked, allowing customers to track
    corporate data anywhere it goes.
  *Mobile Security – If a mobile device is lost or stolen, or an employee
    leaves the company, Bitglass can selectively wipe only corporate data with
    no app or MDM profile on the device.
  *Deployment in Minutes – With no software to install and no device or
    firewall changes, Bitglass can be deployed across any organization in
    minutes. Upon deployment, all user traffic, from any device or location,
    flows through the Bitglass service automatically.
  *Cloud Access Control – Bitglass provides access control across all cloud
    apps, controlling the interaction of data – who, what, when, where and how
    corporate data is used.
  *Unified Identity – Bitglass provides SAML Single-Sign On into cloud apps,
    or integrates with existing identity solutions.
  *Analytics – With tracking capabilities across all cloud apps, Bitglass
    provides analytics to meet IT’s compliance needs and gain actionable
    insights into suspicious behaviors and activities.

For employees, Bitglass provides:

  *Privacy – Employees can use the same apps and devices for their work and
    personal lives, without worrying about whether IT is monitoring their
  *Seamless Experience – Employees continue accessing cloud apps the way that
    they normally do, with no changes to the user experience.
  *Mobility – With no software agents or IT involvement required, Bitglass
    ensures that all corporate traffic on any device, anywhere, is secured.

To better understand the challenges facing cloud and mobile security, Bitglass
is offering a free whitepaper on the topic. Access it

About Bitglass

Bitglass ( enables IT to secure sensitive corporate data in cloud
applications and mobile devices while respecting employee privacy. Founded in
2013, Bitglass is based in Silicon Valley and backed by $10M from NEA and
Norwest Venture Partners.


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