Dentsu Announces "2013 Hit Products in Japan"

  Dentsu Announces "2013 Hit Products in Japan"

    --Tokyo Skytree, hybrid cars and smartphones chosen as the top three--

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TOKYO -- December 10, 2013

Dentsu Inc. (TOKYO:4324) (ISIN:JP3551520004) (President & CEO: Tadashi Ishii;
Head Office: Tokyo; Capital: 74,609.81 million yen) announced today the
release of its “2013 Hit Products in Japan” report. Produced as part of a
series that has been chronicling hit products since 1985, the latest report
examines major trends that represented the consumer mindset in 2013. It is
based on an Internet survey of Japanese consumers carried out in November 2013
by Dentsu Macromill Inc.

2013 was a year in which “reality exceeded expectations.” It began with Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe’s “Abenomics” policies to stimulate the Japanese economy,
and the rise in Japanese stock prices attracted worldwide attention. In June
Mount Fuji was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, and in September Tokyo won
the bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The latter two appear
in the 2013 Current Events/Signs of the Times rankings.

The following top 20 products and current events/signs of the times were
selected from around 100 popular items and services by 1,000 Internet survey
respondents aged between 20 and 69. The total scores in three categories --
“recognition,” “degree of interest” and “topicality/buzz” -- were calculated
to determine the top products of 2013. The figures in parentheses are last
year’s rankings. Previously unranked products are indicated with (–).

Some of the top-ranking products are items that have been consistently popular
over the last few years and have evolved further; others appeal to a wide age
range and across geographical regions. Vehicle collision prevention systems
and 3D printers are not just a transient boom; they are products which offer
development potential. Easy-to-use items that provide authentic quality such
as convenience store coffee and packaged instant fresh noodles also ranked
high this year.

2013 Hit Products
No. 1:   Tokyo Skytree (2)
No. 2:    Hybrid cars (–)
No. 3:    Smartphones (1)
No. 4:    Robot cleaners (4)
No. 5:    Vehicle collision prevention systems (–)
No. 6:    Theme park anniversary events (–)
No. 7:    Convenience store freshly brewed coffee (–)
No. 8:    Air fryers (low-fat or non-oil fryers, referred to as “nonfryers” in
          Japan) (–)
No. 9:    Electric automobiles (–)
No. 10:   Local mascot characters (7)
No. 11:   Packaged instant fresh noodles (17)
No. 12:   3D printers (–)
No. 13:   Free voice call apps (such as LINE) (23)
No. 14:   Low-cost carriers (10)
No. 15:   Salted rice malt (5)
No. 16:   Compact cars/K-cars (engine displacement up to 660 cc)* (19)
          *Referred to as “Type 3 Eco-cars” in the 2012 Report
No. 17:   Convenience store and supermarket premium private label brands (–)
No. 18:   Tekken’s (Japanese standup comedian) flip book animation (–)
No. 19:   Tokyo station (14)
No. 20:   FOSHU*-approved beverages (28)
          *Food for Specified Health Uses, Ministry of Health, Labour and

2013 Current Events/Signs of the Times
          The Japan Series champions Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (Japanese
No. 1:   pro baseball team) and their outstanding starting pitcher Masahiro
          Tanaka who led them to victory
No. 2:    Registration of Mount Fuji as a UNESCO World Heritage site
No. 3:    Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games
          ‘Hanzawa Naoki’ (2013 Japanese television series following the story
No. 4:    of a banker named Naoki Hanzawa; the show had consistently high
No. 5:    ‘Ama-chan’ (2013 Japanese television morning drama series about a
          high-school girl who became a shellfish diver)
No. 6:    Ceremonial rebuilding of the Ise Grand Shrine and Izumo Grand Shrine
No. 7:    Southern All Stars (Japanese rock band) comeback live tour
No. 8:    Baseball legends Shigeo Nagashima and Hideki Matsui presented with
          the People's Honor Award
No. 9:    ‘The Wind Rises’ (2013 Japanese animated historical fantasy film
          written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki)
No. 10:   Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (popular Japanese model, singer and fashion

Dentsu “Hit Product Recognition Survey” Overview
Survey period:        November 15–17, 2013
Survey subjects:       Men and women nationwide aged between 20 and 69
Sample size:           1,000 (responses received)
Survey type:           Internet survey
Survey company:        Dentsu Macromill Inc.
                       Respondents were asked to indicate their level of
Survey content:        agreement with the following three statements about 130
                       popular items, services and signs of the times:
                       “I have heard of it.” (recognition)
                       “I like it.” (degree of interest)
                       “I think that people like it.” (topicality/buzz)
                       The ranking was made by adding together the scores in
Ranking calculation:   the three categories, mainly those in the latter two

Top 5 Hit Products in Earlier Years (2012 to 2004)

1. Smartphones
2. Tokyo Skytree
3. SNSs such as Facebook that require real name registration
4. Robot cleaners
5. Salted rice malt

1. Smartphones
2. LED light bulbs
3. Tokyo Skytree
4. Nadeshiko Japan
5. AKB48

1. Smartphones
2. Twitter
3. Munchable chili oil
4. Digital broadcasting-equipped widescreen flat-panel TVs
5. Ryoma Sakamoto

1. Hybrid vehicles
2. Flu masks
3. Low-priced domestic fashions
4. Vehicles eligible for tax reductions and eco vehicle purchasing subsidies
5. Eco-point energy-saving home appliances

1. Innovative remote-controlled TV games
2. Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea)
3. Digital broadcasting-equipped widescreen flat-panel televisions
4. Bargain products (private brand products/outlet malls)
5. Touch pen portable games

1. Touch pen portable games
2. Innovative remote-controlled TV games
3. Billy’s BootCamp™
4. Digital cameras
5. Widescreen flat-panel televisions

1. Brain training products
2. Widescreen flat-panel televisions
3. The Da Vinci Code
4. HDD-equipped DVD recorders
5. High-performance portable game machines

1. Portable digital audio players
2. HDD-equipped DVD recorders
3. Blogs
4. Widescreen flat-panel televisions
5. Agar weed gelatin

1. Widescreen flat panel televisions
2. Japanese baseball players in the U.S. Major League
3. Crying Out for Love, from the Center of the World (Sekai no Chushin de, Ai
wo Sakebu, novel, movie, and TV drama)
4. HDD-equipped DVD recorders
5. Black vinegar


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