Arcturus Launches Industry's First Dedicated VoIP Microcontroller Solution for Intercoms, Telephony and IP Audio Distribution

Arcturus Launches Industry's First Dedicated VoIP Microcontroller Solution for 
Intercoms, Telephony and IP Audio Distribution 
Freescale(R) Kinetis(R) Solution Based on ARM(R) Technology
Integrates VoIP, M2M Middleware With Audio Intelligibility and
Psychoacoustic Enhancements Suitable for Voice Enabled and IoT
TORONTO, ON -- (Marketwired) -- 11/13/13 --  Arcturus Networks Inc.
today announced the availability of a microcontroller (MCU) based
solution for the creation of VoIP and distributed IP audio
end-points. The solution specifically targets two-way, full duplex
voice communication, hands-free intercoms, speakerphones, public
address (PA) systems, mass notification and IP speakers.  
The solution, developed in collaboration with Freescale Semiconductor
and Consilient Technologies, consists of a Freescale Kinetis K60
microcontroller based on ARM Cortex M4 technology combined with an
audio subsystem specifically designed for voice communication. The
microcontroller is preloaded with VoIP and Mbarx-M2M
(machine-to-machine) middleware which runs on the MCU's internal
flash and SRAM with no need for a co-processor or additional memory
components. The solution is available as development kit, a
production board, a module or a pre-programmed MCU. 
"An MCU-based solution achieves a simpler overall design, better
system integration, a lower cost bill-of-materials and reduces boot
time," said David Steele, product manager. "By enhancing the VoIP
capability with our Mbarx-M2M stack we can voice-enable 'Internet of
Things' applications including home control and multi-service
intercoms, two-way voice security applications and healthcare devices
for assisted living." 
The voice middleware includes a full SIP/RTP VoIP stack using
peer-to-peer or PBX/proxy infrastructure modes with additional
firmware supporting multicast IP audio distribution and
mass-notification. Audio encoding supports narrow-band (G.711a,
G.711u) and wide-band (G.722) vocoders along with the necessary audio
intelligibility and psychoacoustic enhancements to support
full-duplex, handsfree intercoms and speakerphones including;
Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), noise reduction, Auto-Gain-Control
(AGC) and optionally, beam forming and far field microphone pickup.
The system is low-power and ready to place a call in under 6 seconds
from a cold start -- suitable for remote or solar powered call boxes
or other "wake on demand" applications.  
The system is operated using a dedicated I/O interface or
over-the-wire using the Mbarx-M2M protocol. Dedicated I/O directly
support common push-to-call functions, features and status
notification, while offering integration options to connect legacy or
external equipment. The Mbarx-M2M protocol supports configuration and
operation over a network or serial interface, including a
network-to-UART pass-through mode that allows a remote host to
address a connected serial device over the network. This flexible mix
of peripheral, host and slave options, simplifies system-level
integration for IoT applications and highly supervised workflow
"Freescale's Kinetis K60 32-bit MCU is powerful enough to run two-way
real-time voice communications as well as M2M control signaling,
providing small-form-factor, highly-integrated VoIP solutions," said
Freecale's Rudan Bettelheim, Business Development manager for
Freescale's MCU business . "Today, voice is becoming an increasingly
popular HMI option in traditional building security, public safety,
home control, and residential security applications." 
Access to an eco-system of Mbarx-M2M tools is provided with the kit,
including the Mbarx-System Manager for site-wide maintenance and
configuration, and the Mbarx-Virtual Control Panel, a host-side
reference implementation designed to help with using and integrating
the protocol.  
All run-time software is preinstalled on the MCU, there is no costly
NRE, complex BSP to install or expensive tools to buy. 
Development Kit and Reference Implementation
  The development kit
includes the full-featured uCMK60-VoIP System Solutions Board
hardware to evaluate the capabilities of the board, module or MCU.
The development kit is supported directly by Arcturus and includes:  

--  uCMK60- VoIP System Solution Board - hardware
--  AC100 headset with microphone
--  Cables and power supply
--  One year of dedicated support site access
--  One year of installation support and maintenance
--  Getting started guide (download)
--  Documentation (download)
--  Schematics (download)
--  Mbarx-System Manager (PC eval) - site wide maintenance and monitoring
    tool (download)
--  Mbarx-Virtual Control Panel (PC) - reference implementation (download)
--  How-to's, example code and tutorials (download)

Services and engagement packages are available to support design,
development, customization, system-level integration, support and
training. Related solutions for central operation environments
include a server application with responsive HTML5 (fixed / mobile)
presentation layer capable of converging voice, video and third-party
data with split-screen view options and push notifications.  
More Information 
 Product page: 
Introductory video: 
Freescale Kinetis K60 microcontroller product page: 
Pricing and Availability
 The development kit is immediately
available for $495 and can be ordered from Arcturus or Freescale. 
Buy the uCMK60-VoIP Development Kit direct from Arcturus. 
Buy the uCMK60-VoIP Development Kit direct from Freescale under the
part number ARCT-K60VOIP-KT. 
Additional boards and modules are available directly from Arcturus,
various form-factors and configurations are available.  
About Arcturus Networks Inc.
 Arcturus Networks Inc. is a leading
provider of embedded solutions for communication and industrial
applications. Recognized as an embedded pioneer, Arcturus has
contributed to the innovation of thousands of products and helped
establish embedded Linux as a defacto global standard. Since 2002,
Arcturus has focussed on enablement technologies, including a line of
product-ready hardware modules, OS packages and specialized
middleware for device management, voice, media and M2M. Arcturus
middleware is award winning and certified interoperable by leading
infrastructure vendors. For more information, visit 
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