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October 17, 2013                                                                 
Indian Point Contingency Plans Move Forward                                      
PSC Details Plans to Ensure Grid Reliability and Safeguard Customers 
The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) today, following 
through on recommendations set forth by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Energy 
Highway Blueprint, approved a suite of projects to foster grid reliability in 
the event that the Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) is unable to generate 
electricity due to the expiration of its federal operating licenses in 2015. 
“The potential retirement of IPEC raises significant reliability issues,” said 
Chair Audrey Zibelman. “With our decision today, we considered and adopted two 
elements which have been identified as part of the portfolio of actions that 
needed to be implemented to mitigate these pressing reliability concerns. Each 
of these elements is a clear winner for customers, and will provide ratepayer 
benefits even if IPEC were to operate beyond December 2015.” 
The Commission commenced the proceeding in late 2012 to develop a contingency 
plan in the event of a closing of IPEC, two nuclear power reactors located in 
Westchester County, approximately 30 miles north of Manhattan generating 2,040 
MW of electricity. In the proceeding, the Commission directed Consolidated 
Edison to work with the New York Power Authority to develop and file a 
contingency plan to address reliability needs that would arise in the event the 
Indian Point units shut down. 
Based on the analysis completed to date, the Commission is moving forward with 
new transmission facilities and energy efficiency/demand response measures that 
have been shown to provide net benefits to customers even in the event IPEC 
continues operating beyond its current license term. These projects will 
contribute to improved reliability throughout New York State and reduce 
electric costs to ratepayers. Several generation and transmission project 
proposals submitted in response to a Request for Proposals issued by NYPA and 
Con Edison would meet the remainder of the reliability need created by IPEC’s 
potential closing at the end of 2015, and the leading bids are still being 
The specific solutions accepted by the Commission are as follows: three 
transmission projects capable of reducing capacity needs by upwards of 600 MW 
and extension of existing programs and creation of new programs designed to 
reduce downstate electricity use by 180 MW through energy efficiency and demand 
response.  This suite of projects accepted today represents the least-cost and 
least-risky portfolio for the IPEC reliability contingency plan.    
In addition to identifying transmission projects that will now move forward, 
the Commission endorsed the method by which the costs and benefits associated 
with implementing the contingency plan will be allocated among load-serving 
entities and filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 
The transmission projects, which could be operational by mid-2016, are as 
Create a second 27-mile 345 kV transmission line from Central Hudson’s Rock 
Tavern substation in Orange County to Con Edison’s Ramapo substation in 
Rockland County which would increase power transfer from upstate generators to 
downstate load; 
Improve the efficiency of the Marcy South power lines and re-conductor a 
22-mile section of the existing NYSEG 345 kV transmission line between Fraser 
substation in Delaware County to Coopers Corners substation in Sullivan County, 
which will increase transfer capability into Southeastern New York, including 
New York City; and 
Reconfigure transmission substations in Linden, NJ and Goethals, Staten Island 
to mitigate system contingencies; provide enhanced cooling of underground 
transmission circuits running between Con Edison’s Goethals, Gowanus (Brooklyn) 
and Farragut (Brooklyn) transmission substations to increase power transfer 
capability to un-bottle existing generation resources on Staten Island. 
Two of the transmission projects — the Rock Tavern/Ramapo line and the 
Marcy/Fraser project — would increase the import capability into southeastern 
New York by reducing the constraint on the upstate New York/Southeast New York 
interface. As a result, underutilized upstate capacity would be able to provide 
increased levels of energy to the downstate area. This increased capability 
would provide a reliability benefit. The Staten Island project would make 
generation on Staten Island, which is currently bottled-up, more generally 
available to the grid. 
With the investment in the transmission projects, customers statewide will 
receive an estimated benefit of approximately $260 million over the first 15 
years, with additional net benefits continuing to accrue over the life of the 
The energy efficiency and demand response programs will focus on large 
customers located within Con Edison’s service territory. Targeted customers 
include customers with high-peak demand; project developers with potential 
large-scale projects; prior or existing energy efficiency participants willing 
to expand the scope and depth of projects; and, customers capable of switching 
electric summer air conditioning load to steam or gas. In addition, the 
initiative calls for new investments in combined heat and power projects. 
To ensure the success of the energy efficiency and demand response, Con Edison 
will work with the New York Power Authority and with the New York State Energy 
Research and Development Authority to implement the plan for energy efficiency, 
demand reduction, and combined heat and power. The programs would provide an 
estimated net savings to customers of approximately $182 million over a 15-year 
period. Con Edison customers will be responsible for the program costs. 
The Commission’s decision today, when issued, may be obtained by going to the 
Commission Documents section of the Commission’s Web site at www.dps.ny.gov and 
entering Case Number 12-E-0503 in the input box labeled "Search for Case/Matter 
Number". Many libraries offer free Internet access. Commission orders may also 
be obtained from the Commission’s Files Office, 14th floor, Three Empire State 
Plaza, Albany, NY 12223 (518-474-2500).  If you have difficulty understanding 
English, please call us at 1-800-342-3377 for free language assistance services 
regarding this press release. 
Audrey Zibelman, Chair
Three Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223
Further Details: James Denn
James.denn@dps.ny.gov | 518.474.7080
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