Nikon Releases New Df Digital SLR Camera

                   Nikon Releases New Df Digital SLR Camera

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  DUBAI, UAE, November 13, 2013

DUBAI, UAE, November 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The new Nikon Df packs power and character in a light body and timeless
retro-inspired design

Nikon is pleased to announce the release of the Df, a light and smaller-size
full frame D-SLR equipped with mechanical dials for setting shutter speed, ISO
sensitivity, exposure compensation, exposure mode and release mode
independently to bring users the ultimate in flexibility and control.

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The Df features world-class Nikon imaging technology, including a
16.2-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor and the EXPEED 3 image processing
engine, with an ISO range of 100-12800 (expandable from 50 to 204800), to
deliver exceptional images. The compact design, coupled with the full frame
sensor, makes it the perfect fit for photographers seeking portability without
compromising on image quality.

"The new Nikon Df seamlessly combines the best features of Nikon's milestone
cameras and our cutting-edge imaging technology in a compact form factor. The
camera's iconic design, the attention to details on ultimate usability, and
its advanced imaging capabilities place it at the forefront of Nikon's
innovation," said Uemura Kimito, General Manager, International Marketing
Division, Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd.

Designed to offer a distinctive look for photographers, the Df is packed with
the ultimate in Nikon's imaging technology. The camera features a shutter
release mode that enables users to capture a high-speed continuous stream of
images at approximately 5.5 frames per second. In addition, as the first Nikon
digital SLR camera equipped with a collapsible metering coupling lever, the Df
allows photographers to make use of the full range of Nikon lenses, including
non-AI lenses. The camera is also compatible with the SDXC and UHS-I standard
memory cards ^[ ^1 ^] , as well as the Eye-Fi cards.

^[ ^1 ^] Interface standards

High-quality imaging experience in an iconic design

1.Uncompromising photographic performance : The Df is Nikon's smallest and
    lightest full-frame format D-SLR with an image sensor equivalent to those
    used in Nikon D4. The camera offers low-light, HDR and Active D-Lighting
    capabilities and improved white balance with the option to retain the
    ambience of lighting colours to offer unsurpassed accuracy and precision
    in capturing images. High-quality sensors make it ideal for photographers
    in search of a lighter and smaller camera without sacrificing image
2.16.2-megapixel FX-format CMOS Sensor : The 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor on
    the Df provides users with an extensive ISO range of 100-12800 (expandable
    from 50 to 204800). This enables users to capture photographs in low light
    with true-to-life colours.
3.Scene Recognition System : Information from the 2016-pixel RGB sensor and
    image sensor is used to recognize the subject or scene prior to capture.
    The results are then reflected in Auto Exposure (AE), Autofocus (AF) and
    Auto White Balance (AWB) options for more accurate control.

Luxurious styling in a highly portable frame

1.The ultimate in style : The camera is offered in black and silver with a
    leatherette finish that enhances comfort and is reminiscent of Nikon's
    milestone masterpieces. The styling combines a high-quality, modern
    metallic finish with the texture of synthetic leather found on classic
    silver-halide film cameras. The stylish yet durable design includes
    magnesium alloys for the top, rear and bottom covers and provides superior
    weather-resistant and anti-dust capabilities. The compact body measures
    approximately 143.5 X 110 X 66.5 mm (W X H X D) and weighs about 710 grams
    ^[ ^2 ^] . ^[ ^2 ^] Camera body only.
2.Timeless design : While paying homage to manual-focus lenses, the AF-S
    NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G (Special Edition) has been specifically designed to
    offer a tone and texture designed to match the Df. The lens has a
    leather-tone exterior finish and a silver aluminium ring. Knurling
    patterns used in manual-focus lenses has been adopted for the focus ring.
    In addition, an optical design utilizing an aspherical lens element
    enables both sharp rendering and beautiful bokeh. This compact,
    lightweight, and fast fixed focal length lens is perfectly suited to the
    flexible, nimble photography that the Df was designed for.
3.Mechanical dials : The Df gives photographers total camera control through
    the use of mechanical dial operations, featuring independent dials for
    setting shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, exposure
    mode and release mode. Using a combination of both the mechanical and
    command dials, the shutter speed can be set in steps of 1/3 Exposure Value
    (EV). Camera control using mechanical dials ensures accessible and
    reliable operation, where settings can be intuitively adjusted and set
    values can always be selected. In addition to providing enhanced
    operability, the click-stops also deliver a sense of analog style.

