eCORP UK and partners joined by Total UK in British shale exploration effort

eCORP UK and partners joined by Total UK in British shale exploration effort 
HOUSTON, Jan. 13, 2014 /CNW/ - eCORP UK, a subsidiary of privately held eCORP 
International, LLC, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Farm-out 
Agreement (the "Agreement") with Total E&P UK Limited ("Total"), along with 
partners Island Gas Limited, Egdon Resources U.K. Limited and GP Energy 
Limited (a subsidiary of Dart Energy Limited). 
The Agreement has been made in respect of two large UK Onshore Petroleum 
Exploration and Development Licences, PEDL 139 and PEDL 140 (the "Licences"), 
located in the Gainsborough Trough in Lincolnshire.  The Licences cover an 
area of 240 square kilometres. 
This Agreement supplants eCORP's previous farm-in agreement with IGas, Egdon 
and GP Energy. Transaction details and statements have been provided earlier 
today by the other parties involved. 
Commenting on the Agreement, John Francis Thrash, CEO of eCORP International, 
LLC, said: 
"The entry of this highly respected global shale operator into the UK shale 
gas exploration effort is a watershed event, not only for the UK, but also, we 
believe, continental Europe.  From a North American shale E&P perspective, 
this very compelling prospect has many of the physical attributes of the best 
basins in the US.  From a shale M&A perspective, the transaction, which 
represents about one percent of our UK/Europe holdings, is a quantum leap in 
value creation." 
Commenting on the acquisition, Patrice de Vivies, Total's Senior Vice 
President for Northern Europe, said: 
"This opportunity is an important milestone for Total E&P UK and opens a new 
chapter for the subsidiary in a promising onshore play. The Group is already 
involved in shale gas projects in the US, Argentina, China, Australia and in 
Europe in Poland and in Denmark, and will leverage its expertise in this new 
venture in the UK." 
About eCORP International, LLC 
General Information – Founded in 1978, eCORP and its predecessor companies 
have extensive oil and gas experience spanning underground natural gas 
storage, natural gas transportation, enhanced oil recovery in conventional 
reservoirs using propane and butane, exploration for and production of 
conventional and unconventional (shale) reservoirs, electric power generation 
and marketing of electricity and natural gas. 
Environmental Care and Safety – The company is distinctly characterized by 
its impeccable safety record, commitment to environmentally sensitive, green 
development, surface aesthetics and extensive, proactive community engagement 
driven by an overarching commitment to achieve local community acceptance of 
its developments, maximize economic and cultural benefit for the local 
community and build enduring community relationships. In so doing, eCORP has 
historically moved ahead of and beyond industry and regulatory standards in 
innovating adaptive technologies to address not only challenging geologic but 
significantly, environmentally sensitive conditions. 
Typical Projects – As a consequence, eCORP was an early mover in the 
Marcellus play in Pennsylvania, recognizing the play's potential while 
developing the company's highly acclaimed Stagecoach Storage Natural Gas 
Storage Facility in upstate New York, and has acquired multi-million 
prospective conventional and unconventional acreage positions internationally. 
Field Services – The company's broad background in hydrocarbon based, green 
development led to the formation of subsidiary/affiliate services companies, 
including ecorpStim and eCOREx: 
ecorpStim ( provides reservoir stimulation using pure 
home-use liquid propane and/or non-flammable liquid fluoro-propane (the 
propellant in pediatric and adult lung inhalers) in combination with 
low-density proppants.   These ultra simple binary combinations provide a 
profoundly environmental impact mitigating reservoir stimulation technology 
– completely eliminating the use of water, chemical additives, and thus any 
potential aquifer contamination from any leak or spill at the surface – as 
the ecorpStim processes use (A) zero water and zero chemicals, and (B) both 
forms of propane used are gases at ambient pressure and temperature, and thus 
dissipate quickly. 
eCOREx provides specially adapted, zero discharge slim hole drilling for 
evaluating hydrocarbon reservoirs within a short time frame, obtaining 
continuous core samples from the surface to total depth of the well with real 
time analysis of the core samples. 
eCORP expects to deploy these field services and environmentally sound 
technologies in Europe, and globally, to develop its own portfolio of E&P 
assets, as well as to provide the services to third parties. 
Please see: 
Contact Information 
John F. Thrash Chairman & CEO eCORP International, LLC (713) 520-0993 
Mark Stauss Director of Commercial Operations eCORP International, LLC (713) 

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