Three More Deaths Linked To Energy Drinks Mixed With Alcohol - 2014: Energy Drinks Out, NOHO Gold - Premium Lifestyle Beverage

 Three More Deaths Linked To Energy Drinks Mixed With Alcohol - 2014: Energy
            Drinks Out, NOHO Gold - Premium Lifestyle Beverage In

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 6, 2014

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Today, the Daily Mail UK
reported three deaths were linked to energy drinks being mixed with alcohol.
This is a dangerous combination and the only company creating a healthy
alternative is Scottsdale, AZ based company NOHO, Inc. (OTCBB: DRNK) with NOHO
Gold, a premium lifestyle beverage as well as a universal cocktail mixer.

"Consumers are starting to understand the dangers of energy drinks," says Jay
Grdina, CEO of NOHO. "After numerous deaths from energy drinks as a stand
alone beverage and now new deaths directly linked to energy drinks mixed with
alcohol, it's just a matter of time before new regulations start to surface."

NOHO Gold is in a category of its own as it's a refreshing beverage with a
sparkling, light-ginger flavor that is completely caffeine and energy
ingredient free. Designed as a healthy mixer alternative, NOHO Gold allows
alcohol consumers the ability to reap its benefits without the dreaded
morning-after effects, whether one is a light drinker or leads a
socially-active lifestyle. This is not something other mixers like caffeinated
energy drinks provide as everyone knows the health risks that energy drinks
pose when mixed with alcohol, those risks can be deadly.

"Why would anyone drink stimulants if they want to live a healthy lifestyle?"
said Dr. David Galardi, one of the world's leading pharmacists. "NOHO Gold
represents the latest thinking that brings the body back into a natural
balance, helping you boost your body naturally by supporting your use of
carbohydrates, proteins and fats; all in a refreshing, safe and healthy

The highly sophisticated NOHO Gold was developed with two purposes in mind, to
be the perfect sipper to help hydrate and enhance the body with vitamins and
nutrients and as a premium universal mixer that mixes well with a multitude of
alcoholic beverages.It also has a flavor profile that consumers like and that
does not change the taste of your drink. Furthermore, it fortifies and helps
the body prevent hangovers.

"As a club owner I am always on the lookout for the newest, hottest products
and because NOHO is not an energy drink, we can feel good about offering it to
our customers as a healthy alternative without sacrificing taste." said Steve
Masonheimer, owner of Fatty's Bar in Boise, ID. "With NOHO, there's no more
worry about the risks associated with mixing energy drinks and alcohol.
Ittastes great and comes packed with vitalizing nutrients and pickme
upwithout the all too common bitter aftertaste."

NOHO has rapidly expanded over the past year. In September, they announced
their national distribution deal with the nation's leading distributor,
Southern Wine & Spirits, and in December, NOHO revealed their expansion deal
to distribute to all Light Group properties in Las Vegas and Miami.

About NOHO – Premium and Functional Lifestyle Beverage
Distributed by Dolce Bevuto, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NOHO, Inc.,
NOHO "The Hangover Defense" 2 oz. shot and NOHO "Premium Lifestyle Beverage"
Gold 8.4 oz. can, are category leaders and changing how consumers support
their active and social lifestyles. The NOHO 2 oz. shot is the #1 selling
hangover prevention shot on the market that helps you love your body by
protecting it from the adverse effects of alcohol. NOHO comes in the form of a
two shot combination, one shot to be taken prior to your first alcoholic
beverage and one after your last, and is packed with essential nutrients and
vitamins, and NO energy components making it just as healthy as it is

For additional information on NOHO please visit and follow
NOHO on twitter at


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