Tokyo Electron Device Announces Release of TB-7VX-690T/-980T/-1140T-PCIEXP Development Test Platforms with Virtex-7 FPGA,

  Tokyo Electron Device Announces Release of TB-7VX-690T/-980T/-1140T-PCIEXP
  Development Test Platforms with Virtex-7 FPGA, Supporting Large-Scale PCI
  Express Gen3

– Provides ultrahigh-speed evaluations platforms for connectivity systems and
                     high-bandwidth wired applications –

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YOKOHAMA, Japan -- November 19, 2013

Tokyo Electron Device Limited (TED) has announced the launch of the new
Virtex-7 FPGA evaluation platform; TB-7VX-690T/-980T/-1140T-PCIEXP
(TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP, hereinafter) which supports large-scale PCI Express Gen3.

The TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series, sold under the TED original products brand name
“inrevium,” is a test platform suitable for next-generation high-performance
wired communication applications, prototyping of large-scale SoCs, and
high-speed data processing applications such as high-performance computing.
There are now three models available now that accommodate three different FPGA
logic sizes.

The TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series comes with a Virtex-7 XT FPGA device, which
offers the industry’s best processing performance with the lowest power
consumption, as well as a high-speed transceiver, DSP and BRAM. The series
also offers an ultra-high bandwidth and high-speed data transfer with x8-lane
PCI Express Gen3 (using FPGA integrated hardware block for PCI Express) and
high-speed memory interface with two channels of 1,600 Mbps DDR3 SDRAM

The physical length of a signal line is becomes shorter as the data
communication speed increases. Connecting the optional optical fiber solution
TB-FMCH-OPT10 FMC card with optical cable interface to TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP
enables 10ch of 10G optical modules to be mounted on each FPGA mezzanine card
(FMC) connector. This achieves an optical interface configuration of up to

The TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP can also be configured with TED’s FMC cards and the
user’s custom interfaces. It allows combinations with various interfaces and
interface upgrades in the future quickly and easily.

In addition, for reference designs, high-speed DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM interface
design and PCI Express DMA design come with TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP. These
reference designs enable fast evaluation and development for various memory
interfaces that need to accommodate significantly increased image and data
communication and higher data transfer speeds.

TED is a premium member of the Xilinx Alliance Program and is certified by
Xilinx as having top-of-the-line technologies. TED has passed on-site audits
that included 320 Xilinx screenings, such as business processes, technologies,
product qualities and support abilities. TED provides system level solutions
for each customer requirement based on the solid technologies TED has acquired
through its long time experience of development. The TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP
accommodates minimum-, semi- and full-customized boards, and supports the
improvements in flexibility for designing, development, high-volume production
and rapid launching of products with high added-value.

■TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series features
• Compatible with the Virtex-7 XT FPGA device, which supports PCI Express Gen3
and standard adoption of the DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM 2 system, enabling
high-capacity and high-speed data communication.
• 4x FMC HPC connectors offer superior versatility

■ TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series product photo

■ TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series specifications

● FPGA: Xilinx

XC7VX690T-2FFG1926 / XC7VX980T-2FFG1926 / XC7VX1140T-2FLG1926

● Configurations:

• Configuration using micro SD

• High-speed configuration using on-board BPI flash

● Rocket I/O GTH transceiver:

• PCI Express x8 (Gen3)

• FMC HPC connector x4 (GTH 10CH is connected to each FMC, and only LA is
assigned for user input/output)

● Memory: DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM connector x2 (with 4Gbit SO-DIMM module)

● Interface:

• MMCX clock input/output

• SPI flash (128Mbit)

• USB3.0

• PMOD (Digilent)

● Push switch x4

● LED x12

● DIP switch x12

● 16-pin GPIO pin header

● Power supply

● Reference designs

High-speed DDR3 SDRAM SO-DIMM interface (Verilog HDL)

PCI Express DMA design (Verilog HDL)

● Substrate size: H140 × W312 (mm)

■ TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series block diagram

■TB-FMCH-OPT10 features
● Optical cable data communication using Xilinx FPGA high-speed serial
● Equipped with reference clock for Xilinx high-speed serial transceivers
(156.5MHz OSC & MMCX input)

■TB-FMCH-OPT10 product photo

■TB-FMCH-OPT10 specifications
●QSFP module gauge x2
●SFP module gauge x2

■ Schedule
Order entry: From November 19, 2013
Shipping: From January 2014

* Company names and product names that appear in this news release are
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About Tokyo Electron Device
Tokyo Electron Device is a technical trading firm that provides semiconductor
products and business solutions as well as commissioned design and the
development of its own brand products.

*About inrevium
Leveraging on rich design and development experiences accumulated at its
design development center that was established in 1985, Tokyo Electron Device
is focusing on development businesses through its “inrevium” brand to provide
design services (commissioned designing services) based on customer
requirements as well as self-developed products that anticipate future market
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