Professor Layton Returns to Nintendo 3DS on 8th November In His Biggest Adventure Ever

Professor Layton Returns to Nintendo 3DS on 8th November In His Biggest 
Adventure Ever 
Enjoy Over 500 In-Game and Downloadable Puzzles and Experience the
Grand Finale to the Professor Layton Series 
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwired) -- 10/08/13 -- The wait for
the top-hat-wearing puzzle master is almost over, as Professor Layton
and the Azran Legacy exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles
lands in Europe on 8th November 2013. Embark on a brand new adventure
with Professor Layton and his plucky assistants Luke and Emmy, and
travel by airship to the frozen landscape of Froenborg in the first
step to unravelling the mystery of the ancient Azran civilisation.
The journey might start off somewhere icy but there's plenty to keep
your brain supple, with a new collection of over 500 riddles,
brain-teasers and interactive puzzles to solve; these are made up of
over 150 puzzles unlocked during the course of the game and over 365
available for download as Daily Puzzles every day from launch until
the following year.  
For first timers this is a chance to step into the charming animated
world of Professor Layton and become engrossed in an action-packed
story and addictive logic-puzzle-based gameplay. For fans who've
enjoyed the series that's now spanned six games, this marks the
Professor's final investigation and takes place straight after
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, so be prepared for plenty of
twists in the story and revelations on Professor Layton's past and
The trio receive a letter from a famed archaeologist, describing his
discovery of a "living mummy", this turns out to be a girl encased in
ice, a living remnant of the ancient Azran civilisation - the very
one that Professor Layton has been seeking to understand since his
youth. Our heroes are able to free the girl from the ice, but before
they can learn anything, the sinister Targent organisation turn up
and kidnap her. It's up to Professor Layton to save the girl and
unravel the secrets of the Azran legacy before Targent... This final
tale concludes the prequel story arc that began with Professor Layton
and the Spectre's Call and links the story back to Professor Layton
and the Curious Village, the very first game in the series.  
As well as featuring the largest assortment of new puzzles to solve
in any Professor Layton game, there are three new minigames in the
Professor's Trunk to enjoy during the adventure: In Dress Up, play
fashion consultant to an assortment of colourful characters you meet
on your travels. Mix and match the items you find to create the
perfect outfit for each character. Aim to create the perfect
combination to match each character's style requirements to succeed.  
In Nut Roller, take control of a squirrel who needs to manoeuvre her
delicious walnut into a goal on an obstacle course. Roll rocks and
acorns around the courses to take out obstacles and to push the
walnut towards the goal. Help the squirrel build up a stash of
walnuts, and she might help you find the hint coins that are hidden
all over the world.  
In Blooms and Shrooms, you tend to a flower garden with a difference,
one that is filled with surprising flora including Burst Flowers
which release light that cause trees to bloom and also unfortunately
poisonous mushrooms. Deftly plant flowers in specific positions to
avoid the noxious shrooms and fill the garden with beautiful blooms
to win.  
Also new to the series is the Treasure Hunt mode, which allows you to
share challenges with other players of Professor Layton and the Azran
Legacy via StreetPass encounters. During your adventure you will be
able to collect up to 100 objects, which you can challenge others to
locate within their own games via StreetPass. This blend of memory
and exploration also rewards fellow Professor Layton fans with
prizes, such as 3D objects to decorate your airship with or hotel
tickets that reveal special dream sequences with fan-favourite
characters of past games.  
In addition, when you pre-order this game at participating GAME
stores(ii), you can receive an exclusive, genuine leather card wallet
embossed with the Professor Layton logo, to display your affiliation
with the puzzle-solving archaeologist. 
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy arrives in Europe on 8th
November exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles, available
at retail and as a digital download on Nintendo eShop. 
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(ii) The Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy pre-order option will
go live on shortly, all existing pre-orders will benefit
from this pre-order gift 
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