Servergy Launches New Class of Servers with Hyper-Efficient, High I/O PowerLinux Cleantech Server® Line

  Servergy Launches New Class of Servers with Hyper-Efficient, High I/O
  PowerLinux Cleantech Server® Line

Newly unveiled CTS-1000 Cleantech Server literally pays for itself by
dramatically reducing server power, cooling, space, weight, water and carbon

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- October 21, 2013

Data Center technology firm Servergy, Inc. announced today the launch of its
Cleantech Server® line with the new CTS-1000 server, ushering in a new clean
and green class of hyper-efficient, high density, high I/O PowerLinux servers.
The new PowerLinux server line was unveiled today at the IBM Enterprise
Conference in Orlando, Florida. Cleantech Servers are engineered from the
ground up with Servergy’s patented Cleantech Architecture™ on top of the
mature, scalable and data center proven Power Architecture® to deliver a new
compute fabric with very high energy efficiency as well as very high I/O and
compute density.

Newly launched Servergy CTS-1000, the first in Servergy's patented new class
of hyper-efficient, hig ...

Newly launched Servergy CTS-1000, the first in Servergy's patented new class
of hyper-efficient, high I/O PowerLinux Cleantech Server(R) line, weighs just
nine pounds and measures 1.75" high x 8.25" wide x 14" deep. (Photo: Business

“This is the day we’ve been working and waiting for over the past four years,
along with all our many rapidly growing faithful Servergy partners and
supporters,” said Servergy founder, chairman and CEO Bill Mapp. “We went all
the way back to the innovations lab drawing board and used a zero-sum
step-function engineering approach from the ground up to create the next
generation of hyper-efficient enterprise servers – small, fast, efficient,
cool, quiet, light-weight, but also powerful and scalable enough to handle the
rapidly growing data, space, cooling and energy demands of data center
operators globally. To be clear, Cleantech Servers are not another
‘microserver for microjobs’ – these are true industrial grade brawny core
servers with very high I/O that are built using our Cleantech Architecture™
with the mature PowerLinux technology that has already been scaled and proven
in the data centers years ago.

“At just nine pounds with the footprint of a legal pad, the true beauty of the
Cleantech Server lies in its unprecedented small size and weight,” Mapp
continued. “It is everything this data-hungry, power- and real
estate-constrained era of big data and cloud needs to solve the space, I/O and
energy crises created by the rapidly growing world of exploding data. Everyone
and everything is being connected to the Internet, and the new Zettabyte Era
is coming soon, according to Cisco – with 3.6 billion people online, 19
billion global M2M network connections and 1.4 zettabytes of information being
generated online by 2017.”

The initial product release in the new Servergy Cleantech Server line, the 
CTS-1000 server, delivers an industry-leading performance-per-watt PowerLinux
server with maximum power used under 130 Watts at full load. It saves up to
16X in server energy and space costs over traditional systems, weighs in at
only nine pounds, and packs two 10GB and two 1GB ports in a server with the
footprint the size of a legal pad, i.e., less than one-fourth of 1U. The
server sports eight (8) brawny cores in a 1.5Ghz Power Architecture® SOC
processor with up to 2MB CPU cache, 32 GB of memory and six (6) TB storage. It
has embedded accelerators, including an advanced encryption engine, networking
offload engine and a pattern-matching engine that can be used for big data
applications. The new servers are based on Servergy’s patented Cleantech
Architecture™, built in the USA,  and come with a three-year standard

According to top industry experts, the timing for the launch of the new
technology into the data center market for top companies and data centers
globally couldn’t be better. Both Data Center Design magazine and Gartner
Research recently identified skyrocketing energy demands and costs as the #1
concern for data center operators globally. This is underscored by recent
reports of the expensive new $2 billion NSA data center meltdown due to
skyrocketing power consumption created by big data. Coupled with the global
skyrocketing price of energy, this becomes the biggest problem in this space
as the whole world goes online and quickly moves to a smart and connected
planet powered by servers. In a report by Digital Realty Trust, the largest
data center builder in the world, the #1 reason that data centers look to
expand their data center infrastructure is to try to improve energy

“Data centers operators globally are searching for answers to their power,
cooling and space limitations – all challenges that the CTS-1000 addresses
head on,” Mapp said. “Servergy is not just in the business of selling servers.
Our ultimate goal is to create and deliver clean and green data center
solutions that leverage the power and potential of technology at its best to
positively impact all the triple bottom line 3-Ps of People, Profits and
Planet. It’s all in our brand tagline and promise – Save Energy. Work

Servergy is an IBM Business Partner, and the only other company besides IBM
offering Linux-on-Power servers. “Servergy is proud to be a leading
contributor in the global Open Power movement and a Gold Sponsor of this
year’s IBM Enterprise Conference,” said Mapp. “The IBM PowerLinux platform is
ideally suited for compute intensive workloads – the Servergy PowerLinux
platform complements this and is ideally suited as a clean and green
high-density, high I/O accelerator for I/O intensive workloads, such as big
data, the cloud, caching and storage applications.” Servergy has begun taking
pre-orders for the first product in its Cleantech Server line, with the 
CTS-1000 expected to begin deliveries late 4Q 2013.

About Servergy

Servergy is a technology company that has created the new class of
hyper-efficient Cleantech Servers® using its patented Cleantech Architecture™.
Servergy’s headquarters and Innovations Lab are located in Dallas, Texas.
Servergy is focused on developing clean and green data center technologies
that save power, space and offer highly scalable, high density, high I/O
solutions for global data centers dealing with the challenges of the cloud,
big data, caching and distributed storage applications. Servergy is backed by
a rapidly growing partner list of top companies around the globe. Visit
Servergy at

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