Novo Nordisk announces winner of the NovoLog® Community Star program recognizing people with type 2 diabetes who give back to

     Novo Nordisk announces winner of the NovoLog® Community Star program
  recognizing people with type 2 diabetes who give back to their communities

Contest raises $35,000 in donations to local diabetes-related organizations

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PLAINSBORO, N.J, Nov. 1, 2013

PLAINSBORO, N.J, Nov. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Novo Nordisk, a world leader in
diabetes care, announced today that Walton Kelly from Thomaston, Georgia, is
the grand prize winner of the NovoLog® Community Star contest. The contest was
held earlier this year to recognize patients with type 2 diabetes who use
NovoLog® (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection) to help manage their blood
sugar and give back to their local communities.

Walton was selected as the first NovoLog® Community Star winner based on the
length of time he has generously given to his local community and the
diversity of the programs with which he volunteers. Spanning more than 40
years, Walton has coached and refereed little league and local high school
teams, working with children both with and without disabilities. He also
assists neighbors with home projects, from everyday maintenance to remodeling.

"I am excited to be recognized as a Community Star. I watch what I eat, stay
active and take my medication so I can help keep my diabetes under control and
focus on the things that I love to do," said Kelly, 65, a U.S. Post Mail
Carrier. "Volunteering and working in the community are a huge part of my
life, and I'd hate for anything to stop me from staying involved."

Six finalists join Walton in receiving $5,000 to donate to one of three
diabetes-related organizations of choice:

  oInsulindependence – North America's largest non-profit public benefit
    organization focused on diabetes and exercise
  oProduce for Better Health Foundation – a non-profit consumer education
    foundation committed to motivating people to eat more fruits and
    vegetables to improve public health
  oAmerican Diabetes Association – created to fight diabetes through
    education, research, fundraising and screening; local affiliate activities
    are aimed at care, control and the cure of diabetes

Finalists recognized for contributions to their local communities include:

  oPeter A., Egg Harbor City, NJ
  oGerald D., Philadelphia, PA
  oDan B., Mitchell, SD
  oKenny B., Tunnel Hill, GA
  oJohn D., Bristol, PA
  oJakala B., Columbus, MS

"We are so grateful for everyone who participated in the NovoLog® Community
Star contest," said George McAvoy, vice president, NovoLog® brand team, at
Novo Nordisk Inc. "It makes us proud to recognize Walton as our inaugural
winner and are inspired by people like him who don't let their diabetes stop
them from making life-changing contributions every day."

Walton, as the winner, will also be awarded with a one-year online
subscription to Weight Watchers® to help with his diabetes management. Weight
Watchers® is a registered trademark of Weight Watchers International, Inc.

Please see updated Important Safety Information below, including use with
thiazolidinediones (TZDs).

Indications and Usage
What is NovoLog® (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection)?

  oNovoLog® is a man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults
    and children with diabetes mellitus.

Important Safety Information Who should not use NovoLog®?

  oDo not use NovoLog® if your blood sugar is too low (hypoglycemia) or you
    are allergic to any of its ingredients.

What should I tell my health care provider before taking NovoLog®?

  oAbout all of your medical conditions, including liver, kidney, or heart
  oIf you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to do either.
  oAbout all prescription and nonprescription medicines you take, including
    supplements, as your dose may need to change.

How should I take NovoLog®

  oEat a meal within 5 to 10 minutes after using NovoLog® (insulin aspart
    [rDNA origin] injection), a fast-acting insulin, to avoid low blood sugar.
  oDo not inject NovoLog® if you do not plan to eat right after your
    injection or bolus pump infusion.
  oDo not mix NovoLog® with any other insulin when used in a pump or with any
    insulin other than NPH when used with injections by syringe.
  oDo not change your dose or type of insulin unless you are told to by your
    health care provider.
  oDo not share needles, insulin pens, or syringes.
  oCheck your blood sugar levels as directed by your health care provider.

What should I consider while using NovoLog®?

  oAlcohol, including beer and wine, may affect your blood sugar.
  oBe careful when driving a car or operating machinery. You may have
    difficulty concentrating or reacting if you have low blood sugar. Talk to
    your health care provider if you often have low blood sugar or no warning
    signs of low blood sugar.

What are the possible side effects of NovoLog®?

  oLow blood sugar, including when too much is taken. Some symptoms include
    sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. Severe low blood sugar can
    cause unconsciousness, seizures, and death.
  oSerious allergic reactions may occur. Get medical help right away, if you
    develop a rash over your whole body, have trouble breathing, a fast
    heartbeat, or sweating.
  oOther side effects include injection site reactions (like redness,
    swelling, and itching), skin thickening or pits at the injection site,
    swelling of your hands and feet, if taken with thiazolidinediones (TZDs)
    possible heart failure, vision changes, low potassium in your blood, and
    weight gain.

Please visit for Prescribing Information.

About Novo Nordisk
Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk is a global health care company with 90
years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. The company also has
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replacement therapy. For more information, visit or follow
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About Diabetes
In the United States, 25.8 million people have diabetes,  a condition in which
the body does not produce enough or properly use insulin, the hormone needed
to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life.

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