Altera Extends Low-Cost Portfolio with Development Kits Starting at $49

   Altera Extends Low-Cost Portfolio with Development Kits Starting at $49

Portfolio Delivers Optimal Power, Cost and Performance with a Common
Development Environment

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SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 14, 2013

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Altera Corporation (Nasdaq:
ALTR) today announced the addition of five new low-cost development kits based
on its Cyclone V FPGAs. These new kits make it easy for designers to
cost-effectively get started on FPGA development with an entry point of just
$49. Altera provides the industry's broadest portfolio of low-cost solutions
that deliver optimal power and performance based on customers' unique design
requirements. The portfolio includes CPLDs, FPGAs and SoCs, which are all
supported by the Quartus® II development environment. The Altera portfolio
serves the widest variety of high-volume applications and system requirements
by offering the industry's broadest density range with the most packaging


"Altera continues to deliver on our promise of offering the most optimized
portfolio of low-cost solutions in the industry," said Patrick Dorsey, senior
director of product marketing at Altera. "At a time when other vendors are
de-emphasizing their low-cost product offering and forcing their customers to
use different design environments, Altera remains focused on delivering a
broad range of products with optimized process technologies that are supported
by a common design environment, enabling our customers to quickly ramp to high

Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Development Kits

Altera and its partners offer more than 30 development kits targeting Altera's
portfolio of low-cost CPLDs, FPGAs and SoCs. The kits provide a quick and
simple way to develop low-cost and low-power system-level designs and achieve
rapid results. Five new Cyclone V FPGA 28 nm development kits were recently
added to the portfolio to further ease system design while allowing designers
to cost-effectively integrate Cyclone V FPGAs. These new development kits

  oThe Arrow BeMicro CV is a $49 development kit that features a Cyclone V E
    FPGA. This low-cost development kit allows developers to get started with
    their Cyclone V FPGA project within minutes.
  oThe TerASIC Cyclone V GX Starter Kit is a $179 kit thatincludes both a
    high-speed mezzanine connector (HSMC) and an Arduino connector, allowing
    customers to quickly start building low-power video systems, including
    automotive driver assistance and human machine interfaces.
  oThe Altima Cyclone V GX Development Kit is a $349 kit that offers a quick
    and simple approach to develop low-cost and low-power, FPGA-based
    system-level designs.
  oEBV Elektronik GmbH offers a Cyclone V GX Development Board for €749 that
    includes a number of design examples that allow customers to quickly
    develop projects that require high-speed serial transceivers.
  oEBV Elektronik GmbH also offers a Mercury Code Cyclone V GX Development
    Board for €599 that allows customers to rapidly develop FPGA-based systems
    used in industrial automation and communications applications.

Optimized Low-Cost Portfolio

Altera's current low-cost portfolio of CPLDs, FPGAs and SoCs include the Max®
V CPLD, the Cyclone IV and Cyclone V FPGA and the Cyclone V SoC which features
an integrated ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore® processor system. The portfolio
leverages intellectual property (IP), architecture and process technology that
are optimized for low cost. This optimization enables Altera to deliver the
broadest offering of low-cost programmable solutions in the industry that are
tailored to meet nearly all customers' low-cost, high-volume system
requirements. The devices are available in a wide range of densities and a
myriad of packaging options for use in the smallest form-factor applications.
The use of hardened functions, including hard PCI Express® (PCIe®) IP blocks
and hard memory controllers, simplify system development and increase system
performance. Cyclone V FPGAs and Cyclone V SoCs feature a hard memory
controller with industry leading throughput, providing almost 2.0x the
effective memory bandwidth with lower toggle rate versus competitive 28 nm
low-cost FPGA families.

Portfolio Supported by a Common Development Environment

Altera is the only company to support its entire portfolio of low-cost CPLDs,
FPGAs and SoCs with a common and proven development environment. This makes it
easy for customers to migrate between product families or reuse IP from
previous designs. Altera's Quartus II development suite maximizes design team
efficiency by supporting a variety of design flows that are tailored to a
designer's preferred design methodology. The Quartus II development suite
supports traditional FPGA designers, DSP designers, embedded developers and
C-based programmers.

Roadmap to Next-Generation

Altera is collaborating with TSMC in developing next-generation low-cost
devices based on leading-edge 55 nm embedded flash process technology. The
devices are optimized for use in high-volume applications by delivering more
IP and functionality while lowering device and system costs. Compared to the
prior generation embedded flash technology, TSMC's 55 nm embedded flash
process delivers faster computing, increases gate density 10x and shrinks
flash and SRAM cell sizes by 70 percent and 80 percent, respectively. Over 100
customers are currently participating in the early access program for these
next-generation, low-cost products.


Altera's portfolio of low-cost CPLDs, FPGAs and SoCs are available today in
production. All low-cost development kits supporting the portfolio are
available for purchase, either through Altera or its respective partners. For
a detailed look at Altera's low-cost portfolio, visit

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Altera offers FPGAs, SoCs, CPLDs, ASICs and complementary technologies, such
aspower management, to provide high-value solutions to customers worldwide.
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