Crosspoint Kinetics Selects Maxwell Technologies' Ultracapacitors For Fuel-Efficient, Low-Emission, Hybrid Drive System For

    Crosspoint Kinetics Selects Maxwell Technologies' Ultracapacitors For
    Fuel-Efficient, Low-Emission, Hybrid Drive System For Trucks And Buses

Ultracapacitors Provide Reliable, Cost-Effective Energy Storage Solution

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SAN DIEGO, Nov. 5, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:
MXWL) announced today that it is supplying ultracapacitors to Crosspoint
Kinetics LLC, a subsidiary of Cummins Crosspoint LLC, one of the world's
largest distributors for Cummins engines, parts and service, to store energy
and deliver power in a second-generation parallel electric hybrid drive system
for small para-transit bus, shuttle bus and package delivery vehicle


The hybrid system incorporates Maxwell ultracapacitors for braking energy
recuperation and electric torque assist to reduce fuel consumption and
emissions. Regenerative braking is accomplished by running the hybrid drive
system's electric motor as a generator to slow the vehicle while creating
electrical charge for the ultracapacitors.

"The ultracapacitor module charges rapidly during regenerative braking to
capture and store electrical energy that otherwise would be wasted in a
conventional friction-based braking system, and it quickly delivers that
energy to the electric motor for low-emission propulsion," said Larry Zepp,
Crosspoint Kinetics' chief technologist. "In more than two years of field
testing, Maxwell's ultracapacitors have demonstrated durability, high braking
energy recuperation efficiency and the ability to operate normally at extreme

David Schramm, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer said, "This
ultracapacitor design is a further demonstration of our commitment to
advancing transportation technology by developing and producing products that
deliver superior performance and value."

Maxwell ultracapacitors are powering more than 15,000 hybrid transit buses in
service worldwide and are being employed in several other transportation
applications, including a stop-start idle elimination system developed by
Continental AG for micro hybrid diesel automobiles now being produced by PSA
Peugeot Citroen in Europe. 

Unlike batteries, which produce and store energy by means of a chemical
reaction, ultracapacitors store energy in an electric field. This
electrostatic energy storage mechanism enables ultracapacitors to charge and
discharge in as little as fractions of a second, perform normally over a broad
temperature range (-40 to +65C), operate reliably through one million or more
charge/discharge cycles and resist shock and vibration. Maxwell offers
ultracapacitor cells ranging in capacitance from one to 3,000 farads and
multi-cell modules ranging from 16 to 125 volts. For more information on
Maxwell's ultracapacitor products, please visit

About Maxwell: Maxwell is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative,
cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. Our ultracapacitor
products provide safe and reliable power solutions for applications in
consumer and industrial electronics, transportation and telecommunications.
Our high-voltage grading and coupling capacitors help to ensure the safety and
reliability of electric utility infrastructure and other applications
involving transport, distribution and measurement of high-voltage electrical
energy. Our radiation-mitigated microelectronic products include power
modules, memory modules and single board computers that incorporate powerful
commercial silicon for superior performance and high reliability in aerospace
applications. For more information, please visit our website:

Maxwell Technologies Contacts:
Media: Rachel Sullivan, Metis Communications: +1 (617) 236-0500;
Investor: Michael Sund: +1 (858) 503-3233;
Sales & Technical: Marty Mills: +1 (858) 736-5765;

About Crosspoint Kinetics: Crosspoint Kinetics, a subsidiary of Cummins
Crosspoint, LLC, develops and delivers solutions that conserve, capture and
reuse energy for the benefit of customers and their communities. Kinetics is
headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind. and features a unique team of engineers
and program experts who are trained to deliver energy capturing solutions that
can be easily and practically adopted. Crosspoint Kinetics' Electric Hybrid
System is ideal for small para-transit bus, shuttle bus and package delivery
vehicle applications. For more information, visit

Crosspoint Kinetics Contact:
Rob Higley, +1 (317) 430-3769;

SOURCE Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

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