CORRECTING and REPLACING BioDatomics Increases NGS Research Productivity with Launch of up to 100 Times Faster, More Intuitive

  CORRECTING and REPLACING BioDatomics Increases NGS Research Productivity
  with Launch of up to 100 Times Faster, More Intuitive Data Analysis Software

 Company partners with Digicon to offer platform with new BioGenLink service
                           for government agencies

ASHG 2013 BioDatomics

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BETHESDA, Md. & BOSTON -- October 23, 2013

Headline of release dated Oct. 22, 2013, should read: BioDatomics Increases
NGS Research Productivity with Launch of up to 100 Times Faster, More
Intuitive Data Analysis Software (sted BioDatomics Increases NGS Research
Productivity with Launch of 100 Times More Intuitive Data Analysis Software).

The corrected release reads:


 Company partners with Digicon to offer platform with new BioGenLink service
                           for government agencies

BioDatomics  today introduced the company’s first commercial product, BioDT™,
an open source suite of next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis
software and services. The new platform addresses the shortcomings found with
current data analysis offerings by delivering much higher performance and an
intuitive interface, thereby enabling genomic and biomedical researchers to
more quickly glean meaningful insights from their data. The launch took place
at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2013 meeting in Boston,
October 22-26.

NGS data analysis is now considered an essential tool for basic and clinical
genomic research. While the Big Data generated by such research can be
acquired more quickly and at a lower cost, it has become increasingly
difficult to derive meaningful insights from it. Existing solutions have
proven slow, with complex yet inflexible user interfaces, long turnaround
times and difficult-to-interpret results. These shortcomings have meant higher
costs and delays in potential breakthroughs.

BioDT is an open source platform capable of analyzing NGS data up to 100 times
faster than similar systems, thanks to a proprietary execution engine and a
Hadoop®-based architecture. Together, these techniques reduce analysis
turnaround times from days—or even weeks—to hours. Further increasing
productivity is BioDT’s support for real-time collaboration between
geographically-dispersed colleagues.

By making data analysis simple, fast and intuitive—without the need for
specialized expertise in bioinformatics—BioDT promises to bring the power of
NGS to a wider array of labs and researchers across the world. The platform’s
drag-and-drop interface and rich data visualization eliminate the need for
cumbersome Command Line Programming and reliance on tabular results (although
both are supported for those who are proficient with them).

“We use NGS data analysis tools extensively, and are constantly surveying the
market for the latest advances,” said Indresh Singh, Core Informatics Services
Lead at the J. Craig Venter Institute. “We have been looking for a fully
supported open source platform that facilitates our focus on new tools and
algorithms and better serves the research community. In testing BioDT, we
found that it represents a true advance in this area, providing accelerated
workflow execution speeds and a more intuitive user interface.”

Moreover, Digicon, a large Information Technology service provider, has
selected BioDT to be part of its new BioGenLink services. Digicon is a major
provider of health-science related IT services to US government agencies such
as the National Institutes for Health (NIH).

“We needed a solution that would complement our BioGenLink services and
provide our customers with a powerful yet easier-to-use analysis tool,” said
John Wu, Digicon CEO. “After an exhaustive survey of available options, BioDT
was the obvious choice.”

BioDT is built on top of Red Hat Enterprise® Linux and Red Hat JBOSS
Enterprise Application Platform. Similarly, much of BioDT’s accelerated
analysis speed can be attributed to its use of Cloudera’s Big Data Platform
and the Impala module. By combining these leading, commercial-grade, open
source software technologies, BioDatomics is pioneering the use of these
modules in Big Data life sciences applications.

“As NGS becomes more ubiquitous in research, it’s just as important that
processing power and analysis tools keep up with—and even anticipate the needs
of—the researcher,” said BioDatomics CEO and Founder, Maxim Mikheev M.D.,
Ph.D. “With the support of our partners, we have created a next generation
bioinformatics analysis platform, with which we hope to accelerate insights,
advance research and reduce development costs.”

Additional key benefits of BioDT include:

  *Access to more than 400 commonly used analysis tools, including the entire
    Galaxy library
  *Graphic layout engine for customized visualization
  *Comprehensive genome browsing tools
  *Full integration with R, Bioconductor, MATLAB and Galaxy
  *mRNA, Chip, Exome and whole genome sequencing
  *Compatibility with every available NGS hardware platform
  *Pathway, microarray and statistical analysis and visualization

BioDT is available in Community, Pro (site and seat licenses) and SaaS
versions. For more information on BioDT, stop by the BioDatomics booth #341 at
ASHG or visit,

About BioDatomics, LLC

BioDatomics provides powerful yet intuitive bioinformatics analysis software
and services that improve genomic and biomedical research productivity. The
company’s BioDT™ platform, which was built by some of the world’s most
experienced computational and molecular biologists, allows researchers and
bioinformaticians to more quickly glean insights from their data thanks to an
easier-to-use intuitive interface, dramatically reduced analysis turnaround
times and real-time collaboration between colleagues. The result is
accelerated development of new medical treatments and other breakthroughs.
BioDatomics is headquartered in Bethesda, MD. Learn more at

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