Small Changes Around The House Could Save Ontarians At Least $770 On Energy Bills

Small Changes Around The House Could Save Ontarians At Least $770 On Energy 
Direct Energy offers seven steps to help homeowners concerned about rising 
energy prices 
TORONTO, Oct. 22, 2013 /CNW/ - Small changes really can make a big difference 
according to data released by Direct Energy today. The company calculated that 
if homeowners performed seven tasks around the house, ranging from sealing 
leaks to replacing an old furnace this fall, it could save them as much as 
$770 on their energy bills annually. With consumer energy prices steadily on 
the rise, Direct Energy encourages Ontarians to cut down their energy waste 
and use the savings in other ways to stay warm and enjoy winter. 
"Now is the time for homeowners to take action on home energy efficiency and 
make those small changes around the house. Costs are increasing and winter is 
just around the corner," said Dave Walton, Director of Home Ideas for Direct 
Energy. "We visit thousands of homes each year in Ontario and we see so many 
simple fixes homeowners could do to reduce their energy bills." 
Using data from several sources including a 2011 joint study conducted by 
Direct Energy and the University of Toronto and HOT2000 software (Natural 
Resource Canada's recognized standard tool for use by trained and certified 
energy auditors), Direct Energy calculated the savings associated with seven 
energy efficiency tips. Savings are based on a typical Ontario home defined by 
the Canadian Real Estate Association, Statistics Canada and Natural Resources 
Canada as 1,860 square feet, 40 years old and two stories. 
Ontarians are urged to take these seven simple steps to savings this winter 
and put their money to better use. 
|Direct Energy's efficiency|What you could |Use the savings for these |
|tips                      |save*          |activities instead:       |
|Replace your furnace      |               |Enjoy the winter and hit  |
|filter every 3 months to  |$53.00         |the slopes! With up to $53|
|keep your furnace running |               |in savings, you can buy a |
|efficiently               |               |lift pass.                |
|Seal leaks around doors,  |               |Canadians love their      |
|windows and exterior wall |               |coffee! With the extra    |
|electrical outlets to keep|$56.20         |savings from sealing      |
|the warm air in           |               |leaks, Canadians can enjoy|
|                          |               |33 more cups this year.   |
|Insulate your basement to |               |Leave the cold            |
|improve the overall       |               |temperatures to the       |
|comfort of the basement   |               |athletes in Russia.       |
|and prevent warm air      |$99.30         |Insulating your basement  |
|escaping along the joist  |               |could save you enough to  |
|cavities                  |               |buy two Canadian Olympic  |
|                          |               |sweatshirts.              |
|                          |               |Whether you're inside or  |
|Insulate your attic to cut|               |outside, keep your family |
|down on heating costs. You|$61.40         |warm this winter. By      |
|should have a minimum of  |               |insulating your attic you |
|12 inches of insulation   |               |could save enough to buy  |
|                          |               |six pairs of mittens.     |
|                          |               |By lowering your          |
|Lower the temperature     |               |thermostat just two       |
|setting on your thermostat|$150.00        |degrees, you could save   |
|by two degrees            |               |enough to buy yourself the|
|                          |               |cashmere scarf you've     |
|                          |               |always wanted.            |
|                          |               |Join the snowbirds in     |
|                          |               |Florida and escape the    |
|If your furnace is older  |               |winter cold altogether!   |
|or experiencing frequent  |$299.70        |$299.70 in yearly savings |
|breakdowns, upgrade to a  |               |from upgrading your       |
|high efficiency furnace   |               |furnace can be used       |
|                          |               |towards a plane ticket to |
|                          |               |the sunny south.          |
|Clean your ducts to remove|               |After you clean your      |
|dust and debris and help  |               |ducts, you could save     |
|your furnace work more    |$53.00         |enough to buy a handful of|
|efficiently               |               |new books to cozy up on   |
|                          |               |the couch with.           |
|*based on typical Ontario home as described above and current energy|
|prices ($8.07 per MCF for natural gas and $6.90 per million BTUs for|
|electricity)                                                        |
While not every homeowner can undertake all seven steps this fall, even just 
implementing three easy changes - sealing leaks, changing the furnace filter 
regularly and lowering the thermostat by two degrees – could add up to 
$259.20. In Ontario, with more than 2.7 million single-detached homes**, these 
changes could amount to nearly $700 million in energy savings across the 
"We hope to show Ontarians that they really can make a difference this year to 
their own pocket and to the environment," says Walton. "Start small with air 
filters and adjusting the temperature to see these savings and to keep your 
equipment running properly." 
Additional tips from Direct Energy: 

    --  Add a humidifier: Adding a humidifier to your heating system
        lets you turn the thermostat down and be comfortable at lower
    --  Let the sun in: Open curtains on your south-facing windows
        during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home,
        and close them at night to reduce the chill you may feel from
        colder temperatures. Consider installing insulating window
        treatments to further reduce heat loss.
    --  Change the direction of air flow on your ceiling fan. For cold
        winter months the blades should operate in a clockwise
        direction helping to push the warm air from the ceiling down
        into the room.
    --  Have your furnace maintained in the fall to ensure it works
        efficiently and safely throughout the winter, especially if
        it's 6 years or older.

About Direct Energy Direct Energy is North America's largest provider of 
heating & cooling, plumbing and electrical services and a leading energy and 
energy-related services provider with over six million residential and 
commercial customer relationships. Direct Energy provides customers with 
choice and support in managing their energy costs through a portfolio of 
innovative products and services. A subsidiary of Centrica plc (LSE: CNA), one 
of the world's leading integrated energy companies, Direct Energy operates in 
46 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia and 10 provinces in Canada. To 
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