TOSS C3 Selects Starbucks for Its 2014 Cloud Perk Program

          TOSS C3 Selects Starbucks for Its 2014 Cloud Perk Program

The nation's only provider of IT as a Utility® and vBCDR®, along with 30
additional cloud computing products, is pleased to announce the selection of
Starbucks as this year's perk for new cloud computing clients.

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SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass., Jan. 16, 2014

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass., Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- TOSS C3 has been extending
perks to its cloud clients since the inception of the TOSS Cloud in 1999. The
selection of Starbucks for its 2014 Cloud Perk Program was an obvious choice.


"As part of the onboarding and orientation process, new clients joining the
TOSS Cloud receive a welcome-kit. We wanted to give them something tangible
that would be a fun experience while driving home the value and power of what
cloud computing can do for their business and personal productivity," stated
Greg Hanna, President and CEO with TOSS C3. "Starbucks is known for its
commitment to its customers, products quality, and pleasant ambiance with
high-speed AT&T internet access. The 'magic' of cloud computing is that
whether you're in the office or enjoying a delicious drink at Starbucks, you
have the same fast and secure computer experience. Sure, there were other
beverage and food companies for TOSS to partner with, and Starbucks represents
what the TOSS Cloud is known for - quality, consistency, commitment, and an
upscale experience. So, sending a $100 - $500 co-branded Starbucks gift card
to every new client gets them out of the office to try their new TOSS Cloud
system in a fun and friendly environment. In short, Starbucks not only
provides quality products that taste good but has long understood the
unmistakable value of detachment from the office environment, providing a free
flow of ideas and increased productivity. TOSS understands that, too! An
occasional, un-entangled, completely reliable, good-feeling work environment
is exactly what every creative mind needs."

TOSS C3 is the #1 fastest, most reliable, and secure way for businesses to
eliminate 99% of their IT-related problems [downtime, system crashes,
slowness, data loss] and other technical issues, while giving their employees
access to their desktops, applications, email, and data from any device,
anywhere, at any time.

"Right in the midst of Hurricane Sandy [the week of October 28, 2012] I just
wanted to let you know how glad we are that we are in the Cloud! Our power
went out yesterday early afternoon and is still out, so we are all working
from home (or in our managing partner's case, the Starbucks near the office),"
said Terry Strom, Office Manager at Bass, Doherty & Finks, P.C. "Email and
desktop access have been seamless and exactly what we hoped for when we signed
up with TOSS!"

Business executives and owners interested in learning more about TOSS C3,
downloading a copy of TOSS C3's Invaluable Cloud Report, and getting a Cloud
Readiness Assessment, can visit Businesses
interested in speaking with TOSS C3 should contact Mike Ciulla at
1-888-884-TOSS or 508-820-2990 x990 for more information.

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