Giganettv's Breakthrough Multi-Tasking Video Portal Ready for Launch to Cable Providers

  Giganettv's Breakthrough Multi-Tasking Video Portal Ready for Launch to
  Cable Providers

                     May Be The Technology To Save Cable

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NEW YORK -- January 6, 2014

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM), a media technology development company, today
announced its Giganettv proprietary technology – allowing 30 synchronized
real-time content streams on one site – will be available to worldwide cable,
satellite and other content providers and their subscribers during the first
quarter of 2014.

Giganettv uses the Adobe MAX award-winning technology with all updated
operating platforms created specifically for this diverse digital viewing and
uniquely personalized interactive multi-tasking experience.

A GEM subscriber will have the ability to view multiple (30) simultaneous
content streams by controlling the viewing and communications interfaces in
real time. On a single site, subscribers can access live cable channel
lineups, movies, NETFLIX, HULU, YouTube, social networks, web search, email,
text, blog, join single or multiple live personal or group chats, conference,
Skype, play video games and record -- all in HD on simultaneous multiple PIP
(picture-in-picture) expandable, shrinkable and movable floating screens.
Users are also offered buy-now options with an advanced programming guide,
scrolling, newsfeeds and alerts. The purchase of TV boxes or other clumsy
equipment is not required.

According to John L. Anderson, CEO of Giga Entertainment Media, "Giganettv
represents the first fundamental change in the home-entertainment paradigm in

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, James C. Dolan, CEO of CableVision
Systems in New York, remarked, “Ultimately, over the long term, I think that
the whole video product is eventually going to go to the Internet.” While this
does not necessarily foretell the future of cable, it means cable will no
longer be the providers of the most desirable content and will be satisfied to
simply carry the content of others.

A recent CableVision ad stated it hopes to be able, through collaboration with
Silicon Valley, to allow its viewers to watch 10 channels simultaneously. In
view of Giganettv's technological offering, that claim is already hopelessly

According to Douglas Miller, White Label Licensing/Content Acquisition
Administrator at GEM, "Cable TV is an over-priced relic of another
entertainment age. There are well over 5,000 of these providers worldwide that
are losing market share and require an affordable solution to their

“The addition of the Giganettv Brand and technology to these platforms
immediately provides operators with a much needed value-added, multi-platform
presence and unique subscriber proposition. This enhances the digital
experience for their existing subscribers and adds an incremental revenue
stream, allowing them to regain lost market share. GEM anticipates deriving
substantial revenue from licensing transactions."

Steven Pulisic who recently joined the company from CableVision Systems
Corporation, New York, as Senior Vice President of Marketing, said, "The new
digital delivery models will eventually make cable TV irrelevant if no action
is taken. I believe Giganettv technology is that breakthrough technology to be
a game-changer for cable. It truly represents a quantum leap in digital
multi-tasking. Going forward, it will be the technology that will help cable
TV survive the online video onslaught."

A.J. Castiglia and Alex Castiglia are 21-year-old twin brothers who have
designed and created the demo for Giganettv's breakthrough technology. The
brothers have also designed and created a few Apps, which are currently
available in the App Store.

A.J. and Alex know first-hand that most people between the ages of 15 - 40 are
already multi-tasking on multiple devices.

According to A.J., “My friends are thrilled that in the very near future they
will be able to multi-task on one single device. Right now, people are either
at home or in their dorm rooms withtheir laptops, watching TV and sending
texts from their phones. The thought of being able to watch multiple sporting
events and TV shows, have a video chat with some buddies, being able to access
all social media sites, and be on your e-mail - all on one screen - is a dream
come true for all of us multi-taskers.”

Alex is in accord with his brother. He added, “Plainly and simply, GEM's
technology is the future.The convenience that GEM provides is so alluring
that it will become a must-have for the entire world.”

About Giga Entertainment Media

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) is a media technology development company that
provides unique interactive viewing and communications enhancement features,
such as existing live programming, VOD and movie lineups, to worldwide cable,
satellite, Telco, and other content providers (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, Google,
Amazon) and their subscribers.


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