Just in Time for Peak Travel Season, Introducing New Robitussin® DM Max Liquid-Filled Capsules

  Just in Time for Peak Travel Season, Introducing New Robitussin® DM Max
  Liquid-Filled Capsules

  Robitussin® Helps Consumers Avoid the “COUGHequences” by Offering Powerful
            Cough Relief in a Convenient and Travel-Friendly Form

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MADISON, N.J. -- November 25, 2013

With more than 40 million Americans expected to travel this holiday season,
facing the increased chance of catching a cough, cold or flu while on the
road, Robitussin® has introduced Maximum Strength Cough + Chest Congestion DM,
its new liquid-filled capsules that control cough on-the-go. This formulation
not only harnesses the power of Maximum Strength Robitussin® cough liquid, but
is a convenient option for those hitting the road or boarding a plane this
holiday season.

Travelers should take steps to avoid the consequences of cough – or
“COUGHequences” – this holiday season by avoiding contact with cold and flu
sufferers, frequently washing their hands, and treating cough, cold and flu
symptoms when they appear. Each year in the U.S., there are more than one
billion cases of the common cold and on average, five to 20 percent of the
population get the flu. Cough is one of the most common symptoms of cold and
flu, affecting up to 50 percent of sufferers.

Robitussin® has a variety of products tailored to effectively treat different
symptom combinations for the entire family, including new Maximum Strength
Cough + Chest Congestion DM liquid-filled capsules and new Maximum Strength
Nighttime Cough DM.

Plus, whether traveling cross country or staying close to home, families can
track when cough activity spikes in their local area via the Robitussin®
COUGHCAST™ tool. This tool, available on Robitussin.com, can let people know
when cough is most likely to strike, so they can be prepared to effectively
treat their symptoms – and avoid the “COUGHequences” of missed vacations,
holiday parties and workdays.

About Robitussin®

Robitussin® has effectively treated cough, cold and flu symptoms for more than
50 years, and is doctor recommended and the #1 pharmacist recommended brand
for cough, cold, and flu liquid combination products. Robitussin® products
provide effective relief to treat the whole family’s cough and cold symptom
combinations. Robitussin® offers the new Maximum Strength Robitussin® Cough +
Chest Congestion DM Liquid-Filled Capsules and Maximum Strength Robitussin®
Nighttime Cough DM. The Adult Robitussin® line of products includes
Robitussin® Maximum Strength Cough + Chest Congestion DM, Cough + Chest
Congestion DM, Cold + Flu Daytime, Cold + Flu Nighttime, Mucus + Chest
Congestion, Sugar Free Cough + Chest Congestion DM, Multi-Symptom Cold,
Maximum Strength Multi-Symptom Cold, and Nighttime Multi-Symptom Cold.
Robitussin® also offers a line of long-acting products, including Long-Acting
Cough and Long-Acting CoughGels®. The Children’s Robitussin® product line
includes Children’s Cough & Cold Long-Acting, Children’s Cough Long-Acting and
Children’s Cough & Cold CF.

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