Printing Inks - Global Strategic Business Report 2013-2018

Printing Inks - Global Strategic Business Report 2013-2018

Lithographic, Flexographic, Gravure, Letterpress, Digital, and Other Inks

Dublin, Oct. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Printing Inks - Global Strategic
Business Report 2013-2018 - Lithographic, Flexographic, Gravure, Letterpress,
Digital, and Other Inks

Research and Markets
( has
announced the addition of the "Printing Inks - Global Strategic Business
Report" report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Printing Inks in US$ Million
and Thousands of Tons by the following Product Segments: Lithographic Inks,
Flexographic Inks, Gravure Inks, Letterpress Inks, Digital Inks, and Other
Inks. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada,
Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. Annual estimates
and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year
historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report profiles 195 companies including many key and niche players such as
Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd., DIC Corporation, Sun Chemical
Corp., Flint Group, Sakata Inx Corporation, INX International Ink Co., SAKATA
Inx (INDIA) Limited, Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA, T & K Toka Co. Ltd.,
and Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg., Co.Ltd.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Introduction, Methodology & Product Definitions

  *Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
  *Disclaimers I-2
  *Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
  *Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
  *Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
  *Lithographic Inks I-3
  *Flexographic Inks I-4
  *Gravure Inks I-4
  *Digital Printing Inks I-4
  *Other Inks I-4

II. Executive Summary


  *Printing Inks Industry: A Preface II-1
  *Current Scenario: Optimism Tempered by Uncertainty II-1
  *Rising Raw Material Prices: The Major Cause of Worry for Printing Ink
    Manufacturers II-2
  *Supply Gets Tighter II-3
  *Future Growth Prospects II-4
  *Current & Future Analysis II-4
  *Value Analysis II-4
  *Volume Analysis II-5
  *Developed Markets: Losing Sheen II-5
  *Future Prospects: Down but Not Out II-6
  *Developing Markets to Uncover True Potential II-6
  *Rising Global Profile of the Printing Ink Industry II-7
  *Challenges of Going Global II-7


  *Synthetic Alternatives: Order of the Day II-8
  *R&D Witnesses Buoyant Growth amid Economic Vagaries II-8
  *New Technologies to Reinvigorate Sales II-8
  *Nanographic Printing II-8
  *Graphene conductive packaging ink II-9
  *Waterless printing II-9
  *High-fidelity Color Control II-9
  *Thermal inkjet printing II-9
  *Modern Innovations: the Industry's Saving Grace II-9
  *UV-Curable Ink: Changing the Market's Revenue Quotient II-10
  *LED Curing: Gaining Widespread Popularity II-10
  *UV and EB Inks: The Bucks Start Here II-11
  *Printer Ink Refills Market: An Overview II-11
  *Environment-Friendly Packaging and Printing inks: Gaining Momentum II-12
  *Biodegradable Inks- The Way to Go II-12
  *EX-IM Data for Inks II-13


  *Lithography Inks II-14
  *Recession Throws Commercial Sheetfed Printing into Distress II-14
  *Flexography Inks II-14
  *Flexography Makes Inroads into Other Inks' Share II-14
  *Impact of Recession on Flexo Ink Market II-14
  *UV and EB Inks-Unaffected by the Recession II-15
  *Growth Prospects for Flexo Technology II-15
  *Gravure Inks II-15
  *Mature Growth on the Cards for Gravure Inks II-15
  *Gravure Inks: A Regional Perspective II-16
  *Gravure Printers Hit by Recession II-16
  *Digital Inks II-16
  *A Focus on Inkjet Inks II-16
  *Inkjet Printing Market: Going Strong II-16
  *Challenges II-17
  *Opportunities II-17
  *Trends in the Ink-Jet Printing Market II-17
  *Wide-Format Markets - Emerging Sector II-17
  *UV Curable Inks - Gaining New Interest II-18
  *Digital Photography - Creating Significant Impact II-18
  *Corrugated Industry - Another Prospective Market II-18
  *Textiles - Provide Exciting Opportunities II-18
  *Future Prospects: Bright and Bountiful II-19
  *Market Highlights II-19
  *Trends in Digital Printing inks II-19
  *Water-Based Inks II-20
  *Solvent-Based Inks II-20
  *Eco-Ethyl Ink II-20
  *Sublimation Ink II-20
  *Corporate Alliances in the Inkjet Business II-20


