Vision-Sciences' EndoSheath(R) Technology Offers Patented Solution to "Nightmare Bacteria"

Vision-Sciences' EndoSheath(R) Technology Offers Patented Solution to
"Nightmare Bacteria"

ORANGEBURG, N.Y., Jan. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An outbreak of "Nightmare
Bacteria," also known as the "Super Bug," has raised new alarm bells in the
healthcare industry over patient safety. The concern stems from 44 newly
reported cases of cross-contamination infections as a result of endoscopic
procedures done at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, located just outside of

"This type of outbreak not only undermines patient confidence, it creates
stiff potential financial liabilities for hospitals and other healthcare
facilities under the Affordable Care Act," said Howard Zauberman, President
and Chief Executive Officer of Vision-Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:VSCI) – a company
specializing in endoscopes that help safeguard patients from
cross-contamination infections caused by conventional endoscopes.

Vision-Sciences ( provides patented technology
solutions that safeguard patients with a sterile cover, or EndoSheath®
Technology, for its endoscopes. This prevents direct contact of the scope with
the patient and reduces the risk of contracting infections from bacteria such
as the Nightmare Bacteria as a result of endoscopic cross-contamination. In 20
years and with over 5 million procedures performed with EndoSheath®
Technology, Vision-Sciences has never received a report of

"We feel confident that our EndoSheath® Technology is a win-win for the
healthcare facility and its patients. It is in our best interest to ensure
that all healthcare professionals are aware of this alternative to
conventional endoscopes while offering a cost cutting and liability reducing
solution," said Lewis C. Pell, Chairman and Co-founder of Vision-Sciences.

Mr. Pell and Mr. Zauberman are available for in-person meetings or phone
interviews. Please contact Mitch Kayden at (845) 709-5607 for more information
and to set up an interview.

Important Summary Points

-- The Affordable Care Act creates potentialliability for all healthcare
facilities for hospital-acquired infections. Vision Sciences® technology
offers an option for hospitals to reduce liability and lower costs/overhead.

-- EndoSheath® Technology eliminates the lengthy and costly cleaning and
sterilization process required between each use for conventional endoscopes.

-- Important notes about a Vision-Sciences procedure:

  *An endoscope is placed inside a new, sterile sheath.
  *The endoscope itself never comes in contact with the patient at any point.
  *Following the patient procedure, the endoscope is removed from the sheath,
    which is then discarded.
  *The sheath plus our rapid cleaning procedure eliminates the need for
    time-consuming, toxic high-level disinfection/sterilization between each

-- FDA cleared EndoSheath® Technology as an alternative to the lengthy and
costly disinfecting and sterilization procedures required for conventional

-- CDC endorsed FDA clearance of EndoSheath® Technology as recently as of July

About Vision-Sciences, Inc.

Vision-Sciences, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for
flexible endoscopy. The Company's unique product lines feature a streamlined
visualization system and proprietary sterile disposable microbial barrier,
known as EndoSheath^® technology, providing users with efficient and cost
effective endoscope turnover while enhancing patient safety.Information about
Vision-Sciences' products is available at

Vision-Sciences owns the trademarks Vision Sciences™ and Slide-On™ and the
registered trademarks EndoSheath^®, EndoWipe^® and The Vision System^®.

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