Nidec Announces Notice Regarding Decision on Matters Relating to Repurchases of Shares

Nidec Announces Notice Regarding Decision on Matters Relating to Repurchases
of Shares

(Repurchase of Shares From Subsidiaries Pursuant to Article 163 of the Company
Law of Japan.)

KYOTO, Japan, Nov. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nidec Corporation (NYSE:NJ)
(the "Company") today announced that at a meeting of the Board of Directors of
the Company held on November 5, 2013, the following decision was made
regarding repurchases of shares of common stock of the Company from its
subsidiaries pursuant to Article 156 of the Company Law of Japan (the "Company
Law") as made applicable through Article 163 of the Company Law.

Background of the Share Repurchases

The Company decided to repurchase shares of its common stock that are held by
the subsidiaries described below pursuant to Paragraph 3 of Article 135 of the
Company Act.

Details of the Share Repurchases

1. Class of securities subject to the share repurchases: Common stock

2. Total number of shares to be repurchased: 240,075 shares (0.17% of the
total number of shares issued, excluding treasury stock) (of which 138,075
shares are held by Nidec Copal Corporation, 68,000 shares by Nidec Tosok
Corporation, and 34,000 shares by Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation)

3.Total repurchase price: 2,218,293,000 yen (The total repurchase price was
determined by multiplying 240,075, which is the total number of shares to be
repurchased, by 9,240 yen, which is the closing price of the Company's common
stock on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on November 5, 2013.)

4.Date of the share purchases: November 5, 2013

5.Method of repurchases: Repurchases of the subject shares directly from the

Overview of the Subsidiaries (as of October 31, 2013)

1. Company name    Nidec Copal          Nidec Tosok      Nidec Copal
                  Corporation           Corporation       Electronics
2. Address of head 2-18-10 Shimura,      2-24-1 Sobudai,   7-5-25
office             Itabashi,            Zama,             Nishishinjyuku,
                  Tokyo, Japan          Kanagawa, Japan  Shinjyuku, Tokyo,
3.Name and title   Shigeru Izawa         Shigeru Murata    Sho Kikuchi
company            Representative        President and     President and Chief
representative     Director,             Chief
                  President             Executive Officer Executive Officer
4. Principal       Manufacture and sales Development,     Manufacture and
businesses         of                                     sales of
                  optical equipment,   manufacture and   electronic
                                         sales            components
                  electronic            of automobile     
                   equipment,           parts and
                  components and system measuring devices 
5. Share capital   11,080 million yen    5,087 million yen 2,362 million yen


Total number of shares issued and outstanding and shares held in treasury as
of October 31, 2013:

  *Total number of shares issued (excluding shares held in treasury):
  *Shares held in treasury: 6,925,564 shares

Cautionary Statement Concerning Forward-Looking Information

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding the Company's
current intent, plans, expectations and estimates.Such forward-looking
statements are not guarantees of future performance or events and involve
risks and uncertainties.Actual results may differ materially from those
described in such forward-looking statements as a result of various factors,
including, but not limited to, available funds, alternative uses for cash,
competing investment opportunities, and changes in general economic, business
and market conditions.The Company assumes no obligation to, and does not
currently intend to, update these forward-looking statements, except as
required by law.

CONTACT: Masahiro Nagayasu
         General Manager
         Investor Relations

Nidec Corporation
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