  *Publication & Commercial Printing Industry: Slowing Down II-21
  *Publication Ink Market at a Glance II-21
  *The Magazine Segment II-21
  *The Newspaper Segment II-22
  *Recession Casts its Spell on Publication Ink Market II-22
  *Asia: The Lone Region Posting Strong Growth II-22
  *Packaging Industry: Pepping Up II-23
  *Packaging Ink Market: A Review II-23


  *Major Market Participants II-24
  *World Printing Inks Industry: Key Products of Leading Printing Ink
    Companies II-24
  *Consolidation Activity II-25
  *Select Key Acquisitions in the Global Printing Inks Industry: 2007-2012


  *Current Scenario II-26
  *Impact of Recession in Retrospect II-26
  *Recession Turns the Market Price-Sensitive II-27
  *Packaging Printing Sector: The Sole Bright Spot amid the Gloom II-27
  *Novel Strategies Emerge During Recession II-27
  *Other Noteworthy Trends and Issues II-27
  *Incorporation of Hybrid Printing II-28
  *Digitization of Workflow II-28
  *Demand Shift towards Digital Print Media II-28


  *Evolution of Printing in Relief II-29
  *Components of Printing Inks II-29
  *Classification of Inks by Process II-29
  *End-Use Applications II-30
  *Packaging Industry II-30
  *Commercial Printing Industry II-30
  *Publication Ink: Battling Lethargy II-31
  *What's Ailing the Publication Industry? II-31
  *Increasing Ad Spends: The Only Ray of Hope II-31
  *Newspaper Industry Makes a Last Ditch Effort to Rise above the Crises
  *Innovations in Publication Ink Bodes the Promise of a Revival II-31
  *Detailed Insight into Ink Segments II-31
  *A. Lithographic Inks II-31
  *Description II-31
  *Lithographic Presses and Printing II-32
  *Unit-Design II-32
  *Common Impression Cylinder Design II-32
  *Blanket-to-Blanket Design II-32
  *Sub-Processes in Lithography II-32
  *Sheetfed Offset Process II-33
  *Heatset Web Offset Process II-33
  *Non-Heatset Web Offset II-33
  *The Process II-33
  *Plates Use in Lithographic Printing II-34
  *Surface Plates II-34
  *Deep-etch Plates II-34
  *Bi-Metal Plates II-34
  *B. Flexographic Inks II-34
  *Definition II-34
  *Advantages II-35
  *Types II-35
  *Solvent Inks II-35
  *Water-Based Inks II-35
  *Other Types II-36
  *Laminating Inks II-36
  *Energy-Curable Inks II-36
  *UV Flexo II-37
  *Advantages II-37
  *Electron Beam Inks II-37
  *The Process II-37
  *Platemaking II-37
  *Presses and Printing II-38
  *Central Impression Cylinder (CIC) II-38
  *In-line Flexography Presses II-38
  *Newspaper Flexographic Presses II-38
  *Commercial Publication Flexographic Presses II-38
  *C. Gravure Inks II-39
  *Description II-39
  *Types of Gravure Inks & their Applications II-39
  *The Process II-39
  *Gravure Presses and Printing II-40
  *Gravure Cylinder Making (Gravure) II-40
  *Types of Etching for Different Purposes II-41
  *Types of Gravure Printing Based on Substrate II-41
  *Publication Gravure II-41
  *Packaging Gravure II-42
  *Product Gravure II-42
  *Applications of Gravure Inks II-42
  *End-Use Markets II-43
  *Folding Cartons II-43
  *Flexible Packaging II-43
  *Specialty Sector II-43
  *Rotogravure Inks II-43
  *Types of Rotogravure Inks II-43
  *Intaglio II-44
  *D. Digital Printing Inks II-44
  *Definition II-44
  *Overview II-45
  *Who Makes Inkjet Printing Inks II-45
  *E. Others II-45
  *Letterpress Printing Inks II-45
  *The Process II-45
  *Letterpress Platemaking II-46
  *Original Plates II-46
  *Duplicate Plates II-46
  *Letterpress Presses and Printing II-46
  *Platen Presses II-46
  *Flat-Bed Presses II-47
  *Rotary Presses II-47
  *Special Types of Inks II-47
  *Solvent-Based Evaporating Inks II-47
  *Two-Part or Reactive (Catalyst Curing) Inks II-48
  *Oxidation-Drying Inks II-48
  *Baking Inks II-48
  *Sublimation Inks II-48
  *Ceramic and Glass Thermoplastic Inks II-49
  *Other Categories of Specialty Inks II-49
  *Metallic Inks II-49
  *Watercolor Inks II-49
  *Cold-Set Inks II-50
  *Magnetic Inks II-50
  *Invisible Inks II-50
  *Specialty Inks in Packaging II-51
  *Drawbacks II-51
  *Hybrid Inks II-51
  *Benefits II-52
  *Evolution of Hybrid Inks II-52
  *Use of Hybrid Inks in Plastics II-53
  *Vegetable Oil Based Inks II-53
  *Soy-Based Printing Inks II-53
  *Benefits II-53
  *Applications II-53
  *In Lithographic Printing II-53
  *In Flexographic Printing II-54
  *Newsprint Recycling II-54
  *Different Series of Oil Based Inks II-54
  *Imagelith 1NK II-54
  *Imagelith II-54
  *Imagelith Plus II-54
  *Energy Curable Inks II-55
  *UV Cured Inks II-55
  *Flexmate Line of Ultraviolet Curable Inks II-55
  *An Overview of Printing Processes II-55
  *Lithography II-55
  *Gravure II-56
  *Flexography II-56
  *Other Plateless Printing Processes II-56
  *Prepress Operations: An Introduction II-56
  *Typesetting and Composition II-56
  *Copy Assembly and Process Photography II-56
  *Image Carrier Preparation II-57
  *Relief Printing II-57
  *Planographic Printing II-57
  *Intaglio Printing II-57
  *Screen Printing II-57
  *Plateless Processes II-57
  *Image carrier preparation is mainly done through two processes II-58
  *Image Carrier Preparations II-58
  *Press Operations II-58
  *Postpress Operations II-58
  *Binding II-58
  *Screen Printing Inks II-58
  *Applications II-59
  *Product Categories II-59


