Splunk Enterprise 6 Bridges the Data Divide

  Splunk Enterprise 6 Bridges the Data Divide

Latest Release of the World’s Leading Platform for Machine Data Raises the Bar
  for Speed and Powerful Analytics; Unlocks Value for IT and Business Users
                            Across the Enterprise

Splunk Worldwide Users' Conference

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LAS VEGAS -- October 1, 2013

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the leading software platform for real-time
operational intelligence, today announced the general availability of Splunk^®
Enterprise 6, the latest version of the company’s award-winning platform for
machine data. Splunk Enterprise 6 delivers powerful and fast analytics, up to
1,000 times faster than previous versions, and patent-pending technology
designed to quickly unlock the value of machine data to IT and business users
alike. Download Splunk Enterprise 6 and join Splunk Chairman and CEO Godfrey
Sullivan today, Tuesday, Oct. 1, for the first public demonstration of Splunk
Enterprise 6 during the keynote session at .conf2013, the fourth annual Splunk
Worldwide Users’ Conference. The keynote begins at 9 a.m. PT. Register now to
watch the live feed of the keynote.

“Too many organizations are still struggling with a data divide between IT and
the business,” said Sullivan. “At Splunk, we understand that the most
successful organizations in the world give equal access to the data,
regardless of skill level, to drive smart decisions that have true business
impact. This is what inspired our product team to build Splunk Enterprise 6.
We believe that everyone in the organization, from the system administrator to
the C-level executive, should be empowered to find that ‘aha’ moment. Splunk
Enterprise 6 bridges the data divide and unifies IT and business users around
the tremendous value and ROI to be found in machine data.”

“Splunk Enterprise 6 is the platform for machine data for everyone, with
powerful analytics and performance that unlock machine data insights to an
entirely new set of users,” said Guido Schroeder, senior vice president of
products, Splunk. “With an enhanced user experience, simple management of
enterprise deployments and a rich developer environment, Splunk Enterprise 6
gives technical users the ability to define the meaningful relationships in
the underlying data, enabling business users and analysts to easily manipulate
and visualize data in a simple drag-and-drop interface. All of this, with
amazing performance on low-cost commodity hardware.”

“Splunk Enterprise 6 signals a major evolution to the Splunk story, one that
could introduce the platform to a new set of users,” said Eric Hanselman,
chief analyst, 451 Research. “Business users want and need to use software
that makes it easier to dig deeper into analytic tasks without the help of IT
or knowledge of coding and query languages. Those who’ve been using the Splunk
product for years will benefit from usability and management enhancements that
will make their Splunk lives easier and more productive. By providing machine
data analytics to a new set of users and an improved user experience, Splunk
Enterprise 6 has value for both audiences.”

Customers Deliver Analytics Beyond IT with Splunk Enterprise 6

More than 250 customers and partners participated in the Splunk Enterprise 6
beta program. The response to new analytics features including, among others,
data models and pivot has been overwhelmingly positive.

“At PostFinance, exceptional customer service has kept us in business for over
100 years. Splunk Enterprise gives us insights from our data that help us
deliver a great online experience,” said Roger Bigler, team leader for Splunk,
PostFinance. “Splunk Enterprise 6 provides a more powerful yet incredibly
easy-to-use way to interact with and visualize machine-generated business data
so we can share consistent views of the data, increasing the speed with which
we deliver service to our customers.”

“Security analysts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory utilize Splunk Enterprise
to analyze large volumes of diverse machine data streaming in real time,” said
Jesse Trucks, cyber security engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “It is
vital these analysts be able to directly manipulate and interact with the data
to quickly obtain operational security intelligence. Splunk Enterprise 6 will
enable many more analysts to discover patterns and generate information from
our data with the new visualization capabilities.”

“The core value of Splunk Enterprise 6 goes beyond ourIT
engineers.Itpresentsa significant opportunity forbusiness users and
developers to eliminate theirfear of data,” said Chulhyun Cho, e-commerce
development team leader, CJ O Shopping. “We expect a dramatic increase in the
number of business usersthat will use the platformthanks to the new
analytics features.For advanced Splunk users, pivot powered bydata
modelsmakes it incredibly easy to build dynamic dashboards and fluid
visualizations,which means our analysts can manipulate any datathey want to
analyze.Splunk Enterprise 6 is also very attractive to developers because it
makes it easierto buildinsightful visualizations forour internal users.”

Click here to read all of the customer and partner testimonials.

Innovations Deliver Powerful Analytics Anyone Can Use

Splunk Enterprise 6 introduces three innovations that make analytics
dramatically faster and easier for existing users. These breakthroughs also
open up the value of gaining insights from machine data to an entirely new
audience of business users:

  *Pivot opens up the power of analytics to non-technical business users and
    analysts with a simple drag-and-drop interface to explore, manipulate and
    visualize data. This includes the ability to click and drag pre-built
    visualizations and quickly build complex queries and reports without
    learning a query language.
  *Data Models provide for a more meaningful representation of underlying
    machine data and a deeper understanding of relationships in the data,
    making this data more useful to a broader base of users.
  *High Performance Analytics Store is a patent-pending transparent
    acceleration technology that delivers analytics performance up to 1,000
    times faster than any previous version of Splunk Enterprise.

New User Experience and Simplified Management

Splunk Enterprise 6 includes powerful productivity features for users with a
completely redesigned user experience that delivers simpler, more intuitive
actions. The new home experience is easy to personalize and gives users
instant access to the data, apps and content they care about. An enhanced
search experience brings search and reporting together  so users can author
rich, dynamic reports and build visualizations, tables and custom searches
faster than ever before.

Splunk Enterprise 6 is easier to deploy, configure and manage, even as
customers scale out their mission-critical Splunk Enterprise deployments. It
also adds a more powerful developer environment with an integrated web

  *Simplified Cluster Management delivers easier management of
    mission-critical Splunk software deployments by monitoring high
    availability, automating search workloads and making it easier to deploy
    apps. Everything the Splunk admin needs to know can be monitored on a
    centralized dashboard.
  *Forwarder Management supports big data scale with easy configuration and
    visual management of thousands of forwarder configurations across multiple
  *Enhanced Dashboard Editing lets users build interactive dashboards and
    user workflows without writing advanced code and enables one-click access
    to develop in the Splunk web framework.
  *The Integrated Web Framework enables developers to quickly and efficiently
    build custom Splunk apps, customize dashboards or add advanced
    functionality using standard web technologies such as JavaScript and

Download Splunk Enterprise 6 today and learn more by watching the Splunk
Enterprise 6 video.

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