OnAir Supports FCC Proposal: 'There is Nothing to Fear From the use of Cell Phones During Flights'

 OnAir Supports FCC Proposal: 'There is Nothing to Fear From the use of Cell
                            Phones During Flights'

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GENEVA, December 12, 2013

GENEVA, December 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Ahead of today's FCC meeting, OnAir supports the FCC's proposal to revise
outdated rules by allowing airlines to permit passenger use of cell phones
services during flights. It paves the way for U.S. passengers to have the same
inflight connectivity choices as passengers everywhere else in the world.

"Over four and a half million passengers use OnAir inflight connectivity each
year and what is very striking is that there has not been one single complaint
about disruption caused by phone calls," said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir.
"Mobile OnAir is available on every continent apart from North America. People
from all over the world, including Americans, use it every day."

Passengers typically use Mobile OnAir, OnAir's inflight cell phone service,
for data - largely email - to update Facebook and Twitter, and for text
messaging. Voice calls, which cost around $3-$4 per minute, account for
slightly over 10% of total inflight usage and the average call length is under
two minutes.

"Based on the factual evidence of six years of inflight cell phone usage
around the world, I can be absolutely clear that there is nothing to fear from
the use of cell phones during flights," said Dawkins.

Mobile OnAir has flown with more than 25 airlines on hundreds of thousands of
flights across the world since 2007, with the full backing of over 100
national authorities.

OnAir's airline customers include world-leading global airlines such as
Aeroflot, British Airways, Emirates, Philippine Airlines, Qatar Airways and
Singapore Airlines. Mobile OnAir is currently on around 16,000 flights a month
and 380,000 passengers connect to OnAir each month.

"Since the FCC first announced its plan to change the rules, lots of people in
the US have made it clear they thinkvoice callsshouldn't be allowed on
aircraft, including some politicians seeking to impose a draconianban on
inflight calls. We will of course oppose such legislation, based on the facts
of six years' experience," continued Dawkins. "However, we do understand the
concerns: we had exactly the same thoughts when we began developing the
service ten years ago. That is why we included a feature that allows the cabin
crew and pilots to turn off the voice element, for example during quiet times
such as the plane's night or during safety announcements."

Positive action by the FCC would clear the technical telecoms hurdles to give
airlines the option of installing cellular inflight connectivity systems.
Airlines would decide whether to offer voice services, along with email, data,
and text; they are in control of what services they offer their
passengers.For the first time, U.S. airlines would be able to offer cellular
services, as their international competitors have been doing for six years.

About OnAir

OnAir sets the benchmark for global inflight connectivity solutions, with over
60 customers on five continents. We are the only provider to offer consistent
global coverage, specifically designed for mobility, for both inflight
cellular and Wi-Fi services, thanks to regulatory approvals from over 100
countries and more than 350 roaming agreements.

OnAir's products enable passengers to use their own mobile phones,
smartphones, tablets and laptops in exactly the same way as they do on the
ground, either through the onboard cellular network or the onboard Wi-Fi
hotspot. OnAir also provides on-demand entertainment content, such as music,
videos, newspapers and magazines. The products are available as linefit or
retrofit for all commercial aircraft, as well as government, VIP and business
jets. OnAir products operate over all satellite links.

OnAir was incorporated in February 2005 and is owned by SITA, the leading IT
solutions provider to the air transport world. OnAir is a member of the GSM
Association and an Inmarsat Distribution Partner for both SBB and GX Aviation

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