  *Pigments II-60
  *A Key Constituent Used in Printing Inks II-60
  *Primary Makers of Pigments II-60
  *Organic Pigments II-60
  *Market Participants II-60
  *Organic Pigment Powders II-61
  *Synthetic Organic Pigments II-61
  *Types of Organic Pigments Based on Quality II-61
  *Flush Quality II-61
  *Dispersion Quality II-61
  *Microencapsulated Quality II-61
  *Press Cake Quality II-61
  *Toner Quality Powder II-61
  *Classification of Organic Pigments Based on Color II-61
  *Fluorescent Organic Pigments II-62
  *Inorganic Pigments II-62
  *Physical Properties II-62
  *Types of Inorganic Pigments II-62
  *Carbon Black II-62
  *Frankfurt Black II-63
  *Extenders and Fillers II-63
  *Metallic Pigments II-63
  *Luminescent Type Pigments II-63
  *Pearlescent Pigments II-63
  *Industry Trends II-64
  *Resins II-64
  *Overview II-64
  *Potential Market II-64
  *Polyvinyl Butyral Resins Family II-64
  *Sulfopolyester Resins II-65
  *Applications II-65
  *Features of Pre and Post Metallization Primers II-65


  *Need to Reduce Usage of Solvents in Inks II-66
  *Role of EPA in Regulating the Use of Flexo Inks II-66
  *Waste Ink Dilemma II-67
  *Oil Retention in Inks: A Crucial Issue II-67
  *Drive Towards Controlling VOC Emissions II-67


