ADVA Optical Networking Showcases Synchronization Assurance at ITSF 2013

ADVA Optical Networking Showcases Synchronization Assurance at ITSF 2013


Multiple Seminars Reveal the Importance of Accurate Phase Delivery and Assurance
in Mobile-Backhaul Networks

ADVA Optical Networking announced
today  that it will be hosting multiple  seminars at ITSF 2013 on the importance
of  timing and  synchronization assurance  in mobile  backhaul networks. Held in
Lisbon,  Portugal, ITSF 2013 is  a three day  conference that begins on November
5. ADVA  Optical Networking  will be  hosting two  key seminars during this time
that  will further explain to the industry why performance-based synchronization
is  critical in  high-performance LTE  and LTE-Advanced  (LTE-A) networks. These
seminars  will also showcase vital strategies that mobile network operators will
need to adopt if they're to meet the challenges ahead.

"Mobile  network operators are about  to face some of  the biggest challenges in
their  history. The actions  they take over  the next year  will directly impact
upon  their  customers  and  their  bottom  line,"  said  Gil Biran, senior vice
president,   corporate   development  and  strategy,  ADVA  Optical  Networking.
"Migrating  to LTE and especially  LTE-A is no small  task, specifically when it
comes to phase synchronization delivery and assurance. Increasing the density of
radio  base stations  is only  one part  of the  equation. Exact phase alignment
between  them is required to deliver  the improved bandwidth and user experience
that  LTE-A promises  - something  that legacy  backhaul networks  simply cannot
assure.  That's why we're at ITSF 2013. We're here to show the industry why this
topic is so vital to mobile backhaul networks and what they need to do to ensure
an effective migration."

As  of today,  the industry  has not  yet clearly  responded to  the significant
challenge  ahead. However, mobile  network operators risk  the quality of mobile
services  and, ultimately,  customer experience  if they  don't take action. The
quality of timing and synchronization has a direct impact on both these factors.
Phase  synchronization  over  packet  networks  is  no  small  task  and without
stringent assurance monitoring there's no guarantee that an LTE or LTE-A network
is  operating  as  intended.  The  much  vaunted  target of 500ns phase accuracy
demands  active timing  distribution contribution  from both  the mobile network
operator  and  backhaul  service  provider.  A  challenging  task if there is no
cohesive approach.

"What we're discussing at ITSF 2013 is more than just technology, more than just
networking,  it's a blueprint, it's  a design for the  future of mobile backhaul
networks,"  commented Nir Laufer, senior manager, Research and Development, ADVA
Optical Networking. "The implications of what we're discussing here are immense.
User experience is critical in today's mobile networks. It's what differentiates
one  mobile  network  operator  from  another.  However,  without  an  effective
synchronization  and  assurance  strategy  you  won't  be  able to differentiate
yourself,  at least not in a positive way.  What's key here is that we move this
discussion forward. The demand for LTE-A is growing. The clock's ticking."

ADVA  Optical  Networking  will  be  showcasing  its synchronization technology,
including its FSP150SP sync probe device at ITSF from November 5 until November
7. More details can be found here:

On  November  7, Gil  Biran  will  be  discussing  Time  and  Phase Delivery and
Assurance  in Mobile Networks.  Also on this  day, Nir Laufer  will be examining
Field Measurement Options for Network Operators.

Supporting  slides  from  both  presentations  will  be  available  to view from
November 7 on ADVA Optical Networking's SlideShare site:

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