Lattice Engines Brings the Science of Predictive Analytics to Lead Scoring

  Lattice Engines Brings the Science of Predictive Analytics to Lead Scoring

New Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring application lets marketers rely on the
science of predictive analytics to find their hottest leads

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SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 22, 2013

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today  Lattice Engines
announced a breakthrough new application that brings the power of prediction
to lead scoring. Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring (PLS) allows marketers to
begin relying on the science of predictive analytics to find their most
sales-ready leads.


Expanding on Lattice's success delivering predictive applications to sales
organizations at some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the
world, Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring is designed specifically for marketers
at companies of all sizes. It capitalizes on today's universe of buying
signals and advanced data science in a secure, easy to use and quick to deploy
cloud application.

Comments on the News

  o"Adding predictive analytics to our lead scoring model has given us an
    entirely new level of insight into which lead attributes are actually
    predictive of buying behaviors," said Eva Tsai, senior director of
    marketing operations at Citrix. "Lattice has helped us to refine our
    funnel so that we can now cherry pick the best sales leads to hand over to
  o"Connecting human behaviors to organizational behaviors and triggers is
    the hallmark of successful B2B sales," said Abner Germanow, director of
    worldwide enterprise marketing at Juniper Networks. "Complex B2B
    relationships require marketing organizations to move past linear lead
    scoring models that don't result in positive customer or sales
  o"With tens of thousands of free trials started every month, we needed help
    prioritizing the best leads for sales," said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO at
    Mindjet. "Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring is helping us to zero in on the
    attributes that make a free trial most likely to turn into a paying
    customer. Now our sales team knows in minutes if a new lead has a strong
    likelihood of closing."
  o"Approximately 75 percent of lead models are not data-driven. Instead,
    they are based on the feelings and beliefs of marketing and sales about
    lead quality," said Jay Famico, SiriusDecisions. "In lead scoring, the use
    of statistical techniques increases precision and decreases the number of
    leads that are false-positive or false-negative. This increases sales
    accepted lead rates, improves sales effectiveness and better aligns sales
    and marketing."
  o"Lead scoring is the next frontier for predictive analytics in marketing,"
    said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines. "Now companies can benefit
    from applying science to the universe of prospect and customer knowledge
    available today to predict and close their best leads."

Removing the Barriers to Effective Lead Scoring
Today, 44 percent of companies are doing lead scoring, according to a new
Decision Tree Labs Report. However, the survey respondents gave their current
lead scoring programs poor marks for effectiveness, with an average grade of
five out of 10. The top two reasons given for the low scores were a lack of
confidence in the accuracy of data and not having enough insight into what
constitutes actual buying behavior.

Lattice is removing these barriers and helping customers to actually predict
their next buyer. By combining data already tracked in marketing automation
and CRM systems with signals from the Web, social media and other internal
sources, Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring pinpoints the qualities of a lead
that are most predictive of actual buying signals. Once these buying signals
are consolidated, the power of predictive analytics ensures that the most
sales-ready leads are passed to CRM while the rest can be nurtured by
marketing until they're ready to buy.

Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring delivers:

  oAccess to the entire universe of buying signals - Lattice Predictive Lead
    Scoring combines not only the buying signals in marketing automation and
    CRM systems, but also the other 99 percent brought together in the Lattice
    Data Cloud, the industry's largest source of Web, social and proprietary
    buying signals.
  oData science for marketers - Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring uses data
    science to tell marketers the exact definition of a good lead so they can
    stop relying on debate, opinion and assumptions.
  oLead scoring in days – Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring can be deployed in
    days, rather than months, and is optimized from the start as opposed to
    requiring numerous iterations.
  oThe Lattice Predictive Lead Score – As opposed to assigning leads to large
    ranked segments, the Lattice Predictive Lead Score represents actual
    probabilities for a lead to convert so marketers can not only prioritize
    leads, but assign true value to them.
  oProven technology at the world's largest and fastest growing companies –
    Lattice's predictive analytics technology is used today by more than
    50,000 marketing and sales professionals in more than 20 countries around
    the world.

Additional Resources

  oLearn more about the challenges of lead scoring today in this report
    released by Decision Tree Labs.
  oGet more information here on Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring.
  oJoin us at Oracle's Eloqua Experience 2013 this week to hear Lattice and
    marketing leaders from Juniper Networks and Mindjet discuss the power of
    predictive lead scoring.

Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring is currently in beta and will be generally
available in the fourth quarter of this year.

About Lattice Engines
Lattice delivers data-driven marketing and sales applications that enable
companies of all sizes to predict and close their next customer. By combining
every relevant buying signal in the world with advanced predictive analytics,
companies stop guessing and start relying on data science in easy to deploy
applications that anyone can use. Lattice's rapidly growing customer base,
including Dell, SunTrust and VMware, uses its open and secure applications to
generate 75 percent more pipeline, triple conversion rates and double win
rates. Lattice is backed by Sequoia Capital and NEA with headquarters in San
Mateo, CA. Learn more at and follow @Lattice_Engines.

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