  *Videojet Technologies Unveils WLK660072 Ink for Wolke Thermal Ink Jet and
    8510 Printer Ranges II-68
  *INX International Ink Introduces AquaTech IONTM Label Ink Systems II-68
  *Haydale UnveilsHDPlas™ Graphene Based Inks Range II-69
  *Sun Chemical Introduces Madden Triumph Lithographic Inks II-69
  *Pulse Roll Label Products to Launch Range of Varnishes and Inks II-69
  *Inkstream to Introduce Range of UVM Flexo Inks II-70
  *Frimpeks Introduces Expleo UV Flexo Ink Range II-70
  *SunJet Unveils EtiJet LM UV Ink Range II-70
  *Sun Chemical Launches SunLit® Crystal Ink Solution II-70
  *Seiko I Infotech to Introduce Neon Inks II-71
  *Sepiax Ink Technology Launches Aquares 3.0 Resin Ink Technology II-71
  *Sun Chemical Unveils Streamline Range of Inks II-71
  *Xennia Technology Introduces Zircon Digital Ink Set II-72
  *Bordeaux Digital Printink Rolls Out PRDS Wide-Format Inkjet Solutions
  *Jay Chemical Industries Introduces Antelos Digital Textile Printing Inks
  *Domino Printing Sciences Launches 299BK Black Ink for A-Series CIJ
    Printers Range II-73
  *Flint Group Introduces New PluriTech Shrink-U Ink System II-73
  *NuSil Technology Launches New Medical Grade Silicone Inks Series II-73
  *Videojet Technologies Launches V492-C Light Blue and V402 Dark Gray Inks
  *Superior Printing Ink Introduces Water-based Flexographic Ink Program
  *Ricoh Unveils Photo-Curable Inkjet Ink II-74
  *Sun Chemical Unveils SunUno Solimax Ink System II-75
  *GJS Machinery Introduces M-TT Water Based Modified Pigment Inks II-75
  *Intrinsiq Materials Develops Copper Ink for Paper Substrate II-75
  *Trident Launches New Inkjet Printhead and Ink II-75
  *Xennia Develops New Reactive Dye Ink XenInx Amethyst II-76
  *SouthWest Nano Technologies Launches Carbon Nanotube Ink II-76
  *Global Imaging Launches Panoply Inks II-76
  *Color-Logic Launches BEST Silver Ink II-76
  *Mimaki Announces Addition of New Clear Ink to LH-100 series II-76
  *Sawgrass Rolls out Three Ink Shades for EPSON 4880 Printers II-77
  *AT Inks Launches New Eco Solvent Inks II-77
  *Flint Unveils New Range of Inks with Low Migration Properties II-77
  *BASF Launches New Technology Ink for Food Packaging II-77
  *Toyo Ink Develops Environment Friendly Vantean Eco Lio Inks II-77
  *INX Digital Extends TRIANGLE® Brand with PDQ Inks II-78
  *Pulse Roll Label Products Introduces UV Curable Combi SF for Rotary Screen
    Printing II-78
  *Arrow Digital Launches UV Curable Virtu Ink Series II-78
  *Sun Chemical to Expand its Streamline Portfolio of Digital Inks II-79
  *Videojet Launches LC-Pro UV-Curable Ink II-79
  *Sun Chemicals Unveils an Extensive Range of Coating Products and Inks
  *Flint Group Introduces the PremoFilm ETS Ink System for Merchandise Bags
  *INX International Launches Two Novel Metal Decorating Inks II-80
  *Hybrid Services Launches Clear Ink for Wide-Format Printers II-80
  *Bordeaux to Showcase Novel Ink Solutions for Wide-Format Inkjet Printers
  *HP Malaysia Launches Ink Advantage II-81
  *Sun Chemical Unveils a Comprehensive Array of Ink Solutions for Metal
    Decoration II-81
  *Domino Printing Sciences Unveils BK107 Black Ink for G-Series TIJ Printers
    Range II-81
  *Jaysynth Dyestuffs Introduces Digifix Inks II-82
  *Nazdar Unveils Lyson 213 Series Inks II-82
  *Electronics For Imaging and 3M Introduce Co-Branded UV Ink II-83
  *Flint Group Unveils Flexocure ANCORA Ink Range II-83
  *Flint Group Launches BioCure F UV Flexo Ink System II-83
  *International Coatings Launches an Innovative Special-effects Ink II-84
  *Sun Chemical Launches CXX Array of Formable Inks Meant for 3D Appliqués
  *Nazdar Launches Novel Lyson Digital Inks II-84
  *Standard Coating Enters Inkjet Domain with the Launch of Direct-to-Garment
    T-Print Ink II-85
  *Flint Group Launches New Water-based Series of Flexo Inks II-85
  *GSB Launches White Ink for HP5500 Indigo Press II-85
  *Pulse Launches a New Series of High-Performance Metallic Inks II-86
  *Intrinsiq Materials Introduces Innovative Copper Ink for Inkjet Printers
  *Xennia Introduces XenInx Onyx, a Metallic Ink for Decorative Digital
    Applications II-86
  *Sawgrass Technologies Launches MxF Ink for Printing Nylon Banners and
    Flags II-86
  *Green Ink Practices Environment Saving Production Process II-87
  *Van Son Holland Ink Adds New Vs1 Ink to the Vs Series II-87
  *Mimaki Adds Silver Ink to ES3 Ink Portfolio II-87
  *Kodak Releases New Red Fluorescing Dry Ink II-88
  *Bayer Unveils Conductive Inks II-88
  *International Coatings Launches Centris Range of Non-Phthalate Inks II-89
  *INX Digital Unveils Range of ECO Solvent Inks II-89
  *Squid Ink Launches SI-PZ1800 II-89
  *Xennia Technology Releases XenInx Diamond II-90
  *Reprographic Technology Launches Alternative Inks II-90
  *Sun Chemical to Introduce a Wave of Innovative Products II-91
  *SunRay Scientific Introduces NANOGLOW™ II-92
  *Bayer Showcases Conductive Inks for Use in Printed Electronics II-92
  *Flint Rolls Out New Bio-Renewable Printing Products II-93
  *Graphics One Launches the Versatile SEPIAX Ink in the American Region
  *SIGNiX Integrates Digital Signature Technology into zipForm of zipLogix
  *INX Digital to Showcase AXB BIO Formulated Ink II-93
  *Agfa Graphics Unveils a New Range of Inkjet Press Inks II-94
  *Van Son Unveils an Offset Litho Ink Range II-94
  *Kornit Digital Launches Direct-On-Garment Printer II-94
  *INX Digital International Launches Triangle™ Brand HPS Inks II-95
  *INX Digital International Launches Triangle™ JVS Inks II-95
  *INX Digital International Launches Triangle™ Brand Aqueous Inks II-95


