Tillotts Pharma and MediSafe Partner to go Beyond the Tablet With UCandME(TM) Program

Tillotts Pharma and MediSafe Partner to go Beyond the Tablet With UCandME(TM)

Specialty Pharmaceutical Company With a Leading Position in the Field of
Gastroenterology, and Top-rated Global Mobile Medication Management Solution,
Partner to Provide the 1st Virtual Tablet Box Created Specifically for
Patients Suffering From Ulcerative Colitis

RHEINFELDEN, Switzerland, Oct. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tillotts Pharma AG
("Tillotts"), a Swiss pharmaceutical company specializing in the development
and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, diagnostics, and medical
devices in the field of gastroenterology, and MediSafe, a global,
award-winning mobile medication management solution, announced today the first
virtual tablet box created specifically for patients suffering from Ulcerative
Colitis ("UC"). Sponsored and led by Tillotts, and powered by MediSafe, the
UCandME^TM program strives to go beyond simply taking medication by bringing
solutions to health care professionals and patients suffering from UC.

"UC" is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease which is characterized by
relapsing symptoms. Non-adherence is common amongst those patients suffering
from UC, increasing the risk of relapse. The majority of UC patients who do
not take their medication regularly cite forgetfulness as the primary reason,
and for those patients who do not take their medication, they will have more
than a fivefold greater risk^i of recurrence than patients managing their
condition properly.

UCandME^TM is a free mobile app that was created specifically to help UC
patients comply with their medication needs.Using an easy-to-use interface,
patients set up reminders on their smartphones to take their medication, and
even interact with health care professionals by sending personal adherence
results. If the patient skips a dose, a reminder will pop up prompting them to
take their medication.If the patient skips the reminder for a dose, a
notification will be sent to his/her specified caretaker, family or loved ones
who will alert the patient to stay compliant - leveraging the power of
people's support systems to keep them healthier.

"With the increase of smartphone adoption and advancements in mHealth, mobile
medication apps have shown to improve adherence, a vital part in the
successful management of UC conditions," said Mattias Norrman, Chief
Commercial Officer Tillotts Pharma AG. "MediSafe has proven to increase
medication adherence for numerous disease states on a global scale, and
together we're offering UC patients a reliable resource with the UCandME^TM
mobile app to help patients better adhere to their medication leading to
better health outcomes."

In addition to helping UC patients improve adherence to their medication,
MediSafe is capturing and analyzing broad analytics to further clarify how
patients receive and take their medication.

"Patient behavior data is key to uncovering the issues that are driving
medication non-adherence.We are privileged to play such a pivotal role and
collaborate with Tillotts to make game-changing discoveries that will help
rectify this problem that is plaguing those suffering from UC," said MediSafe
CEO, Omri 'Bob' Shor. "Our technology is one facet of a holistic support
system that chronic illness patients need to improve health outcomes and live
fuller, more enjoyable lives – treatment goes beyond the tablet."

UCandME^TM is available now as a free download in Google Play and iTunes App

About MediSafe

MediSafe is the first cloud-synced medication management solution helping
families prevent emergencies caused by over-or under-dosing medications.In
addition to reminding users when it's time to take their medication, MediSafe
sends alerts to caretakers if a loved one misses a dose.Download the MediSafe
application: Google Play, iTunes App Store. For more information:

About Tillotts Pharma AG

Tillotts is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a leading position in the
field of gastroenterology with its headquarters in Rheinfelden, Switzerland.
It is a subsidiary of Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., (www.zeria.co.jp) a
company publicly traded on the Tokyo stock exchange. Tillotts specializes in
the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, diagnostics,
and medical devices, all in the field of gastroenterology. For more
information, please visit www.tillotts.com.

^iKane et al., Medication Nonadherence and the Outcomes of Patients with
Quiescent Ulcerative ColitisAm J Med. 2003;114:39–43.

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