Hauppauge Introduces StreamEez-Pro, the simple to use Internet streaming device designed for live events

   Hauppauge Introduces StreamEez-Pro, the simple to use Internet streaming
                       device designed for live events

StreamEez-Pro enables organizations to stream town hall meetings, church
gatherings and local sports events over the Internet to hundreds or thousands
of viewers

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NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2013

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Hauppauge Digital, Inc.(NASDAQ: HAUP),
the leading developer and manufacturer of HD video recorders, has launched a
new Internet video streaming system called 'StreamEez-Pro'. StreamEez-Pro
allows organizations to stream live events over the Internet to hundreds or
thousands of viewers using popular professional streaming services such as
Amazon Web Services and Wowza. The StreamEez-Pro system includes a high
definition video encoder plus the StreamEez-Pro application to make the setup
and transmission of live Internet events simple enough for non-technical
people to use.

The StreamEez-Pro system includes two parts: the StreamEez high definition
video encoder and a StreamEez-Pro application for Windows which allows the
control and management of a live streamed event.

The StreamEez video encoder is a rugged, high quality real-time HD encoder
which converts HDMI video into H.264 with AAC audio, the most widely used
format for streaming video over the Internet. The StreamEez video encoder
accepts HDMI video at up to 1080p60 and has a down scaler which can convert
video to a lower resolution format such as 720p "on the fly." The StreamEez
encoder also includes a logo inserter which can take a transparent PNG file
and overlay it on top of the live video. There is an HDMI output port which
can be used to connect to a video monitor.

The StreamEez-Pro application runs on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and has a simple
to setup access for Internet video streaming to Amazon Web Services through
Wowza, plus supports the Meridix sports streaming service and Ustream, Twitch
and YouTube. The StreamEez-Pro application allows a user to easily choose
streaming profiles for low, medium and high bandwidth services. For advanced
users, StreamEez-pro allows the creation of custom profiles with settings for
bit rate and scaling factors.

In addition to the built-in streaming services, StreamEez-Pro can support
other streaming services using RTP or RTMP protocols.

"Organizations, both big and small, have events that they'd like to stream
live over the Internet. They might be school board meetings, sports eventsor
church services. Many of these organizations lack the technical staff to
figure out how to create a live Internet video event. With the introduction of
StreamEez-Pro, we have simplified video streaming so that anyone can stream a
live event over the Internet, locally or around the world," said Hauppauge's
CEO Ken Plotkin.

To stream a live event using StreamEez-Pro, an organization would need to have
the StreamEez-Pro video encoder, a high definition HDMI camera, a laptop
computer and an Internet connection. In addition, an Amazon Web Services
account or an account with Meridix, Ustream or Twitch can be used. Examples of
live events which StreamEez-Pro can be used for are church events, school
board meetings or other town hall events, and sporting events through the
Meridix Sports Network.

With the StreamEez-Pro application, connecting to a streaming video service
has four steps: create an account with your streaming service provider, enter
your password, choose a streaming profile based on the speed of your Internet
connection, and then start streaming. It's that easy!

The StreamEez-Pro application runs on any Windows PC and has a manufacturers
retail price of $269.- The system is available directly from Hauppauge and
from VideoGuys.com.

"Our customers have been searching for a low cost, high quality, reliable and
easy to use video streaming solution" said Gary Bettan, President of
Videoguys.com a NY based online retailer of video editing and production gear.
"StreamEez-Promakes it easy to stream video directly from your HDMI equipped
HD camcorder or video mixing board. This is perfect for the education, worship
and corporate markets, where people want to stream HD video but do not want to
invest thousands of dollars for complex solutions."

More information on the streaming services and StreamEez-Pro can be found at

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