  *Cytec Launches a New Resin for UV Inks Formulation II-96
  *FLINT GROUP Launches FORCE UV-Flexographic Printing Inks II-96
  *Matthews Marking Products Launches New Range of Black Inks II-96
  *Nazdar Introduces W500 Series Ink II-96
  *Actega Rhenania Unveils PUR Adhesives II-96
  *DSM NeoResins+ Launches NeoRez U-430) II-97
  *Oxea Unveils Novel Chemical di-octyladipate II-97
  *Tirupati Inks Introduces EcoAquva and EcoImpex Inks II-97
  *Sun Chemical Introduces New Range of Sheetfed Offset Inks II-97
  *Sun Chemical Launches SolarFlex® Nova II-97
  *Chisso Develops Photocurable and Polyimide Dielectric Inks II-98
  *Nazdar Releases Uniform Labeling System II-98
  *Sakata Rolls Out XJS Series II-98
  *Sun Chemical Introduces Sunguard II-98
  *Sun Chemical Releases Optima Digital Solvent Inks II-99
  *INX International Ink Launches EcoTech™ Brand Color Inks II-99
  *Siegwerk Switzerland Launches LED-UV Label Printing Ink Systems II-99
  *Toyo Ink Manufacturing America Launches LIOJET™ Inkjet Inks II-99
  *Toyo Ink Manufacturing America Launches AquaLiona™ Flexo Lamination Inks
  *Flint Group Unveils PolarTek Laminating Ink II-100
  *Flint Group to Launch PremoKing Heatset Inks II-100
  *Van Son Expands Vs Series Ink Product Line II-100
  *Ink Technologies Introduces Next-generation Eco Solvent Ink "EVOSol"
  *Superior Printing Launches Biolocity Sheetfed Inks II-101
  *Sun Chemical Launches Color-Change Ink Series "Sunlase" II-101
  *Megaink Digital Launches 4th generation BioMG Inks II-102
  *HP Unveils New Ink Formulations for Low Solvent Printers II-102
  *Zeller+Gmelin's New Uvalux U3 Offers Enhanced Capabilities II-102
  *MGI Digital Plans to Launch Range of Digital Presses and Inkjet Products
  *Hexion Specialty Introduces HexiStretch™ UV-Curable Inkjet Inks II-103
  *Sartomer Unveils 'CN9167US' Aromatic Urethane Acrylate II-103
  *Kohl & Madden Introduce Earth Series Sheetfed Inks II-103
  *Sun Chemical Rolls Out Diamond Inks II-104
  *Superior Printing Announces Upgraded Portfolio of UV Sheetfed Inks II-104
  *Nazdar Unveils Lyson TX6500 Series Water-Based Digital Dye Sublimation
    Inks II-104
  *Sun Chemical Introduces New Commercial Sheetfed Inks and Other Products
  *Sun Chemical Plans to Unveil New Innovative Technologies II-105
  *US Ink Launches Aqua News® Spectra Black™ II-105
  *Ciba Unveils Ciba® IRGASTAR™ GF Inks II-105
  *Dow Corning Unveils Ink Technology, Silicone-Based Inks, " Smart" Textile
  *Sun Introduces Suncure Lazer II-106
  *SunJet Unveils UV Cured Inks II-106
  *Superior Printing Ink Rolls out EVOLOCITY II-106
  *Sun Chemical Unveils Pioneering 'Eco-friendly' UV Ink II-106
  *INX International Launches Belle Color™ II-107
  *RUCO Druckfarben Unveils 935UV Ink Line II-107
  *RUCO Druckfarben Launches Opaque White Inks for Blue-Ray Discs II-108
  *Toyo Ink Unveils 3 Additions of Kaleido Ink™ Series II-108
  *Ciba Rolls Out New Range of Stylings II-109
  *Sun Chemical Announces Novel Ink Solutions for Digital, Screen Printers
  *Sun Chemical Introduces Water-based Inks II-110
  *Cytec Industries Announces the Launch of Novel Adhesives and Coatings
  *Sakata Inks Introduces Fast Drying Offset Printing Inks II-110
  *KMA Global Solutions Offers Dual-color Capability to DUALTag Products
  *Chisso Corp Develops Inks for Insulation Purposes II-111
  *Tego Coating Additives & Specialty Resins Introduces Unique Polyurethane
    Polyols II-111
  *RUCO Exhibits Printing Ink Series II-111
  *RUCO Exhibits Unique Three-in-one Combination Series II-112


