MyParichay Brings Another Innovation to the Social Job Market Giving Job Seekers a 5X Better Chance of Finding Jobs

   MyParichay Brings Another Innovation to the Social Job Market Giving Job
                  Seekers a 5X Better Chance of Finding Jobs

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  BANGALORE, November 12, 2013

BANGALORE, November 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

MyParichay Launches 'Social Resume Makeover' in Association With

Facebook-based social recruitment platform MyParichay, used by leading
companies like Genpact, IBM, HDFC Life, Jet Airways, today announced the
launch of a 'Social Resume Makeover' campaign on Facebook in partnership with
India's #1 social job board are required to login to
the MyParichay ( ) using their Facebook account and invite
five of their Facebook professional connections and start using the rapidly
expanding professional tool and get Rs 1,000 for a resume makeover of their
social profile.

 (Logo: )

MyParichay allows users to find valuable professional connection in their
Facebook network, create a professional profile exhibiting skills and
accomplishments; get endorsed by their Facebook professional connections.

About68% of top employers now actively evaluate candidates using data from
their social network. Recruiters use MyParichay to discover relevant
information mostly never found on LinkedIn or a resume that impacts their
hiring decision.

Recent LinkedIn study indicates that social networks are expected to be the
top influencing factor in recruitment practices in the foreseeable future.

Carnegie Mellon study determined that the chance of finding a job increases by
5X if you are referred through friends and family.

"We want to give our users a significant advantage in finding their dream job
and by combining the power of their Facebook network and the positive impact
of a professionally developed resume. With over 1 billion members, Facebook is
a highly effective forum for aspirants and recruiters to engage.  MyParichay
unique technology provides the much needed privacy and security when using
Facebook for job and career related issue, " said Mr. Ranjan Sinha, Co-Founder
and Chairman, MyParichay. 

Also, MyParichay keeps track of the user's ' Professional Connectivity Score'
.This feature exhibits the network of professionals and companies that the
user has the potential to connect with; as well as the percentage of network
actually tapped.With this feature, a user gets to find his professional
connections reach on facebook. This helps a user to reach the right
connections in his network that will improve his chances of getting a job by

Furthermore, with industry experts reviewing the resume, fresh graduates and
experienced job seekers alike will benefit from a quality resume and improve
their chances of a successful interview." In general, recruiters have about
10 seconds to spare for one resume.  It is vital that aspirants capture the
interest of the reviewer within that time.  With new technologies and network
of social platforms, identifying a job has become easy, however making the
right impression during the first exposure completely depends on the resume.
This is why we felt that the 'Resume Makeover' campaign could benefit
candidates, helping them move forward in their career,"   added Amit Garg,
Business Head - HT Digital (

Facebook continues to gain ground in the professional sphere, especially with
the recent introduction of a 'Skills' section just like LinkedIn. In line with
this growing trend, MyParichay recently launched India's first Facebook
Recruiting Trend Report Q2 2013. The report showed that top employers using
Facebook in India had doubled over the last 12 months. Of all major sectors,
technology and services used Facebook the most for recruitment in 2012.
Furthermore, it is evident that more companies are catching up with the trend
since the corporate brand presence is rising at the rate of 66% YoY.

About MyParichay

MyParichay is a social recruitment platform that believes in the power of a
'Parichay' - the Sanskrit term for introduction. Established in 2012, the
company comprises a group of passionate team of entrepreneurs, HR
professionals and computer scientists committed to transforming the system of
recruitment; ensuring the candidates and companies reach their full potential.
The solutions harness branding and targeting capabilities of Facebook and
LinkedIn allowing employers to precisely target their brand, interact with the
talent community and measure ROI of employer branding in more precise terms
than offered by traditional web. The company's technology prowess and deep
understanding of the industry have encouraged several corporates including
Genpact, 24X7, IBM, PWC,Grollier, Airbus, EXL Services, Cognizant, Yahoo India
andConvergys to adopt MyParichay solutions. MyParichay currently has a larger
database of social profiles than Linkedinin India and has a strategic
partnership with job portal

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