Mitsubishi Corporation Launches New Data Center Services in Cent

Mitsubishi Corporation Launches New Data Center Services in Central Tokyo 
Tokyo, Oct 7, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) -  Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has opened a
new data center facility in the Mitaka area of metropolitan Tokyo. The new
facility, inaugurated in October this year, covers 14,600 square meter of floor
space, and is located in the MCC Mitaka Building complex. Together with the
existing data center facility (the North Block), Mitaka Data Center occupies
40,000 square meter of floor space, and is well-placed to respond to the
growing demand for data center services. 
The Center is built with anti-seismic structures, state-of-the-art technology
and flexible design concept which allows for responding to diverse and
sophisticated requirements from customers. Its facilities are also equipped for
the highest environmental performance. Mitaka Data Center is the first among
similar facilities in the vicinity of Tokyo to fully implement an "outdoor
air cooling system", capable of achieving  a 30 percent reduction in power
consumption when compared with conventional data centers. Office space in the
North Block of the complex can also be used as the base for the supervision of
data center operations, an answer for the increasing emphasis on Business
Continuity Planning (BCP). 
MC has been providing data center services for about 30 years, and will draw
on the successes and know-how accumulated over that period to provide high
quality data center services to customers. 
The proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices, the increased use
of cloud computing in corporate systems and the rapidly growing introduction of
IT into social infrastructure, such as "smart cities", have become
somewhat the norm in recent years. Companies are also seeking to improve
efficiency and flexibility by engaging networking services that enable them to
safely access their data without the limitations of location, time, or
computing device. The result of this trend is an increasing demand for data
In Japan, in particular, the Great East Japan Earthquake and the probability
of subsequent disasters have inspired business leaders to reflect on how to
ensure the protection of information systems and enable business continuity in
the event of such disasters. There is also a greater call for data centers to
come up with strategies that reduce energy consumption and the burden on the
Special Features of the Mitaka Data Center 
1. Accessible, Low-Risk, Business Continuity Friendly Location 
The Mitaka Data Center is located in Mitaka City, a suburb of central Tokyo,
allowing for easy access by train or car. Located on the Musashino Uplands,
Mitaka lies on solid ground, away from active faults. Mitaka is a safe place
against tsunami or liquefaction given its 20km distance from the Tokyo Bay
coastline. Even in case of disaster, transportation restrictions have minimum
impact on access to the Mitaka area. By drawing on its expertise as a global
integrated business enterprise, MC has the capacity to complement that element
of security by securing and supplying fuel for in-house power generation to
ensure uninterrupted power supply, thereby protecting clients' valuable
information assets in the event of a disaster. 
2. High Level of Disaster-Resistance and Safety 
The new building is constructed with the latest anti-seismic structures,
consistent with the nationally highest figure of 3.0 on PML(1) assessment. Even
with the occurrence of an earthquake the size of the Great East Japan
Earthquake, the impact on the Building and IT equipment of customers is
expected to minimal. For power supply, both main lines and spare lines for
high-tension current are laid to ensure high-volume, high-quality electricity
supply, and all the in-house facilities have redundant structures to ensure
reliable operation. Generators have fuel storage for 72 hours at full capacity
to back up power supply. 
The Center is also consistent with a Level 4 classification on the J-Tier(2)
assessment, the highest level, for reliability and safety. The building and
installations also follow the standards set out by FISC, The Center for
Financial Industry Information Systems(3), including the latest
state-of-the-art, 24-hour, year-round manned guard security systems for highly
reliable levels of stability and enhanced safety. 
3. Facility Designed to Respond Flexibly to a Range of Needs 
The power connection and air conditioning equipment available in the server
room support an average of 6kVA per rack. In addition, the basic floor height
is 4,575mm, with a further raised access space of 800mm. The set-up facilitates
high-integration, high density mounting and the racks and cages in place allow
for tiered installment. In response to the diversity of needs, the space is
designed to accommodate weights of up to 1.5t/square meter and allows clients
the freedom to choose their own layout. Data center operational services will
be provided by IT Frontier, MC's wholly owned subsidiary. 
4. High Energy Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly Design 
Besides being the only such facility in central Tokyo to provide complete
"outdoor air cooling", Mitaka Data Center has implemented PUE 1.22(4)
at maximum efficiency based on the use of high-efficiency thermal heating or
'cool pits', and human sensors for lighting. The Center also
qualifies for an "S" rank when assessed by the CASBEE(5) measure,
having integrated roof greening and the use of rain water into its facilities. 
About Mitsubishi Corporation 
Mitsubishi Corporation (MC; TSE: 8058) is a global integrated business
enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every
industry including industrial finance, energy, metals, machinery, chemicals,
foods, and environmental business. MC's current activities are expanding
far beyond its traditional trading operations as its diverse business ranges
from natural resources development to investment in retail business,
infrastructure, financial products and manufacturing of industrial goods. With
over 200 bases of operations in approximately 80 countries worldwide and a
network of over 500 group companies, MC employs a multinational workforce of
nearly 60,000 people. For more information, please visit 
Mitsubishi Corporation
Tel: +81-3-3210-2171
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