  *Toyo Ink Merges Toyo Ink Mfg. America with Toyo Ink America II-113
  *Merck Inks Agreement with Seiko Epson II-113
  *Suzhou Kingswood Printing Inks Takes Over Brancher II-114
  *Rutland Holdings Takes Over Sociedad Quimica Alemana II-114
  *Tech8 to Merge with Colorific II-114
  *Superior Printing Ink Takes Over Ink Makers II-114
  *DIC to Acquire Pacific Inks II-114
  *ALTANA to Acquire Color Chemie II-115
  *Xennia Technology Signs Partnership Agreement with Ynvisible II-115
  *InkTec and Sawgrass Technologies Ink License Deal for Sublimation
    Technology II-115
  *RR Donnelley Enters into Technology Partnership with KBA II-116
  *Plextronics and Sanyo Chemical Industries Sign OLED Lighting Distribution
    Agreement II-116
  *Showa Denko to Produce and Market NovaCentrix's Conductive Inks II-116
  *Yissum Research Development Signs Licensing and Research Deal with Vaxan
    Steel II-117
  *Bordeaux Digital PrintInk Signs Distribution Agreement with LFDP II-117
  *Mosley Holding Takes Over Graphic Sciences II-117
  *Resinall Rütgers Resins Acquires Neville Chemical Europe II-117
  *Rutland Plastic Technologies Forms Joint Venture with Dhaval Colour Chem
  *Hapa Takes Over Gottscho Printing Systems II-118
  *Canon, Océ to Merge their Printer Divisions II-119
  *Consolidated Graphics to Acquire RT Associates II-119
  *Siegwerk Takes Over Environmental Inks and Coatings II-119
  *Xennia Signs OEM Agreement with Tecno Italia II-119
  *Xaar Selects Colorobbia Espana and Colorobbia Italia II-120
  *Pelikan Collaborates with Linoprint II-120
  *Dow Corning Collaborates with Vapor Apparel, M&R Equipment and Lon Winters
  *Sun Chemical Signs Distribution Agreement with Ultrachem II-121
  *Flint Group Takes Over Torda II-121
  *Dorf Ketal Chemicals Takes over DuPonts Specialty Catalysts Business
  *Toyo Ink Technologies to Acquire Fluid Ink Technology Assets II-122
  *ChemChina Inks Agreement with Cabot II-122


