NI Technology Research Issues Pre-Earnings Predictions for Texas Instruments, VMware, EMC, ARM Holdings, and Altera

NI Technology Research Issues Pre-Earnings Predictions for Texas Instruments,
                    VMware, EMC, ARM Holdings, and Altera

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PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 21, 2013

PRINCETON, N.J., Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Inning Technology Research
(, an online investment newsletter focused on
technology stocks, has issued updated outlooks for Texas Instruments (Nasdaq:
TXN), VMware (NYSE: VMW), EMC (NYSE: EMC), ARM Holdings (Nasdaq: ARMH), and
Altera (Nasdaq: ALTR).

Financial writer Steve Halpern, who has covered the newsletter industry for
nearly three decades, stated without caveat that the Next Inning State of Tech
report is "the most ambitious project" he's ever seen in the advisory world.
Next Inning is proud to announce it has just released its Q3 2013 State of
Tech report.

State of Tech is designed to help tech investors establish and manage
strategies as well as capitalize on profit opportunities during the upcoming
earnings season. This highly acclaimed report covers 71 technology stocks and
dives deep into a number of exciting, emerging tech trends.

Next Inning editor Paul McWilliams provides clear and actionable calls and
defines what he views as a "full value" price range for over 71 leading tech
stocks. Some readers have said it's like getting next month's news today.
Trial subscribers will receive the 212-page report, which includes over 40
detailed tables and graphs, for free, no strings attached. This report is a
must read for investors and analysts focusing on technology right now.

Over the past decade, well over a thousand Wall Street analysts, money
managers and institutional investors have joined thousands of savvy private
investors in gaining key tech industry insights and intelligence from industry
veteran and celebrated investor Paul McWilliams in his role as editor of Next
Inning Technology Research.

McWilliams spent a decades-long career in the technology industry and has
earned a reputation for his skill in communicating complex technology trends
to individual investors and professional analysts alike. His reports have won
over readers with their ability to unravel the complexities of the industry
and, more importantly, identify which companies are likely to be the winners
and losers as technology trends change.

To get ahead of the Wall Street curve and receive Next Inning's Q3 2013 State
of Tech report, you are invited to take a free, 21-day, no obligation trial
with Next Inning, by visiting the following link:

Topics discussed in McWilliams' recent reports include:

-- Texas Instruments: TI has repositioned itself as an embedded processor
solutions company. In what ways does this new direction put TI in the center
of a new growth paradigm centered on the emergence of what is known as the
"Internet of Things?" What two factors are driving this new paradigm? Why is
it important to understand what is driving TI's strong free cash flow that is
notably exceeding its reported earnings? What data leads McWilliams to write
that free cash flow is a better way to view TI's earnings power than its
reported profit? What else can we gather from the free cash flow data that
suggests we'll see TI's earnings move higher than analysts appear to expect in
2014 and beyond? At what price would McWilliams add shares of TI?

-- EMC and VMware: Why does McWilliams say it's important for investors to
view EMC's value from both a traditional valuation perspective as well as a
deconstructed valuation perspective? What does McWilliams think about the new
EMC/VMWare joint venture, Pivotal Initiative? At their current prices, does
McWilliams think investors should buy EMC or VMWare? What does McWilliams
think about VMW competitor, Citrix? Which stock does he think is poised to
outperform going forward?

-- ARM Holdings: When ARM rocketed to record highs earlier this year
McWilliams boldly suggested it was time to short the stock. He held tight to
that opinion until the day after the stock bottomed at $34.75, and then wrote
before the open on June 26th that it was time to buy cover. With ARM now
nearing its previous high does he think it's time to go short again or that
that ARM is destined to go higher? While the press isolates on the
competitive threat ARM poses towards Intel, are there valid reasons to also
consider the growing threat Intel poses to ARM in the mobile markets?

-- Altera: As we prepared to enter 2012, McWilliams forecasted Xilinx would
outperform Altera for the next two years. Because Altera had been the big
winner during 2010 and 2011, this was a bold prediction that went against the
grain of Wall Street forecasts. However, McWilliams was right – Xilinx was
the winner hands down in all categories. For the full year of 2012, the price
of Xilinx went up 14.3% while the price of Altera went down 6.3%, and this
year Xilinx is beating Altera by nearly a 3 to 1 ratio. Does McWilliams
continue to view Xilinx as a more attractive investment than its rival Altera?
What key trends in the programmable logic sector are important to Xilinx and
Altera investors and how does McWilliams see these trends shaping up heading
into 2014?

Founded in September 2002, Next Inning's model portfolio has returned 318%
since its inception versus 92% for the S&P 500.

About Next Inning:

Next Inning is a subscription-based investment newsletter that provides
regular coverage on more than 150 technology and semiconductor stocks.
Subscribers receive intra-day analysis, commentary and recommendations, as
well as access to monthly semiconductor sales analysis, regular Special
Reports, and the Next Inning model portfolio. Editor Paul McWilliams is a 30+
year semiconductor industry veteran.

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