High-speed performance without compromise

1.EXPEED 3 image-processing engine : The Df boasts high-speed processing
    power with its EXPEED 3 image-processing engine. The camera is also
    capable of capturing bursts of images at up to 5.5 frames per second in FX
    and DX-formats. With image processing capabilities equivalent to that of
    the D4, the camera offers outstanding image quality at both high and low
    sensitivities. Low light areas are depicted with natural tone gradation
    while highlights are reproduced with rich and smooth gradation. The
    refined resulting images capture the natural mood and colouring while
    retaining vividness, even in challenging conditions.
2.Ready when you are : Smooth high-speed operations are further enhanced by
    a power-up time of just 0.14 seconds ^[ ^3 ^] and a release time lag of
    approximately 0.052 seconds ^[ ^3 ^] . The camera boasts a glass
    pentaprism high-performance optical viewfinder with approximately 100%
    frame coverage (FX format). The 3.2-inch LCD monitor offers a wide-viewing
    angle and a resolution of approximately 921,000 pixels. Virtual Horizon
    feature that detects the rolling directions is displayed on both the LCD
    monitor and in the viewfinder. ^[ ^3 ^] Measured in accordance with CIPA
3.Quiet shutter-release mode : The Df is also equipped with the quiet
    shutter-release mode, providing users the ability to photograph subjects
    with minimal disruption. The mode allows the mirror to flip down when the
    shutter-release button returns to the half-pressed position, as opposed to
    flipping down while the button is fully pressed. This delays the timing of
    the click made by the mirror and produces a quieter sound than a regular
    shutter actuation.
4.39-point Autofocus System : The Df is equipped with the Multi-CAM 4800
    autofocus sensor module, bringing about a unique 39-point Autofocus (AF)
    system to cater to a wide variety of shooting conditions. Featuring AF
    modes that are useful in various photography situations, users can select
    single point AF, dynamic AF, 3D tracking or auto-area AF to keep pace with
    moving subjects throughout the frame. The 39-point AF system is compatible
    with an aperture value of up to f/8 for capturing impressively sharp
    images in all situations.
5.Power-saving design for worry-free shooting The adoption of a more
    efficient power supply circuitry, combined with the use of EXPEED 3 which
    consumes little power, minimizes the camera's power consumption. When
    paired with the fully-charged compact and lightweight Rechargeable Li-ion
    Battery EN-EL14a supplied with the camera, approximately 1,400 ^[ ^4 ^]
    still images can be captured. ^[ ^4 ^] Measured in accordance with CIPA

Intuitive usability features

1.Information display : The graphical user interface design has been
    optimized to an original monotone colour that matches the styling of the
    Df's body. An auto information display function, common to popular models,
    makes its appearance in a high-calibre camera for the first time. This
    enables quick confirmation of settings while complementing the streamlined
    top control panel display. The Df also offers enhanced options for
    information display during live view shooting.
2.Picture Control: The Df features Nikon's original picture creation system
    that gives photographers the flexibility to choose and adjust their
    desired image settings. Picture Control can also be set and adjusted while
    composing a live view image. The camera also allows image area selection
    for FX and DX formats. Furthermore, the playback function enables
    photographers to view 72 picture thumbnails at a time, making it easier to
    search and select shots.
3.Info button: The camera features an info button that has been improved to
    allow access to frequently-used functions according to the photographic
    situation. It also provides users with quick and direct access to the
    Picture Control menu display.

System Expandability

1.Flexible lens and accessory options: The Df is compatible with the full
    range of classic Nikon lenses including non-AI lenses. It is the first
    Nikon digital SLR camera equipped with a collapsible metering coupling
    lever that enables the attachment of non-AI lenses. It also allows for
    full aperture metering equivalent to that of AI lenses via simple camera
    settings and lens information input. The camera fully supports the Nikon
    Creative Lighting System, wireless accessories, GPS unit and HDMI output.

Pricing and Availability

The Nikon Df will be available in two colours (black and silver) starting
November 2013 at the suggested retail price of AED 11,499.For more
information on the new Nikon D5300 and other Nikon products, please visit .

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