  *Sun Chemical Takes Over Handschy II-123
  *Videojet Technologies Acquires Wolke Inks II-123
  *Ruetgers and Resinall Establishes Joint Venture II-123
  *Triangle Digital to Collaborate with Anteprima and Megaink II-123
  *Sakata Inx Establishes New Manufacturing Facility II-123
  *HP and R.R. Donnelley to Collaborate II-124
  *DIC Inks Joint Venture Agreement with Dai Nippon and the Inctec II-124
  *INX International Establishes New Field Operations Office II-124
  *Altana Acquires Water Ink Technologies II-125
  *Sun Chemical Establishes New Color Manufacturing Facility II-125
  *Sun Chemical Unveils Global Brand Names for Sheetfed Inks II-125
  *BASF Acquires Ciba Holding II-126
  *Sakata Inks Agreement with Megaink Digital II-126
  *Peter Mulheran Acquires Sani-Blast II-126
  *INX International Commences UV Ink Production in Bangkok II-126
  *Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Becomes DIC Corporation II-126
  *DIC Plans to Establish a New Printing Facility in India II-126
  *Nazdar Announces Global Digital Ink Partnership with Xaar II-127
  *Flint Group Unveils a New Flexographic Products Division II-127
  *Sakata International Plans Merger of Water-based Printing Inks II-127
  *XSYS Print Solutions Renames as Flint Group Narrow Web II-128
  *Ciba to Acquire Lamberti Group II-128
  *INX International Takes Over Innovative Solutions II-128
  *Micro Solutions Acquires Greenman Group II-128
  *Micro Inks Takes Over USA's Huber Group II-128
  *RDS Acquisition Corp Takes Over Rapid Refill Ink International for US$1.5
    million II-129
  *EPI Acquires Stake in ICI II-129
  *Evonik Takes Over the Remaining Stake in Degussa II-129
  *Altana Acquires Wolstenholme for 24 million Euros II-129
  *OM Group in US Acquires Lanxess's Borchers unit II-129
  *Flint Group Invests in a Novel Printing press II-130
  *Toyo Ink Enters into a Joint Venture with TechNova II-130
  *Spinks India Ties up with Global Partners to Sell Printing Products II-130
  *Sakata Inx Plans to Increase Printing Ink capacity in India II-130
  *Sakata Inx Announces Initiation of Information-sharing Among Asian Units
  *Applied DNA Sciences Enters into an Agreement with Printcolor II-130
  *Atrion International Signs a Multi-year Agreement with Flint Group II-131
  *Sinopec Partners with BP PLC to Start Constructing Facility at Nanjing
  *Sun Chemical Starts a New Gravure Printing Ink Facility in Rochdale II-131


  *Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-132
  *DIC Corporation (Japan) II-132
  *Sun Chemical Corp. (US) II-133
  *Flint Group (Luxembourg) II-133
  *Sakata Inx Corporation (Japan) II-134
  *INX International Ink Co. (US) II-135
  *SAKATA Inx (INDIA) Limited II-135
  *Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA (Germany) II-136
  *T & K Toka Co. Ltd. (Japan) II-136
  *Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co. Ltd. (Japan) II-137


III. Market








IV. Competitive Landscape

Total Companies Profiled: 195 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 234)

  oThe United States (71)
  oJapan (14)
  oEurope (105)
  o- France (6)
  o- Germany (24)
  o- The United Kingdom (27)
  o- Italy (18)
  o- Spain (9)
  o- Rest of Europe (21)
  oAsia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (38)
  oLatin America (2)
  oAfrica (2)
  oMiddle-East (2)

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