Photo Release -- ANADIGICS Introduces New Small-Cell Power Amplifier

Photo Release -- ANADIGICS Introduces New Small-Cell Power Amplifier

Expanded Power Amplifier Family Delivers Industry-Leading Performance and
Integration for Small-Cell Applications, Including Picocells, Enterprise-Class
Femtocells and CPE Devices

WARREN, N.J., Jan. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ANADIGICS, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANAD)
(the "Company"), a world leader in radio frequency (RF) solutions, today
introduced the AWB7222 power amplifier (PA) optimized for WCDMA, HSPA, and LTE
small-cell applications. The new AWB7222 operates in the 1805 MHz to 1880 MHz
frequency band delivering an industry-leading combination of output power,
linearity, power-added efficiency and thermal characteristics. This level of
performance combined with exceptional integration enables manufacturers to
develop compact wireless infrastructure solutions that consume less power and
provide higher throughput with greater coverage.

Small-Cell power amplifier
 ANADIGICS launches new Small-Cell
 power amplifier

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"We continue to expand our small-cell power amplifier family with targeted
solutions optimized for the most widely used 3G and 4G frequency bands," said
Glenn Eswein, director of product marketing for Infrastructure Products at
ANADIGICS. "As manufacturers develop small-cell products to help carriers
address rapidly increasing wireless data consumption, ANADIGICS' power
amplifiers stand out as critical enablers. Our small-cell product family
delivers the highest output power, linearity, and efficiency in its class,
enabling compact, high throughput devices that provide an economical path to
expand broadband network coverage."

ANADIGICS' family of small-cell wireless infrastructure power amplifiers
leverages the Company's unique InGaP-Plus™ technology and innovative design
architectures to deliver industry-leading performance and integration.The
AWB7222 offers +27 dBm linear output power for ¼-Watt small-cell applications,
including picocells, enterprise-class femtocells, and high-performance
customer premises equipment (CPE).With linearity of -47 dBc ACPR at +27 dBm
output power and 31 dB of RF gain, the AWB7222 power amplifier enables higher
data rates with a greater coverage area.This power amplifier also provides
13% efficiency to minimize power consumption and offer greater flexibility in
the choice of network power sources.The complete family of small-cell power
amplifiers is available in a compact, low profile 7 mm x 7 mm x 1.3 mm surface
mount package with integrated RF matching to reduce PCB space requirements.

ANADIGICS Small-Cell Wireless Infrastructure PA Family Key Facts and

  *High linearity to support WCDMA, HSPA, and LTE small-cell base stations
  *Best-in-class efficiency for improved reliability and low-cost thermal
  *Low noise, low distortion for very low spectral emission levels
  *Low transistor junction temperature for high long-term reliability
  *Integrated RF matching optimized for output power, efficiency, and
    linearity in a 50 Ohm system
  *Optimized for ¼-Watt and ½-Watt linear output power to support a wide
    array of applications

¼-Watt Linear Small-Cell Infrastructure Amplifiers:

Product Frequency Band   Output Power Efficiency Gain
AWB7124 728 to 768 MHz   +24.5 dBm    14.5%      30dB
AWB7125 860 to 894 MHz   +24.5 dBm    16%        30 dB
AWB7129 925 to 960 MHz   +24.5 dBm    16%        30 dB
AWB7122 1805 to 1880 MHz +24.5 dBm    16%        30 dB
AWB7123 1930 to 1990 MHz +24.5 dBm    17%        32 dB
AWB7127 2110 to 2170 MHz +24.5 dBm    18%        32 dB
AWB7128 2545 to 2690 MHz +24.5 dBm    16%        28 dB

½-Watt Linear Small-Cell Infrastructure Amplifiers:

Product Frequency Band   Output Power Efficiency Gain
AWB7224 728 to 768 MHz   +27 dBm      13%        29 dB
AWB7225 860 to 894 MHz   +27 dBm      13.5%      29.5 dB
AWB7222 1805 to 1880 MHz +27 dBm      13%        31 dB
AWB7223 1930 to 1995 MHz +27 dBm      14%        29 dB
AWB7227 2110 to 2170 MHz +27 dBm      14%        29 dB
AWB7228 2545 to 2690 MHz +27 dBm      14%        27 dB

Pre-production samples of the AWB7222 are available now for qualified

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competitive advantage to OEMs and ODMs for mobile device, base station, CATV
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