Zoom Agrees to Zhumu Assigning Purchase Rights to Tianjin Huatianli

Zoom Agrees to Zhumu Assigning Purchase Rights to Tianjin Huatianli

BEIJING, Dec. 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zoom Technologies, Inc.
(Nasdaq:ZOOM) ("Zoom" or the "Company") announced it has agreed to the
assignment by Beijing Zhumu Culture Communication Company, Ltd. ("Zhumu") to
Tianjin Huatianli Trading Co., Ltd. ("Huatianli") for the right to purchase
the Company's interest in Tianjin Tongguang Group Digital Communication
Company, Ltd. ("TCBD").

On December 31, 2012, Zoom entered into a Share Purchase Agreement (the "Share
Purchase Agreement") with Zhumu for the sale of certain of the Company's
China-based operations, including its wholly owned subsidiaries Ever Elite
Corporation Limited ("Ever Elite"), Beijing Nollec Wireless Company
("Nollec"), Profit Harvest Corporation, Ltd. ("Profit Harvest"), Celestial
Digital Entertainment, Ltd. ("CDE"), and 80% ownership of TCBD. The aggregate
purchase price for the sale of these operations was RMB200 million (the
"Purchase Price").

To date, Zhumu has finalized its acquisition of Ever Elite, Nollec, Profit
Harvest, and CDE. On December 30, 2013, Zhumu assigned its purchase right of
TCBD to a new purchaser, Huatianli.

On December 30, 2013, Zoom consented to the assignment between Zhumu and
Huatianli and agreed to amend the Share Purchase Agreement to reflect the
change. In connection with the assignment, RMB120 million, representing the
balance of the Purchase Price that was being held in escrow pending the
closing of all of the sales under the Share Purchase Agreement, was going to
be released within 10 business days to a Company-designated bank account. Of
that amount, approximately RMB 68 million is available for the Company's
immediate use, and approximately RMB52 million, representing the purchase
price for TCBD, will be monitored by Huatianli until the closing of the TCBD

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